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I almost DNFed this book, but I m glad I didn t.It drags at the beginning, but I really liked the characters and I was curious enough about the romance brewing between Grace and Mylo that I kept reading.It s an interesting story and it s executed well The writing is good, it flows quite well, despite the pacing being slow in the first half of the book, it still keeps your attention The characters are well developed, and the relationship between Grace and her mom GG is intriguing throughout I enjoyed the astrophysics facts scattered throughout the read, but then again, looking up that kind of facts is a hobby of mine.All in all, this is a solid read I haven t read any of Voros work before, but I m definitely gonna check it out now Same goes for Elizabeth Tasker, the astrophysicists that s mentioned and referenced in the book And if you like YA contemporary, mother daughter relationships that are going through rough patches and facts about space, then this is the book for you Copy received through NetGalley Rating 4 5 stars Seventeen year old Grace Carter is the daughter of GG Carter, a national news anchor, and the granddaughter of Patricia, a semi famous movie actress.Grace feels she doesn t measure up to the public s expectations of a daughter of GG s While GG is thin and blonde, Grace is solid, awkward, with dark hair For the past several years, Grace has been perpetuating and accentuating the differences between GG and herself, pretending it is her choice to be different Soon it is true Although she has no interest in TV or movie stars, Grace is very interested in stars of another type Grace has a passion for astronomy and is a member of Star Club She loves to observe the moon and night sky through her telescope GG s all consuming TV News career has caused Grace to feel embittered In addition to GG and Grace, the family includes husband and father Andrew, and Grace s younger brother Charlie.Grace s growing resentment has put even further distance between mom and daughter of late Suddenly, the unthinkable happens GG goes missing The wife, mother and TV star has vanished, seemingly without a trace An investigation ensues, and continues for weeks The family is joined by grandmother Patricia, as together the family faces GG s abduction A clever literary fiction family drama novel focusing on the mother daughter relationship, strong women, a mystery, abduction, as well as humor, career goals, and astronomy references.I received a digital ARC from Kids Can Press through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Download Ebook ☨ The Center of the Universe ⚖ Grace Carter S Mother The Celebrity News Anchor GG Carter Is Everything Grace Is Not GG Is A Star, With A Flawless Wardrobe And A Following Of Thousands, While Grace An Aspiring Astrophysicist Is Into Stars Of Another Kind She And Her Mother Have Always Been In Different Orbits Then One Day GG Is Just Gone Cameras Descend On Their House, News Shows Speculate About What Might Have Happened And Grace S Family Struggles To Find A New Rhythm As They Wait For Answers While The Authorities Unravel The Mystery Behind GG S Disappearance, Grace Grows Closer To Her High School S Golden Boy, Mylo, Who Has Faced A Black Hole Of His Own She Also Uncovers Some Secrets From Her Mother S Long Lost Past The Grace Learns, The She Wonders Did She Ever Really Know Her Mother Was GG Abducted Or Did She Leave And If She Left, Why I am Grace Carter s hero It s all true Grace is a 17 year old with an ambition to become an astrophysicist During her story, she meets Elizabeth Tasker that s totally me, in case you weren t paying attention , attends several talks by her and chats about the future Being in a book is possibly even stranger than seeing your own book in print for the first time it s kinda crazy And also explains why I have an advanced copy But Grace s story is not in fact about how she meets me Grace s mother is missing and the family is thrown into the perpetual waiting room as they hope for news Grace struggles with finding her own identity in the shadow of a difficult teen parent relationship, before realising that to find herself she may first need to find out who her mother really is as a person Voros paints a painfully realistic picture of the pseudo life that must occur during the hunt for a missing person While Grace tries to find hints that tell her how and why her mother disappeared, this is no Cluedo game with a box of weapons and motives to be suddenly discovered Instead, Voros describes a jigsaw of small facts where each inconsequential thought might be the essential corner piece that allows you to assemble the whole picture.Littered with analogies that will kick start the imagination of even those who have never thought about black holes, this is a coming of age book that is impossible not to relate to. It has been a while since Ria Voros has had a new YA novel I read her White Pine nominated title, The Opposite of Geek a few years ago and it had a really unique format and wonderful writing I am looking forward to reading this mystery that has some science and romance as well. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE by Ria Voros in exchange for my honest review 4.5 STARSBudding astrophysicist Grace has never connected with her mother GG, a TV anchor Then GG disappears, presumed kidnapped and Grace learns she knows even less about her mother than she realizes.I know I ve read a fabulous story when after over 500 pages, I still wantI read CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE in one day, needing to know GG s fate and Grace s odyssey of self exploration Outer space has always overwhelmed and frightened me, so while I didn t connect to the science part of the story, although I did to the bright, ambitious teenager with a passion for knowledge Ria Voros s words flowed seamlessly through the pages Grace was complex, moody, sometimes self centered, also kind and introspective The secondary characters also had personality and uniqueness The first half of CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE read like a mystery, what happened to GG The second part was resolving the consequences of that mystery I m glad Voros included both in the same book, because CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE could have been a a book and a sequel.Voros did miss an opportunity to talk about homelessness and mental illness and using alcohol to self medicate regarding one character s parent Nobody wants to be homeless, to be hungry and dirty Many alcoholics start drinking to mask undiagnosed psychiatric conditions Most homeless people are the chronically mentally ill Voros should have added that into conversations about this character s parent CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE will appear to readers who like smart, strong female characters. The writing of this book really worked for me the short chapters and beautiful writing The book is supposed to be 500 pages, but it felt like around 300 a real quick read, where there was quite a lot of happening Nevertheless, the book needs a few trigger warnings for abuse, kidnapping etc.The plot of the book was actually quite interesting I haven t read many books where one of the parents go missing, so i was really fascinated by it It was also written very well and the motive and most of the reasons etc were quite realistic, while some parts seemed too unrealistic. at I think this book really did have the potential for greatness, if only it wasn t so heckin long.But overall I really did enjoy it I am a huge fan of any book about astronomy, so I really appreciated Grace s character and her fascination with outer space She really looks up to Elizabeth Tasker, and I thought the way that was incorporated into the story was really cool I love Milo so much thooooooooooo he s honestly the sweetest And there were some really interesting family dynamics which were complicated and just explored really well which I super appreciated Also my love of crime shows meant that I was immediately intrigued by the element of kidnapping in the plot, and the mystery was really interesting to follow I think this book is really good, I was just in the mood for a quick cute read and this novel went on for too long Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a review copy All opinions are my own. I breezed through this book in less than a day because it was just so enthralling The story hooked me from page one It s a book all about the relationships between mothers and daughters and examines it through the eyes of teenage Grace Carter Grace is such an interesting character in that she feels very ordinary And I don t mean that in any negative manner but so frequently in YA the leading character is of the special snowflake variety but Grace just felt very authentic Yes she had a passion, for astronomy in her case, but it wasn t overdone to the degree that it was a shoo in that she was gonna be a future Nobel laureate Grace was just Grace She geeked out at times, she fell hard for a boy, she struggled with her relationship with her mother GG and maternal grandmother Patricia, she felt guilty about that relationship with her mother after one day her mom inexplicably disappears, she trusts, she mistrusts, she has a well rounded and believable friendship with her best friend Iris She was a 100% relatable character This book is the best kind of coming of age story all wrapped up with an intense mystery storyline I thoroughly enjoyed it and can t wait to readfrom this author in future Four and a half stars An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Kids Can Press, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review One of the best YA books I have read this year I started the book expecting a mystery, but it isn t central to the novel actually, it isn t something you can figure out and it gets resolved quite quickly The book is muchabout the relationships we create with people around us and how they change and develop over time Grace, the main character is extremely likeable curious, observant, non assuming I found her very relatable, although my own family is nothing like hers, and astronomy is something I could never get my head around Other characters are also well developed and it is difficult to say who I liked the most in this story The biggest takeaway for me was the mother daughter relationship, which is realistic and poignant at the same time.Highly recommended.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.