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Good Play but done before great artist is an A hole but we have sympathy Callas is Myopic and a little to charactured A lot could be done with this character but it was a good play worth reading much likley needs to be seen since opera singing is a big part of the play and you really can t play that part in your head. Obviously this was a for speech read I had an idea in my head of what this would look like and some of it seemed a little over the top As a realist and fan of the realist oeuvre yes I just used that word to be fancy , I thought that Callas s interactions with Ari in the middle of the show to be too much On the other hand, her one sided conversation with him at the end was much believable I think if I were staging this which I m not I would employ different characters as Callas her in flashbacks would be probably not what the author director envisioned, but would resonate with me. BOOK ⚖ Master Class ♷ Amazing EPub, Master Class By Terrence McNally This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Master Class, Essay By Terrence McNally Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A colleague recommended that I read this drama since it refers to Maria Callas abortion, which her character mentions four pages from the end of the work on page 59 in this edition in her dialogue with Onassis While anti lifers will not appreciate that she deeply regrets having aborted her child, pro lifers will immediately recognize that Callas abortion accounts for the character s rough demeanor and seemingly callous no pun intended attitude toward the students seeking advice in her master opera class How unfortunate that the person of Maria Callas was ruined by the destruction of her maternal instinct. Years ago I saw the play in NYC A line stuck in my had You need a look Maria Callas as portrayed in this play was quite the character with with and lines stuck in my memory Was a delightful second read As with any play, one must have a mind to create your own visualization That s part of the appeal. One of my favorite McNally works, this play explores the real life of renowned opera diva Maria Callas, a deeply complex and fascinating character who defies easy classification The play s vicious and skewering wit combines with deep and often painful introspection, creating a riveting portrait of one of opera s greatest treasures. I read this in preparation for the much anticipated film with Meryl Streep is there NOTHING she can do , but with the recent passing of Mike Nichols, I wonder if it will be finished That said, it is a very interesting play but it lies flat on the page without someone inhabiting the role Hopefully, the film was completed before Nichols passed away. Great play, just could see why it would be difficult to produce in local theatre an actress is needed that could have the presence of Callas and then three supporting cast members who are able to sing opera I would like to see it Unfortunately, the HBO production that was to star Meryl Streep was shelved due to the death of the intended director, Mike Nichols. The only thanks I ask is that you sing properly and honestly If you do this, I will feel repaid Plays with music, I think, are hard to read Reading the text just doesn t have the same effect as sitting in the theatre and listening to the songs in this case, arias being sung before you So what I did was I YouTubed the various selections in the play and listened to them along with McNally s text as I read It greatly helped the reading experience and since I don t read Italian, it saved me from butchering that gorgeous language I wish I had recorded myself trying to pronounce these Italian lyricsheinous, I tell you, heinous Maria Callas is a woman you hear of often when talking about the operatic legends I imagine she was as brash and annoying and ruthless in her quest for musical honesty as the play makes her out to be She s a woman of her generation trying to teach another generation HER rules rules that have probably been thrown out years ago The master class participants seem like clueless singers in Maria s presence but I can imagine if I were standing in, say, Meryl Streep or Al Pacino s presence and had to perform for them, I would probably be as dumbfounded as the two sopranos and tenor in this play.I know why the master class setting is needed in the play There were just so many times when Maria would go into her memory head space and I just wanted it to be a whole, new play entirely I wanted to see her husbands and her time at La Scala Her monologues about her life were just not enough I wanted But overall, the play helped me learn about Maria Callas and what she might have been like which was probably the main goal of the whole thing Listening to her singing, I can see why she was as hailed as she was As the quote on the front cover from the Los Angeles Times says McNally s love letter to Callas You betcha.My kingdom for a time machine and a comp ticket to go back in time and see a performance on Broadway of this play. What an amazing play I haven t seen it onstage, but I have been approached to direct it soon Even without the music, the dialogue it s mostly Callas really sings with its rhythm, its ebb and flow, its highs and lows Some may find the languages mostly Italian, with a smattering of French, German, and Greek intimidating, but most of it is translated within the script Some may find the operatic subject matter intimidating, but it is not about opera or singing it is about a woman Callas and her journey to this point in history Some may find the classical singing intimidating, but it is not a play about vocal technique and prowess as much as it is a play about how we all approach life and art or whatever we may do in the face of so many distractions and disappointments My only criticism of the play is that the penultimate monologue over the Macbeth aria is a little too much all at once with Callas channeling both her husband and her lover The dramatic impact is duly noted, but there wasn t enough setup On a similar note, the final monologue about art and commitment could be taken many different ways, some that could mar the work and some that could elevate it to the sublime If I direct it I ll aim for the latter.