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!Download Book ♶ Absolution (Ava Saunders #2) ⚐ Dark Secrets And Family Crimes Drive A Ruthless Female Serial Killer In Ellen J Green S Breathtaking Sequel To Charts Bestseller Twist Of Faith Ava Saunders Was Only A Child When She Saw Her Mother Murdered A Brutal Family Mystery That Was Buried With Her Unearthing The Past Has Been Ava S Obsession Anyone In Her Way Has Paid The Price Now On The Run, Ava Needs To Disappear, And She Gets Her Chance When The Skeletal Remains Of Her Latest Victim Are Mistaken For Ava Herself Is It A Sign Have Her Sins Been Washed Away Or Has She Been Given A Second Chance To Finish What She Started The Case Surrounding The Trail Of Murders Has Consumed Ava S Friend Detective Russell Bowers Victim By Victim, He S Been Hunting The Hunter One New Chilling Clue Has Left No Doubt In Russell S Mind Ava Is Alive, And Not WellHe Can T Help But Follow Her, From The Shores Of The Mediterranean To The Mountains Of Italy, Where The Last Of Ava S Blood Relatives Are Hiding Her Family S Most Dreadful Secret And Where Russell Himself Could Be Pulled Into The Unforgivable Darkness Of Ava S Revenge The story was somewhat disjointed in places I don t know why Russel a cop allowed Ava to leave the first time maybe it s a New Jersey thing It was good enough that I wanted to see how it ended but I don t think that I ll be up for Silent Redemption in December. This is a great follow up It s got plenty of twists and turns and keeps your interest until the end It s interesting and entertaining. TwistedI won this book and it was a good read Suspenseful with quite a few twists and turns At certain points it was overly complicated and felt book could have been shorter there are a number of characters and a few could have used development Overall though I enjoyed this book It kept me hooked and turning the pages. Wow Oh my gosh this book was mindboggling I couldn t put the 1st one down but the 2nd 1 was crazier yet I listen to audio books on my phone while I m cleaning doing menial household chores to pass the time carry my phone with me everywhere I went listening to this book I carried it into doctors offices I could not stop please read these books but make sure you read both of them they are so good However their I m then one twist of fate It was just okThis book was confusing at times and not at all based in reality Really, someone murders so many people and everyone knows it and she doesn t get caught Wow again for book 2.Book 1 A Twist of Faith was a good read so I immediately decided to read book 2 to see how the storyline continued I had a difficult time putting it down I even switched to audio when I developed a headache After reading both books, it is still not clear who the good players are if there even are any Ava seemed straight up crazy but does things that make some of her actions understandable if not forgivable Russell seemed like a great guy done wrong but maybe not Joanne, at times, seemed like a busy body, then a loyal friend, or was she excited to be caught up in something and got in way over her head These books had me from the beginning and never let go Now I will be waiting for book 3, Silent Redemption, to be released in December of this year I have already pre ordered it from , something I seldom do since I have KU and it could possibly be free There are a lot of characters in this storyline so it is not a series to be skimmed or it will be confusing If you are willing to take the time to sort out the characters and the involved plot, this will take you on a twisty ride This series continues to blow my mind Ellen J Green s manipulative serial killer is on the run but this time Russell is hot on her trail Ava Saunders is closer than ever to the truth about her mother s death, and Russell and Joanne are once again pulled into the wake of the Lavoisier Saunders family tragedies.The story has developed into a complex tangle of secrets and lies that Ava, Marie, Russell, and Joanne must untangle Ava and Marie to learn the secrets of Anais and Ava s family, and Joanne to find the truth about Russell s fianc , Juliette After the events of Absolution I can t imagine there s of the story left to tell, but I m curious to see where the next book takes readers.It s intriguing to follow the steps of a serial killer and at times I find myself sympathizing with Ava At times it s hard to imagine that a secret can create a series of events like we ve seen in Twist of Faith and Absolution, but the way the story is presented makes it believable I m scared and excited for the next story ARC provided in consideration for review Ugh So annoyed How can all of these people be SOOOO completely evil and then just get away with it I was frustrated after the first book and then stupidly decided to read the second Now to find out there s a third WTH This story needs to be done I gave it 3 stars because I wanted the closure of the story, to have all of the secrets out But there s More secrets, revenge I just don t think I ll be reading the last book. 3.5 This is really hard to write a review on The story was okay at the beginning, but enough to keep you reading I always love when the authors have chapters for each main character and you find out pieces of the puzzle each chapter however, there were so many twists, turns, names, and characters that the story was a little hard to follow Half way through I started catching onto the characters and how they were connected and the book actually picked up and was much better half way through The story was a quick read and interesting, but there was something missing Maybe it was the very complicated story that made me not love it All in all entertaining, with lots of family drama I did receive this free from Goodreads Sweepstakes.