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~DOWNLOAD ☪ An Ocean of Minutes ♭ America Is In The Grip Of A Deadly Flu Pandemic When Frank Catches The Virus, His Girlfriend Polly Will Do Whatever It Takes To Save Him, Even If It Means Risking Everything She Agrees To A Radical Plan Time Travel Has Been Invented In The Future To Thwart The Virus If She Signs Up For A One Way Trip Into The Future To Work As A Bonded Labourer, The Company Will Pay For The Life Saving Treatment Frank Needs Polly Promises To Meet Frank Again In Galveston, Texas, Where She Will Arrive In Twelve YearsBut When Polly Is Re Routed An Extra Five Years Into The Future, Frank Is Nowhere To Be Found Alone In A Changed And Divided America, With No Status And No Money, Polly Must Navigate A New Life And Find A Way To Locate Frank, To Discover If He Is Alive, And If Their Love Has Endured So, Polly and Frank love each other and Frank falls ill with a pandemic flu that is very rare In order to get treatmnt they need a lot of money, so Polly ends up offering to work for a time travelling company They make a pact to find each other again when she is deployed to 1993, the time to which she is gonna travel But when she arrives it is 5 later and the pandemic flu has wiped almost all population So she gets scared and then lots of bizarre and silly situations happen she gets on the wrong bus and goes to another place instead of where she has to go, she doesn t know how to deal with the driver in order to get driven where she must be, she doesn t ask anyone she sees some weird things around her, like recorded children s laughter and people with helmet like things on their head , she has to pee and ends up surrounded by bushes where she gets found by her boss that has come for her, aaaaaand wtf I am reading I am sorry because I wanted to enjoy this, the pandemic idea sounded interesting as did the thought about they meeting again in the future, him all cured because of her time travelling paying the fees, but there were lots of surreal situations like the described above which I didn t buy into which affected my enjoyment of the story The potential is there, but the book wasn t on my wave lenght. I gobbled this book up in one day I found it utterly fascinating and was gripped by the storyline from the get go The premise is that by the year 1981 America is in the deadly clutches of a flu pandemic In this version of reality, time travel has been made possible in the future by a large corporation Originally it was hoped that a flu vaccine from the future could be sent back to before the initial outbreak that caused the pandemic However, due to an absence of technology time travel cannot occur back to a time period before that initial flu outbreak BUT People from time periods after the flu pandemic has erupted can travel into the future This is how we come to meet our protagonist Polly She is a twenty something year old who is desperate to do anything to save her boyfriend Frank who has contracted the virus Thusly, she makes a deal with this corporation that in exchange for her travelling on a one way trip twelve years into the future and agreeing to work for them for a bonded period of time her boyfriend Frank will be entitled to life saving medical care She and Frank agree to meet again in September 1993 in Galveston, Texas at a specific landmark But somehow Polly ends up in a very strange 1998 and is unable to find Frank America, as Polly knew it, has changed entirely and is now divided into the United States and America And Polly learns that the small print of her bonded deal with the corporation means she has next to zero rights and is indentured to work for over thirty months to earn her freedom with extra time always being added on in exchange for life s basic necessities This was a great book from a sheer storytelling aspect I was very much invested in seeing how the plot would develop and how, or even if, Polly would ever be able to find Frank 17 years in to this new future It had a really great dystopian vibe with some really interesting plot twists story wise Where this book fell a little flat for me was primarily with the characters I never truly felt that great love story between Polly and Frank, and as a main character Polly was somewhat bland emotionally Sadly I never truly empathised with her as a character And disappointingly, none of the supporting characters truly felt memorable They were merely names rather than fully fleshed out three dimensional characters that could make me feel anything for them whether that was sympathy or hatred And also at times I felt the descriptive writing became rather confusing to read There were paragraphs that felt disjointed from Polly s reality and really interrupted the flow of the narrative But overall I still enjoyed this book because of that great storytelling aspect It was certainly a page turner and a very quick read that I think is perfectly suited to anyone s light summer reading list for 2018 And can I just say, I utterly love that title I think An Ocean of Minutes perfectly encapsulates the story in this book Three and a half starsAn e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Quercus, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Compared to Station Eleven and The Time Traveler s Wife on the cover, An Ocean of Minutes was only very superficially like them in that in the first case there was a flu epidemic and in the second it involved time travel Such a wonderful premise, but it just did not deliver I was really psyched to read this too and it was a quick read as I raced to find out what happened to the separated lovers, but it was so disappointing I wanted to throw it across the room Ugh There are some fine things in the telling one thing that was realistic in the text was how discombobulated Polly feels in this new world She is a naturally timid person and she floundered around making errors mostly because she won t stand up for herself or even ask questions Also, I felt that the love between Frank and Polly is well fleshed out It s believable.There are a lot of odd passages too though with descriptions that left me pondering what the author meant I would rate it about a 2.5, rounded up for the unique premise. This time travel story isn t interested in the mechanics of the technology Rather, it s about the displacement and dislocation one feels when one lands in a world that is similar but very, very different from one that one knows Polly decides in 1981 to travel to the future to work for the corporation TimeRaiser, in exchange for getting her boyfriend Frank necessary medical treatment during a global flu epidemic When she arrives in the future, it s not 1993 as she expected TimeRaiser s time travel machine is supposed to jump people forward twelve years Instead, it s 1998 the company rerouted her because her skills as an upholsterer were needed then , and Polly is thrown by how different things look and feel She had signed on with TimeRaiser in 1981, not grasping what the company s terms were She now discovers she s an indentured servant, with little to no hope of accumulating enough money to pay off her debt to the company and reunite with her hopefully now safe and healthy and older boyfriend.I really liked the writing in this book And though Polly is persistently na ve in her dealings with people and TimeRaiser in 1998, and in her belief in Frank, I wanted her to somehow get out of TimeRaiser s clutches and find some sort of solid ground on which to rebuild her life I expected that the 1998 corporate controlled world she finds herself in would be pretty horrible, and as an employee, her options were extremely limited, tenuous and subject to abuse, reminding me of the situation of migrant workers The story does give Polly a sort of resolution, part of which is dependent upon a library, which she says saved her life, so, Thea Lim s future isn t unutterably sad Because, libraries. I can t wait to read this. The protagonist was usually lost, people were mostly mean to her, and this reader was generally bored. This book was perfectly fine but nothing really that special to me It has a cool concept and with that it can tackle some interesting issues, but I guess I just never felt that connected to Polly enough to care about what happened The writing was nice and there were some very beautiful sentiments, but it wasn t enough to take this book to the next level for me. An Ocean of Minutes pulls a bait and switch that I expect will frustrate and confuse some readers It appears to promise a pandemic dystopia with a time travel twist, and a bit of a love story to boot Instead, the book takes you on a tour of the immigrant experience.Polly, our protagonist, is not just a time traveler, she s also a refugee from the past and an indentured labourer trying to work off the cost of her passage She suddenly finds herself on the lowest rung of society, no status, money, or independence and in massive debt to her employer The system is rigged against her and any attempt to navigate the mind boggling bureaucracy is doomed to fail Polly needs something to cling to, and that something is the hope of finding Frank, her boyfriend from the past For Polly, their separation was only moments ago, but for Frank it s been seventeen years he went the long way round Through flashbacks, we see their relationship unfold, and gradually get a sense of whether Polly is right to believe Frank would wait for her Through its time travel conceit, An Ocean of Minutes portrays displacement and immigration without directly referencing any specific real world situation, allowing the reader to focus on the human experience It s a clever trick and a gutsy one, since some readers may feel cheated that the book isn t the one they thought they were getting Personally I think the author could have gone even further in this direction, as it was an absorbing read with a novel approach. 2.5 stars HmmmI m thinking this is one of those books that could have been amazing but wasn t. I m a huge fan of dystopian sci fi and I love time travel stories, but An Ocean of Minutes was quite disappointing as a whole For the record, I did not see any similarity with Station Eleven except that both stories involved a flu pandemic And there was no comparison between this story and The Time Traveller s Wife which is one of my favourite books of all time.except that they both include time travel and a love story An Ocean of Minutes explores the question Can true love withstand the test of time if one person travels to the future while the other is left behind The premise is that Polly leaves her present life behind to travel 17 years into the future to save Frank, her true love, from succumbing to the deadly flu She volunteers in a moment of desperation with the plan that Frank will find her when she arrives and they will resume their relationship where they left off The only caveat is that Frank will have lived those 17 years while Polly will still be the same age as when she left I was certainly intrigued to know how it would turn out There were moments that kept me invested such as the bits about the flu pandemic as well as the post apocalyptic descriptions I was also keen to know what happens to Polly and Frank s relationship but it took most of the story to get there There were a couple serious flaws that detracted from my overall enjoyment the poorly developed romance and Polly being written as a weak and unreliable character Let s talk about the romance first sigh.it just didn t feel like a hot and heavy, can t get you out of my mind kind of love It felt hollow and superficial I didn t believe they were really in love Where was the passion Where was the heartbreak It s not until the very end that we get a hint of this romance There was also an odd scene at the start in which a squirrel gets run over during their first date.I did not see the point of including that bit and was disappointed that the author would include animal cruelty for no apparent reason Now let s talk about the main character.oh dear Polly was a bit of a hot mess It was extremely hard to empathize with her Her decisions lacked believability She let others walk all over her, which was frustrating as heck I wasn t able to trust in her character particularly in the last 20% of the book so the ending was not a good experience for me, I wanted to shake her and scream wake up and feel some emotions Do something other than pine and mope This was unfortunately one of those reads that probably could have used a fewre writes to get where it needed to go I wish it would have focusedon Polly and Frank s relationship in the future as that was really the meat and potatoes of the story The plot did keep my attention until the end although I did skim here and there so that s why I rounded up to a three Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.