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Hot, hot, hot Two Dukes and a Lady was so much fun to read, and so hot Lily was married and living in America for five years always missing her childhood friends, and crushes, Charles and William Charles and William enjoy sharing a woman and when they learn Lily has returned they vow to have her as their wife.The chemistry, and love scenes, are super hot and steamy The plot may be a little unbelievable, but it is so good to read I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. [Read Epub] ⚇ Two Dukes and a Lady ♟ Charles Ashdown, Duke Of Dens, And His Closest Friend William Kenwood, Duke Of Tennison, Love Gambling And Womanizing Too Much To Ever Be Ensnared By A Debutante Certainly, No Decent Wife Would Allow The Debauchery They Enjoy But The Only Woman They Ve Ever Loved Has Returned Unfortunately, Society, And Likely Darling Lily, Will Never Accept The Sharing Relationship They D Like To Propose Lillian Drew Returns To England After Her Husband S Mysterious Death And Finds Solace With Her Girlhood Crushes, Charles And William Sure, They Re As Unapologetically Crass And Self Centered As Always, But She Loves Them Both When Her Dead Husband S Creditors Come After Her, She Has No Choice But To Remarry, Though She Can T Make Up Her Mind Which Duke She Ll Propose To With A Toss Of One Of The Few Coins She Has Left To Her Name, She Hopes The Loser Will Understand I thought this would be cheesy but I requested it from Netgalley because the blurb sounded interesting and I wanted to see if the author could actually pull off a regency m nage story.Well the story actually wasn t that bad A bit cheesy in places but still a good read if you like erotica It managed not to be a run of the mill erotica story with cut and paste sex scenes cynical I know and the story was interesting because of the characters After her crooked husband is shot dead because of his dirty business dealings, Lily flees from the colonies and returns to London She realises that she needs to get married again and to a wealthy man She needs someone who can help her pay off her husband s creditors and keep a blackmailer off her back She never wanted the arranged marriage to her husband in the first place and having endured him for five years she is now somewhat free but the financial shackles remain.Lily is in London, penniless and bereft A grieving widow on the outside but on the inside a young woman who really wants to experience all that life has to offer She wants to be free of her debtors and find someone who can awaken her passions because she knows that although her husband left her cold she is truly passionate inside As a child she had begun to explore this passion with her childhood friends William and Charles but that went wrong and now here she is with another chance Lily still feels deeply attracted to William and Charles and she is hoping for for an offer of marriage from one of them, what she doesn t bargain for is that both of them are interested in her and both of them are used to sharing their women When Lily meets up again with Charles and William they have a proposition for her Charles will marry her but behind closed doors she will actually be a wife to both men.The story focuses on the relationship between the two men and Lily, and the desire they have for her There is the secrecy and the way the three of them indulge their passion on the inside while skirting the boundaries of respectability on the outside and running the risk of scandal There are the women who Charles and William ignore in their efforts to get Lily and then there is the past and the dirty dealings of Lily s crooked dead husband.Lily is an intriguing character She is too scared to open letters from her husband s creditors but she isn t scared at all when it comes to stepping into a potentially scandalous relationship Although she starts by being naive and nervous, and overwhelmed by her feelings for both men and what they do with her, she soon demands loyalty from both men especially when she realises that William and Charles have something of a reputation with other women I can t say that I really liked her I found her a bit irritating and rather gullible William and Charles on the other hand are rogues and very determined to live outside the rules of polite society whilst maintaining their position within it They both love Lily and having lost her to another man before they are determined it won t happen again Lily is going to belong to both of them but this is easier said than done and a slender threads of rivalry and jealousy emerge between the two men Both of them love her but only one man can marry her and then the past arrives on Lily s doorstep threatening to jeopardise this illicit arrangement and the whole emphasis of the story is how the two men made this menage relationship work without disclosing anything to the high society to which they belong The author manages to creat a distinctive voice for each of her characters as well as including an interesting sub plot Who is blackmailing Lily and why If you like erotica or romance then you will probably enjoy this It manages to tell a story and is also romantic without being overrun with sex scenes It does have engaging characters with an interesting sub plot Not a memorable story but definitely an entertaining one.Copy provided by publisher via net galley in exchange for an unbiased review. This is a steamy historical friends to lovers novella a quick, fun, sexy read Lily has two best friends from childhood, William and Charles and she d have been happy to marry either but couldn t decide between them, nor could they decide who should be the one to propose So she ended up marrying another man who turned out to be a smuggler, leaving her with a myriad of debts when he died unexpectedly She needs to marry quickly to pay off these debts, and is once again faced with choosing between her friends but they have a secret they are quite happy to share her The results is an m f m menage story and between them they figure out a way for them all to get a happy ever after It s an enjoyable story and I ll be looking for from this author duo.Note a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. I love historical novels Throw in some m f m connection with some friends to lovers, and I m in Lorna James s Two Dukes and a Lady is a fun, spicy and all around entertaining read.Lily is newly widowed and comes back home to England where she reunites with her two friends, Charles Ashdown and William Kenwood The tension between all three is alive and kicking, and Lily wonders if the rumors are true If these two dukes share their women and if so, do they have their eye on her next I really enjoyed all of these characters Lily s spirited enough to attempt to wrangle in these rowdy and daring dukes, while William and Charles were delightfully forward in their own ways The scenes were pleasantly erotic, but there s also this other external plot going on A few twists spun the story in a new direction, which added a little to the story.I do wish there had been character development but with the page count there was enough to keep me reading It was a little hard to suspend my disbelief in some parts too However, this was still such an enjoyable read If you re looking for a historical novel with a good m nage and some hot scenes, you ll find it here.3.5 stars I voluntarily reviewed an ARC via the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Two Dukes and a Lady by Lorna James is the story of William Kenwood, Duke of Tennison, Charles Ashdown, Duke of Dens and Lillian Drew William, Charles and Lillian were childhood friends When they were much older William and Charles thought the other was interested in her and did not proceed with a relationship thinking the other would do so But they were surprised when her father up and married her off to an American Now some years later they both guys know that the other didn t make a move toward Lillian because they didn t want to hurt the other due to their friendship But now Lillian is back a widow and they both have already decided that Lillian will be theirs This was a quick hot read with about 120 pages My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read. I picked this one up after finishing Two Dukes are Better than One by the same author, in hopes I would find something substantial than the last one Sadly, I was disappointed Check out my full review on my blog James delivers a trio to root for with scorching chemistry and sweet satisfaction Short and okThis was kind of corny At times would laugh out loud with what the characters said and did I just couldn t really get into the story Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley.