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Mad huge big extraordinary love for this story A great book for all ages A story of hope, love, kindness and generosity And dogs Yep, here s another one Most people who follow my reviews soon realize I read A LOT of animal memoir books As soon as one becomes available, I must have it They almost never fail to disappoint, and this one was no exception.Dion Leonard is an extreme runner, after taking up the sport because his girlfriend wife became interested in running as a sport and encouraged him to join her Not one to take things by halves, Dion found himself competing at an elite level, racing some top notch runners across harsh terrain and extreme temperatures Along the way a little dog whom Dion called Gobi appeared beside him, and this book is not just the race, but the race to get Gobi back to the UK to join Dion and his family.I love animals, and therefore I love animal books, especially if they have a happy ending I hope that Dion and Gobi get many happy years together, and I know Gobi will be much happier with a family as opposed to on the streets of China Excellent, personal writing too, Dion isn t afraid of confronting some personal demons Adored this book, five stars #READ E-PUB ⚞ Finding Goby õ Dion Leonard Ist Ultra Marathonl Ufer Und Lebt F R Die H Rtesten Rennen Der Welt Als Er Nach China Zum Tage Rennen Durch Die W Ste Gobi Reist, Will Er In Erster Linie Den Wettkampf Gewinnen Daf R Hat Er Leichtes Gep Ck Und Nur Das N Tigste Essen Dabei Womit Er Nicht Rechnet Mit Der Kleinen Mischlingsh Ndin, Die Ihn Aus Ihren Gro En Braunen Augen An Der Startlinie Anschaut Und Dann Kilometerweit Begleitet Er Nennt Sie Gobi, Sie Schenkt Ihm Mut, Als Er Ans Aufgeben Denkt Und Schlie Lich Kehrt Er W Hrend Des Rennens F R Sie Um Davon, Wie Der Kleine Hund Mit Gro Em Herzen Einen Besseren Mensch Aus Ihm Gemacht Hat, Erz Hlt Leonard In Diesem Buch Leonard Und Gobi S Geschichte Zeigt, Wie Stark Die Verbindung Zwischen Einem Mann Und Seinem Hund Sein Kann, Und Was Menschen Bewegen K Nnen, Wenn Sie Zusammenarbeiten Publishers Weekly In 2016 Dion Leonard was running ultra marathons in the Gobi desert the race was 1555 miles long he picked up a stray that kept pace with him over 89 miles my heart was melting Dion felt a bond come between them that he didn t want to give up.Leonard then takes it upon himself to make sure he doesn t lose Gobi again what he his wife Lucja try get him into his hometown of Edinburgh that is like jumping over hoops both wouldn t give up hope.All I will say now is this book is a story of unbidden love man has for his dog the lengths they go to to stay together this pulled at my heartstrings I had a lot of emotions go through me as we learnt about Dion s upbringing broke my heart his childhood friend Deon who stood by him no matter what.If you love animal stories that are true read this your heart will break as mine did right through out this true story. Whilst competing in a 155 mile race through the Gobi desert in China Ultramarathon runner, Dion Leonard comes across a stray dog Little did Deon know that this cute little stray would follow right beside him throughout his race Over the course of the race Deon becomes very attached to the stray and ends up calling her, Gobi Once the race was completed, Dion and his wife knew they couldn t leave Gobi behind, but getting her out of the country would be a challenge Whilst attempting to work out how they d get her out of the country, Gobi disappears With so many stray dogs in the region, it s seems near impossible that they will ever be able to find, Gobi again How could I not read about this adorable little dog I must admit I am attracted to books that have dogs on the cover or any animal on the cover for that matter And with such a cute face I just had to find out what her story was all about and I m so happy I did A fantastic, heartwarming true story about the strong bond between a man and a dog I absolutely enjoyed this story and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys a good story. Very sweet book about a man who falls in love with a stray dog and all the dramas he went through in order to bring that dog home with him.Dion was running in a 5 day marathon across China s Gobi Desert when he first met the canine love of his life She attached herself to him at the start of the race, and kept up with him for almost 80 miles 128 km He is soon wrapped around her little paw, and can t even consider abandoning her when the marathon finishes So, the process of bringing the newly named, Gobi, home to Edinburgh, Scotland begins.Until all the intricate arrangements can be made, he is faced with leaving her in the care of Chinese locals and she disappears hence, the title Finding Gobi Thankfully, the incredible journey and it certainly has its mysterious moments regarding the disappearance has a positive ending.If you like nonfiction dog stories, you ll probably love this one.3 Stars I liked the book I enjoyed it I m glad I read it. It s 4am and I just finished this book A beautiful story of doggy devotion and perseverance Dion s determination to save his little friend and to give her a forever home is inspirational If you love dogs you absolutely must read this. What Can I say I missed this story and the internet chaos the first time aroundBut I am so happy with this book I know the story thankfully This his an incredible heart warming, touching, fantastic story, with warmth, humble that touches your heart, so if like me you are an animal lover.I understand fully how the love of an animal can touch your heart, so much and would have done exactly the same as Dion.This is not only a story of an incredible dog, but of an incredible couple, who changed their lives for six months to bring back the lovely dog GobiDion writes this book from the heart, and his story explains his character, a story that shows the man he is, a man that I admire and respect for his heart and courage to battle through some hard times.A story that touches you, how good mankind can be, how a story touches many people all around the world, especially one lady who followed the story from the start everydayThe heartache and worry, I felt it so much, just loosing my cat from the garden for a couple of hours and I think my heart will break Loved this book, loved the story of greatness, support and touching humanity Dion tells this story so wellDion thanks, and keep hold of that great wife that supported you 100% and a firm that you worked for that gave you such great support Gotta Love Gobi The story begins when Dion Leonard takes a trip to China from Edinburgh to participate in a grueling 150 mile six day seven stage race in the excruciating heat of desert and dangerous mountain terrain the biggest race of his short running career That unforgiving land is where Gobi appears out of the blue, looks Dion in the eyes and adopts him as her own.so cool.The first half of the novel is pretty much dedicated to the race itselfquite interesting , its participants, and how winning is not always the main goal.surprising and gratifying to hear.and Yikes What an accomplishment to just finish.in any position The second half explores the people of China, an adventurous, big spirited and loving little dog and the man who makes it his mission in life to bring her home.despite the many roadblocks.despite the frightening situations and Wow the support from SO MANY kindhearted people in the world that made it possible.would be interesting to find out what REALLY happened to Gobi during her mysterious absence.don t you thinkMany thanks to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for the complimentary ebook in exchange for review Enjoyed the journey Dion Leonard, an Australian living in Edinburgh, Scotland, was in China for the 155 mile race through the Gobi Desert when a small brown ball of fluff with big eyes attached herself to him As he ran each leg of the race, the dog kept pace with him At one stage they crossed a water course, and when she called to him from the bank, Dion turned and picked her up, carrying her across When it was obvious the little dog would remain by his side, he named her Gobi her courage and tenacity was outstanding She cemented her place in his heart it was a special friendship.When Dion and his wife Lucja were working out how to get Gobi home to Scotland, she went missing from the city of Urumqi in China As Dion and the volunteers searched for Gobi, he wondered how he would ever find her the city was home to thousands of stray dogs how to find one in the maze of the rest But help came from everywhere international media, the internet and even the locals were caught up in the story of the missing Gobi Would Dion be reunited with the extraordinary little dog who had adopted him as he ran across the sands of the Gobi Desert Finding Gobi is a wonderful, heartwarming story written by Aussie ultramarathon runner and author Dion Leonard I flew through the story in a matter of hours beautifully written, filled with heartfelt emotion and always the little dog who takes everyone s hearts An amazing true story about an incredible journey, and one I highly recommend With thanks to my daughter from whom I borrowed the book after she recommended it to me.