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Wow what a story this was just a perfect beginning to Xian Warriors series Legion and Ayana are just the perfect couple I like the elements in the series I definitely need to knowof the xians and the hybirds too they seem interesting as well and the soulcatchers they are amazing I just hope we get to read so many of the characters that we had in this book.It was a great read I definitely enjoy the world build up the species we have here and so many things that the story brought us. Nevertheless, she persisted and so should the readerXian Warriors features a nail bitingly suspenseful plot, a really beautiful and hot love story, succinct but marvelously detailed world building, swoon worthy genetically engineered males, and a hero whose strength, honesty, and steadfast devotion will melt your heart and your e reader It centers on a Haitian born Canadian heroine who finally outgrows her self limiting racially rooted POV It seems that psionically gifted Ayana will not ever become a top level Vanguard team member because she isn t a Soul catcher No black or brown skinned women are Still, her formidable psychic power gives her top scores and she s admitted to the Vanguard training program While in training, the Xian warriors flock to her powerful aura nonethan Legion, the legendary face of the Vanguard who recognizes her as his soul mate The trainers and Legion all work to discover what the void in Ayana s psyche disguises a hitherto unseen talent that could be a game changer in the war against Kryptid conquest As sensitive to racial issues as Americans are, this book is initially a tough read i quit after the first chapter because I found the focus on human skin color and ethnicity very painful But my curiosity, and the otherwise appealing elements of the novel, won out I read it cover to cover in one sitting, and I m damned glad I did This isn t a story where racism limits opportunity It s a story in which beings of all species, including the hybrids and the genetically engineered, demonstrate the power of open mindedness, shared challenges met with cooperation and ingenuity, and seeing individuals for who they are This is the power that defeats racism, species ism, and genocide This is our heroine s legacy to her world, and ours. Soulmate , Soul Catcher, Auras , Its All HereAlpha Alien Sci fi meets Paranormal in this XXX Romance Space Adventure THE Commanding Xian Warrior is Legion , a huge Golden Scaled Man with strong powers of telepathy, the ability to see auras, and just plain Strong, ripped and sexy all over The Xian are extremely organized in their single minded quest to defeat and annihilate the Kryptid , the insectoid like enemy of all humanoid peoples in the galaxy.Since saving Earth from the invasion of the Kryptid , the Xian Warriors had realized that human women, with slight alien gene modification, could be trained to be soul catchers and are adept at seeing auras That is, when a warrior was killed, his soul could be caught by his soulcatcher, and transferred later into another Xian Warrior s body Human women also make ideal mates.Ayana , is one such human woman to be trained In fact she has the highest mental capacity in years the Xian have found During her testing, Legion exchanges telepathy with her from Earth to his planet of Khepri, across billions of light years Ayana as a black woman, is not supposed not be genetically gifted with the ability to be a soulcatcher, but Legion has made up his mind she will be his bonded mate anyway Ayana doesn t have a clue about his intentions yet, but when he takes over her training from Raven , she knows something is up.I m a big sucker for Sexy Alpha Alien Males When Earth came under threat from the Insectoid Kryptid invaders. The Xian Warriors came to the rescue, together they formed a coalition..to fight backthe Xian force didn t want our soldiersthey needed ESP enhanced humans who would provide aid alongside them.as part of the Xian Vanguard as technicians, operators and as Soulcatchers Ayana has been training for as long as she can remember to be able to join the vanguard, she has the skills but will never make it as a soul catcher, no one of Black or Asian ethnicity has ever been a soul catcherCalled to Ayana s brilliant aura, Legion..the unofficial official leader of the Xian Vanguard finds himself drawn to her like a moth to the brightest of flames he recognises her asthan just another recruit, she is his soulmate So there was meexcited at the prospect of this collaboration between two brilliant sci fi authorsI didn t know what to expect, I purposely read no blurbI was prepared to like the story because for me..no one writes sci fi romance better than Regine Abelso no pressure.I was literally gripped from the first Page, The history and back story that was revealed was compelling, the story mind bendingly original and action packedI wanted to knowabout the genetics and creator of the vanguards, their Shells and the anomaly..but enough about that because I m straying into spoilervilleAyana and Legion had fantastic chemistry Their interaction and exchanges both funny and touching and filled with heat Both characters are a wonderful blend of sassiness, longing, confidence and emotion I m hoping there will be a number of books in this series because there are a number of side characters whose tormented histories stories I want to know..HINT HINT AUTHOR PEEPS. Sci Fi GoodnessI was so intrigued by this books premise, I stopped reading another book to DEVOUR this one I love everything Author Juno Wells has a hand in and this collaboration with Author Regine Abel, was no exception.The idea of soul catchers is an intriguing one This story was set up amazingly well, with such interesting forays into the mind, body and soul connection that is satisfied the inner sci fi geek in this reader.I was pulled into the soul mate bond between our protagonists and I felt that the romance was pure and unrushed which made for a muchrewarding reading experience I am excited about continuing this series in the future. Hoo boy Legion and Ayana have sparrrrrrks The type that light up a universe and keep people on their toes Not that other people are in their relationship or anything, but the two of them make waves just by being and being together makes those waves even bigger.It s GLORIOUS.As the first black woman who qualified for the Vanguard, Ayana already has a lot of expectations to live up to Having feelings for the Warrior who s the face of the Vanguard AND having those feelings returned complicates an already complicated issue In the best way, of course Because Ayana and Legion are definitely meant for one another.Throw in Ayana off the charts power and the peculiar spark she carries within her and you have the recipe for great things.I m seriously loving this world and the dangers the Xian Warriors are fighting to protect it from It s complex and deadly and hopeful all at the same time Ayana s abilities give the Warriorsof a chance against their enemies and there are EVENTS waiting to unfold I can feel them Kelly Reading the Paranormal Regine Abel has shared her magical imaginings with us once again in an all new universe Legion is a wonderful mix of humor, down to earth practicality don t mess with a black woman s shower cap no matter how sexy things are getting , suspense and chemistry that is both tender and compelling The scifi story line is intriguing and the relationships have a sincerity that is very appealing As usual, I could hardly bear to put this book down and it haunted me for days after. Unique Universe Love the uniqueness of the aliens in the series.The Heroine wasn t overpowered and actually had some brains I loved it when she actually worked things out and didn t jeopardize anything I loved how she didn t allow jealousy to ruin what she had with Legion Legion was kinda egotistical in the beginning but he grew on me.A great way to start a new series Can t wait to read . Thoroughly enjoyable science fiction romance with aliens, psychics, and enemy bug aliens ^KINDLE ↿ Legion (Xian Warriors, #1) ↿ He Gave Her His Soul, But She Couldn T Hold ItAyana Has Devoted Her Life Training To Join The Vanguard, An Elite Intergalactic Military Force Dedicated To Fighting Back The Kryptids Who Nearly Destroyed Earth Only The Most Powerful Psychics Are Chosen Yet While Her Power Is Unrivaled, She S Unable To Perform The Most Crucial Task Of Soulcatching, Even When The Warrior She S Fantasized Over For Years Freely Offers Her His SoulLegion Is Mesmerized By The Beauty Of Ayana S Aura The Instant His Mind Touches Hers, He Recognizes His Soulmate Although She S Hollow, Unable To Hold A Warrior S Soul, A Strange Spark Within Her Could Help Turn The Tide In This Bloody War When A Traitor Infiltrates Their Ranks, Intent On Destroying Them From Within, Legion Is Torn Between His Duty As Leader Of The Vanguard And The Need To Protect His MateWill He Lose The Woman Who Owns His Soul Before They Could Even Start A Life Together