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The story could have been nice but I didn t like the writing I did not get feelings from that It feltlike a re telling of a story This was a great read and it was also good to see the characters from the first book.Can t wait to read the 3rd book of this series. Way to insta love and way too sweet Absolutely no debts or story line Just BAM I love you mate One and stuff happening around Not for me. I rate this book a 3.5 stars but will round up to 4.I started this book not long after I finished the first one I did like it better There were still a few times when things were repeated too many times but it wasn t as bad as it was in the first one I also thought our warlock used his magic for too many things It was to the point I would roll my eyes when he used magic for something as simple as drying off out of the shower or cooking dinner But, it didn t aggravate me enough to not finish the book I m very excited for the next one Can t wait to jump in here in a few. This is book two in the Honey Creek Den Series We get to visitwith the characters from the first book When Elliot comes to visit his little brother he never thought he would find his One You will see that Troy and Elliot have some things to sort through Of course, the dads will be there to help in a pinch even with everyone scared of them This is a must read book and series You will fall in love with the characters and dynamics. Another amazing book in this series Troy and Elliot s fated mates story With babies added Loved it Never read warlock stories so really loved the dynamics Taylor does brings different concept of lifespan in the shifter s life The storyline of Honey creek den awesome I love the sweet moments in both the books but the story moves bit slow without any substance anything new happening Will I continue to read the rest of the books in the series Absolutely *Free Ebook ↻ Troy's Warlock ↡ Troy Left His Den In Alaska When His Alpha Wouldn T Accept Same Sex Matings, Even If They Were Fated Tired Of Being Alone, And Knowing His Mate Wasn T Going To Be A Woman, He Set Out In Search Of Not Only His Fated Mate, But Also A Den And Alpha That Were Accepting Of Not Only Him And His Bear, But Also Male Paired Fated Mates Elliot Grew Up In The Coven His Papa Was Master Of Two Of His Brothers Have Found Their One, And One A Mate The Fates Destined For Them After A Year Of Being Drawn To Alaska, Hoping To Find His One, He S Called Back To Amherst And Then Honey Creek Where His Youngest Brother Has Mated With The Den S Alpha The Last Thing Troy Ever Expects Is To Scent His Mate At A Den Celebration When He Realizes It S The Alpha Mate S Older Brother, Will His Alpha Accept Him As A Member Of The Family Will The Young Warlock S Centuries Old Terrifying Parents Be Welcoming Even Polar Bears Know Not To Piss Them Off Witch Problems Are Escalating Old Hook Ups Are Showing Up Babies Are Starting To Crawl Babies Are On The Way Mates Are Cranky And Warlocks Are Still Poofing In And Out At Odd Times Will Troy And Elliot Ever Sleep Again Troy S Warlock Is Book Two In The Honey Creek Den Series Each Book Contains A Fated Mate Pair, Mpreg, Lots And Lots Of Knotting During Growly Sexy Times And Babies, Lots Of Babies These Bears Will Do Anything Their Mates Ask, Just Read And See The Honey Creek Den Series Is Meant To Be Read In Order Even Though Each Book Focuses On A Different Couple This Book Is Intended For Adults Only As These Shifters Tend To Get Growly And Don T Watch Their Language Troy And Elliot S Story Is , Words What Can Happen if Your Mate is a Polar Bear shifter If you are a Mpreg romance fan you will love this book It goes through an entire pregnancy and birth from conception to exhausted fathers taking care of their little bundle s of joy This second book in the Honey Creek Den features the Den Alpha s 2nd in Command who s a Polar Bear and his mate a Warlock, who is one of the older brothers of the Alpha s mate Family is an important component of this book.Family is expressed in so many ways A mated pair having babies A coven of Warlocks lead by a mated pair Bengal Tiger powerful Warlock and living with them were three adult sons A Den of mostly Bears, but as did with the other types of family, the Den grows with the acceptance of new members bringing new potential mates and the possibility of fated mates andbabies Displaced Alaskans searching for sanctuary, find so much .What happens when a past lover who broke your heart returns Should their partners be worried How do you deal with someone who pursued you until suddenly your mate literally appears Especially when he s your Den Alpha s younger brother Did you just put your position in the Den in trouble How the lovers and their kin Den deal with their challenges is overshadowed by a mpregnancy that lasts almost the entire bookso a great bit of detail about the pregnancy is discussed and the people effected As well as the care of other Den babies.Parts of this book were so sweet thoughtful and other parts are erotically charged Despite being surrounded by family there are still dangers lurking that must be dealt with New shifters arrive unannounced on Honey Creek s Bear territory Do they mean harm Are their back stories true The two main characters aremature than those in the first book It made a difference in how the author approached writing the story I see this series getting better with each book I ve already begun Book 3 which I received as a paperback gift from the author I can say with certainty that these books are not stand alones They need to be read in chronological order Each book builds on the precious ones Enjoy So this second book was good although it could have been better if it was not filled with so much syrupy sweetness I mean it was a little too much gooey stuff for me I liked that all the characters from the first book were present, intimate moments were fine The one other thing that was a little irritating was how Elliot kept talking about his Papa and how he was going to fix it all Everywhere there was a little bit of an issue Oh, Papa will fix it routine was on Otherwise a very sweet read.