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I am switching books I cannot stand the layout In each lesson, Pharr gives a brief summary of the objectives, then you must flip to the back of the book to read the material for the lesson And they are not in order For example, in one lesson, you may read sections 625 650, 950, and 1125 In the next you may read 825 878 and 1203 I tried using bookmarks and various other markers, but at this point am entirely frustrated with having them everywhere and with constantly flipping all around just for one lesson I do not find this method user friendly, especially for a beginner engaging in self study. Good, comprehensive, but very fast paced text Unfortunately, it was a library book, and there s no library in the world that lets you check out language books for long enough to really use them um, I ll need this for the next year and a half The other thing with this is that it s really, as the title suggests, focused on Homer s dialect and vocab, which makes it un useful to those who want a good basic classical greek education they would likely want the standard Attic dialect or those who are headed for biblical scholarship.Perhaps the quick pacing is because the author assumes a certain amount of pre education in one of these common applications of Greek. More evidence that I am good at many things but not great at any one thing Menin aeide indeed. READ THIS 235 TIMES ICRAVE DEATH, RECOMMENDED This helped me limp through some passages from the Iliad I wish I d sat down for a real course The Ancient Greek I had was mostly Plato. I ve returned to this book often lately Aided by the Loeb bilingual Homer and Alexander Pope s Iliad in the glorious Easton Press edition, Pharr has helped me see why many people consider the Iliad the greatest work of all literature Greek will always be Greek to me, of course from my vantage Shakespeare is better than Homer But Homer s dynamite. *DOWNLOAD EPUB ↜ Homeric Greek: A Book for Beginners ⇟ This Scarce Antiquarian Book Is Included In Our Special Legacy Reprint Series In The Interest Of Creating A Extensive Selection Of Rare Historical Book Reprints, We Have Chosen To Reproduce This Title Even Though It May Possibly Have Occasional Imperfections Such As Missing And Blurred Pages, Missing Text, Poor Pictures, Markings, Dark Backgrounds And Other Reproduction Issues Beyond Our Control Because This Work Is Culturally Important, We Have Made It Available As A Part Of Our Commitment To Protecting, Preserving And Promoting The World S Literature