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Decent conclusion to the series, but after 1 and 3 4 build up about the Looking Glass, the reveal as to what it actually was capable of was quite disappointing The entire ending also seemed abrupt and penned by an author who realized that the book was ending. This book is full of intrigue, mystery and deep philosophical theories, religious beliefs merged with science.Lots of secret society groups, spy, love triangle, adventure and honestly confusing dialogue I enjoyed this at times, others I really had to force my self to read because of all the waiting , some of the action and fighting was confusing , but I admit I can t visualize technical descriptions of some of equipment, subs and stuff The overall story was Interesting, and I kept reading to get to the end, the mysterious code explained and revealed At the completion , of this book I m confused and don t understand the ending Physical reality, looking glass is the next leap for humans, alternative reality but aware of the physical one Mysterious guide recommends naming the highest mountain peak different from the physical realm so that when in the looking glass reality your aware that it s the newly discovered reality plane Only it s named the same Physical reality, Mount Rush, looking glass reality it s named, Mount Rush I m so confused and don t understand the ending at all. I m a little conflicted about this book I enjoyed Pandemic a lot, and was anxious to read the sequel Overall, I liked the book, but something felt off The author has stated that he originally planned a trilogy, but later changed to a two book series Maybe there was not a natural break point to transition to a 3rd book It seemed to me that there was too much material in Genome A world wide chase and battle story, a double time line, a great reveal, a series wrap up Most of the story revolves around 7 key characters and their real loyalties and motivations and trustworthiness.For me, the weakest part of the story is the central plot line The concept of universe expansion cycles and evolutionary jumps is not well explained at all Somehow, we are inevitably destined for a Matrix type alternate How do we know there have been past cycles and will be future cycles I was disturbed that there was no substantial discussion of the obvious risks of a society controlled by the Citium The book seemed to show that the only problem is if the Citium was ruled by bad guys No mention of any problem with an elitist intellectual group who knows best controlling governments and people As if elite intellectuals are immune from the corruption of power History teaches us otherwise This should have been mentioned and discussed somewhere. Definitely qualifes as a page turner but I am a little disappointed how this series ended I felt the epilogue was rushed and gave it 4 out of 5 stars because of this But still, I think it s a very satisfying read, it s also smart and makes you think like it kept me thinking about how prepared we are for the next epidemic and how much technology is humanizing or dehumanizing our society Enjoy. I really enjoyed the science fiction, very imaginative This was much better than the first book in the series I really enjoyed it. I ve read all of Riddle s novels thus far and loved them Polished each of them off in a day.This one though, it took a week I couldn t get through it I know these are self published, but I felt he need some help on this one It seemed like I was reading a first draft of a book It was all over the place Back and forth between past and future in the same chapter A lot could have been edited out easily 100 pages and added to the last book to simply make one long novel I felt the ending was jammed together to get it finished on a deadline with no clear idea.Very disappointed in the story line The last book was clear, concise and on a mission From my college microbiology class, the basics of a genome is the genetic material of an organism The end of the story didn t tie it up with the genome It was a computer based program that turned into an app from people s minds People have been researching the evolution of man for this This part of the story severely needed time I understand what he was trying to convey, but it wasn t there for me Not at all Wasted a week Won t be reading any future work unless someone gives it to me. Only 3 stars for me, although I do think it was quite a fitting end to the story There were big parts of the book that dealt with the memories of Desmond and it all got repetitive and way too wordy Just a lot of unnecessary details and it just bored me somewhat What A.G Riddle does best is action and when the story stays in the present it s easy to get swept away in it as it just flows so well Unfortunately a big part of the first half of the book at least were just Desmond recovering his memories and they were all a bit too long and too detailed and the fact that Desmond was just out of action while this was going on was annoying to me I quite liked the theories about life and our planet and the little twists in the story though and I really do love the way A.G Riddle writes If it hadn t been for the lull of all those memories I would have given it a four for sure. 3.25 3.5 I did a quick re read listen of then moved on the audio book of It wasn t a bad story and the narration is excellent I did get a bit frustrated that the plot was like a video game Complete a task and get a prize In this case the prize was a small nugget of info that amounted to nothing than another clue I was hoping for depth to The Looking Glass instead of another book where the characters criss cross the globe following cryptic clues while narrowly escaping disaster The end was anti climatic and it was almost a relief to be finished with the story. (READ PDF) ⚣ Genome (The Extinction Files, #2) õ A Code Hidden In The Human GenomeWill Reveal The Ultimate Secret Of Human ExistenceAnd Could Hold Humanity S Only Hope Of Survival In , The First Human Genome Was Sequenced But The Secrets It Held Were Never RevealedThe Truth Was Discovered Thirty Years Ago, Almost By Accident Dr Paul Kraus Had Spent His Entire Career Searching For What He Called Humanity S Lost Tribes Human Ancestors Who Had Gone Extinct When Kraus Compared The DNA Samples Of The Lost Tribes With Our Own, He Found A Pattern Of Changes A Code At The Time, The Technology Didn T Exist To Unravel What It Meant To Protect The Secret, Keller Hid His Work And Disappeared Now The Technology Exists To Finally Understand The Mysterious Code Buried In The Human Genome, But Finding The Pieces Of Keller S Research Is Dangerous Than Anyone ImaginedDr Peyton Shaw And Her Mother Have Obtained Part Of Kraus S Research And A Cryptic Message That Could Lead To The Remaining Pieces They Believe His Work Is The Key To Stopping A Global Conspiracy And An Event That Will Change Humanity ForeverThe Ultimate Secret, Buried In The Human Genome, Will Change Our Very Understanding Of What It Means To Be Human For Peyton, Finding It May Come At An Incredible Price She Must Weigh The Lives Of Strangers Against Those She Loves Desmond Hughes And Her Mother With Time Running Out, Peyton Makes A Fateful Choice One That Can Never Be Undone This was an entertaining story, it keeps you hooked even with all the frustration that comes with not getting any answers.However, If you are waiting for a massive discovery for the grand finale, you will be dissapointed.