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Quite a good book on business and on what the focus of business should be I admire Horst Schulze and what he created and how he focused on his team of employees Well done. Great quick and easy read for anyone who is looking for some simple yet powerful leadership principles for any organization He writes from his perspective of operating and managing mostly high end hotels, but the examples bridge naturally to other fields Great book to read with your team or just on your own to be reminded and inspired to keep moving your organization or business forward. [Read Ebook] ♷ Excellence Wins ⚈ Jim Collins, Author Of Good To Great, Co Author Of Built To Last Horst Schulze Created A Culture Of Service That Should Be A Model For All Of Us By Committing To The Highest Standards Of Professionalism And Creating The Right Systems To Achieve Them He Inspired Thousands To Embrace The Core Ideal Of Sheer Unadulterated Excellence Schulze Now Shares His Story, And His Methods, So That The Rest Of Us Can Be Uplifted And Taught By The Master Himself Dan Cathy, Chairman And CEO, Chick Fil A Horst Schulze S Influence On My Family And Our Business Is Undeniable His Approach To Customer Service Revolutionized The Hotel Industry And Set A High Bar For All Of Us His New Book, Excellence Wins, Weaves Horst S Personal Story With The Practical Wisdom He S Gleaned From An Incredible Career Of Servant Leadership It S A Must Read For Leaders And Anyone Passionate About Serving People CEOs Leaders Without Titles Startups Corporations For Profits NonprofitsIt Doesn T Matter Who You Are Or What You Do You Want To Become The Best You Want To Win, Every TimeHorst Schulze Knows How To Win In Excellence Wins, Schulze, In His Absolute No Nonsense Approach, Shares The Visionary And Disruptive Principles That Have Produced Immense Global Successes Over The Course Of His Still Prolific Fifty Year CareerAs The Co Founder And Former President Of Ritz Carlton Hotel Co Schulze Fearlessly Led The Company To Unprecedented Multi Billion Dollar Growth, Setting The Business Vision And People Focused Standards That Made The Ritz Carlton Brand Globally EliteSchulze S Principles Are Both Versatile And Utterly Practical To Leaders Of Every Age, Career Stage, And Industry You Don T Need A Powerful Title Or A Line Of Direct Reports You Have Everything You Need To Use Them Right NowIf You Re Searching For The Blueprint To Beating The Competition And Out Performing Everyone Around You, Look No Further Than Excellence Wins Schulze Pulls No Punches As A Masterful Guide To Becoming The Very Best In A World Of Routine CompromiseUnleash The Disruptive Power Of Your True Potential, Own Your Career Trajectory, And Experience The Game Changing Proof Firsthand Excellence Wins This is an amazing book about how to lead well and build an organization that can thrive, and succeed in any environment I love how he shares stories of how he was able to lead a turnaround by influencing the culture The perseverance and focus on excellence is inspiring I love the last chapter where he shares the rest of his personal story, so good. I really enjoyed this book Lots of practical ideas on leading people Lots to inspire you to new ideas in your business I will definitely reread this book with a notebook handy. Great book, a must read for those in the service industry Great stuff for someone who wants to focus their leadership. Very challenging and inspiring You can be recognized as being the top of an industry and still not be pursuing excellence. I work in hospitality industry used to know a GM who was a department head of a Ritz Carlton He was the one who got me interested in the brand, and then I read and watched anything I could find about Horst Schulze and his story This book summarizes all what he said in his speeches on youtube, which I still recommend to watch as no book can show the level of passion and commitment this man has for creating excellent service The beautiful thing about his philosophy is that it neatly combines various business theories, psychology and produces something that really works Key points People don t come to work for money We seek purpose and relationships Key measurements Guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, lead indicators sales Who are our customers What do they want How can we serve them better than competition Customers look for the following in any product or service no defects, timeliness, friendly people Personalize service Adjust to the needs of each client All problems come down to interactions with guests Service warm welcome, comply with guest wishes, warm farewell Objective of a business 1 Keep the customer 2 Get new customers 3 Encourage the customers to spend as much as possible but without sabotaging Objective Number One 4 In all of the above, keep working toward and efficiency Make no excuses Anything can be done If you have a complaint Own it immediately Defect prevention is key to service excellence CARE Clean and repair everything motivator in our lives isn t money it s the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute to others, and be recognized for achievements management is caring for people My point is, leaders are dreamers They set their sights on worthwhile goals that will be good not only for themselves but also for their Leadership implies that somebody has a destination in view and is taking people along to that destination Belief systems work Culture works The slogan or statement must be simply an interpretation of the real meaning and life within an organization You won t accomplish what you don t measure Do with excellence what the customer loves, and the money will follow There is always room at the top. Horst Schulze is a world famous hotelier, co founder of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and author of its motto We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen In Excellence Wins, he shows leaders in any profession, including ministry, how to succeed by caring for the deepest needs of people, whether customers or employees Schulze s advice grows out of his faith, which sees every person as one of the others Jesus had in mind when he gave the Golden Rule about treating them as I would want to be treated P.S If you liked my review, please click Helpful on my review page.