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Reading this book, I found myself I really did I can relate to Josephine in the way she is heavily judged by her mother because of her looks and demeanor As a closeted bisexual, this book is really special to me I know it s just a book, but to me, it s everything I can just think about everything in this book and I ll always feel like crying because I will always understand the struggle of being who I want to be while everyone else is still against that Also, if Kissing Olivia Winchester gets its well deserved movie adaptation, I m ready to watch itthan I should. Honestly I m still reading this over and over again because of its wonderful characters and writing I think this story is beautiful I wish I could have something like this book happen to me This is bliss. [Read Epub] ♎ Kissing Olivia Winchester ♋ Josephine Was The Daughter To A Rich Doctor Father And Trophy Wife She Wasn T A Socialite Like Her Sister Gwen, She Was Just Shy Plain Old Josephine She Was The Pariah Of High Society When Her Mother Sticks Her With The Job Of Managing A Kissing Booth At A Stuck Up Charity Event, One Kiss From Beautiful And Popular Olivia Winchester Changes Everything As I m rereading this book, I start to remember all the reasons I fell in love with it when I first read it on Wattpad two years ago I can t wait to read the published version Especially because Athena has made this book and its journey one that all of her readers have taken with her and I couldn t beproud to be a part of it all I absolutely fell in love with this book, not only is the plot enticing but the writing style is beautiful This book will put you in a trance making it impossible to put down with lovable characters, great humor and just the right amount of drama A well balanced book concentrating on young love, figuring ones s self out, trust, friendship, family issues andIt will take you on an emotional roller coaster but one you will thoroughly enjoy all the way.Kissing Olivia Winchester Really enjoyed this YA book The actions of the characters we very real and easy to relate to The book needed better editting in places but one could overlook these little slips because the story was so cute and they did not draw attention away from the main romance between Joey and Olivia Looking forward to reading further adventures of Joey and Olivia in this series.As an additional coment, I also enjoyed the growing romance between Gwen and Neal Joey s home family life is so disjointed that it is great to see that she learns that some individuals in her family can come together and try to achieve happiness Along with some members of the family pulling together best friends and special friends can survive when the outside world seems to crumble around you. So CuteI really enjoyed this story The way the characters are with each other is so cute I m glad Gwen started payingattention to her sister and sticking up for her Their mother is such a royal b tch Omg I wanted someone to put her in her place and the father finally stepping up was not enough But I feel like the book just cut off so suddenly I was so sad Like that s it Also, there are so many tiny little editing errors around the middle to the end that were distracting but easy fixes That s the only reason I didn t rate 5 stars Other than that the story was so damn cute I will definitely be re reading this eventually. I absolutely loved this book I ve had this book in my library for a while and decided to read all one day I have to say that those hours of not studying just to read a book was worth it There were a couple of grammar issues, but it didn t matter because of the unique plot Throughout the whole book, my senses were heightened, and I felt MANY things for this book I m very sure that I m going to be buying a book, but I live in the United States so it ll be a little before I m going to I want to treasure the book as one of the books that represents LGBT for its part Thank you very much for your effort in creating the book and using your own finances to get it out Read this online few years back I was really excited when the author announced that she will publish her book Joey as a blonde Kristen Steward and I totally forgot who s her partner as Olivia There s still minor errors from the book but its okay.I still enjoyed this one so much A light and easy read.I do really like Olivia and Joey I wish this was longer A fewadded bonus chapter perhaps And for me, I rarely like a HFN ending because I do like Epilogues, cliches and all that I miss reading YA If you guys are looking for a good book with a good femalexfemale relationship you should read this book.