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I wish I was invested in Zac and Nalini s relationship development I feel like there s something missing from the couple I m really interested in Nalini s brother s story so will check it out next This is the second book in Therese Beharrie s duo Conveniently Wed, Royally Bound Following on from United By Their Royal Baby which I also reviewed we get to know this couple a lot better, and learn that King Zacchaeus is an all together better character than he seemed in the previous book This might be a marriage of convenience to protect their Kingdoms, but Princess Nalini isn t going to accept anything less than the real deal, and I liked the spirit she showed Although she is Royal, she has the same problems especially family ones and negative experiences as anyone else As I ve said before, I really enjoy the author s writing style, she does emotional depth really well, and the only thing that would make it even better for me is a little detailed description in terms of houses, food they re eating etc, but maybe that s just me I love those kind of details and who knows, maybe the publisher doesn t approve of too much description Highly recommend this author if you re a romance fan. @KINDLE ä Falling for His Convenient Queen ⚣ Conveniently Wed, Royally Bound Until The Queen Melted The King S Heart King Zacchaeus S Plan To Marry Princess Nalini Was Purely To Secure The Alliance Between Their Kingdoms But His Bride Has Ulterior Motives Nalini Has No Intention Of Settling For Anything Less Than Love, And She Ll Enjoy Every Second Of Challenging The Reluctant King To Open His Heart A royal match whether she wants it or not A quick and enjoyable read about a marriage of convenience that turns into a match made in heaven The characters are easy to like, and I found myself pulled into their story fairly quickly I would recommend reading the first book in this duet first before you read this one because there is a good bit of back story in the first that makes this one make sense if you know it A fitting ending When King Zacchaesus of Kirtida insists on the hand of Princess Nalini of Mattan in marriage in order for the alliance between their Isles to stay in tact, he doesn t expect anything than a marriage of convenience, but he gets than he bargained for in his bride to be Princess Nalini volunteers to take one for the team and wed the King even thought her family is against the union She can t stand the thought of a cold and loveless marriage though, so she sets out to get to know King Zac and winds up helping him than he ever expected Conveniently Wed, Royally Bound until the queen melted the king s heart King Zacchaeus s plan to marry Princess Nalini was purely to secure the alliance between their kingdoms but his bride has ulterior motives Nalini has no intention of settling for anything less than love, and she ll enjoy every second of challenging the reluctant king to open his heart She excepts his proposal to save her kingdom and avoid war, but mostly to rid herself of the stigma of a foolish teenaged moment of rebellion.better storyline than in book 1 of duet This story is for anyone who s ever been emotionally damaged especially as a teenager and still feels haunted by past memories The heroine Nalini is both likeable and relatable even though she s a princess and the hero Zacchaeus has also been damaged by love, but in a very different way that I found touching and original This is a spin off, but could easily be read as a standalone I would definitely recommend, especially for readers who like damaged, but feisty heroines and brooding men. Such a beautiful tale of conquering your past, maintaining your loyalty and learning to trust and to love again You become attached to both Nalini and Zac from the off, understanding exactly what makes them tick, willing them to get past the baggage and come out together, all the stronger and wholehearted for it A truly emotional and uplifting journey set against a stunning backdrop I fully recommend it Therese Beharrie writes about wonderful relatable, lovable characters that have you rooting for their HEA from the start Falling for His Convenient Queen is utterly romantic, full of passion, with a HEA to melt even the coldest of hearts A real, feel good romance Her best yet. Plot 3 5Characterisation 4 5Prose 4 5How much I enjoyed it 4 5 Therese Beharrie s characters in Falling for His Convenient Queen charmed me instantly I loved Princess Nalini and King Zacchaeus These two are realistic and so likable Their romance is wonderfully compelling and the evocative writing made this a sweet and satisfying read Recommended4 Stars