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Reread with my friends at For Love Of A Book I love this on Audio, not sure if I mentioned that before I just about can t stand anybeautiful book covers This book was magical Photo courtesy to creators on the photo Once upon a nightmare, a princess was born in the kingdom of perpetual daylight a fine boned babe who killed her queenly mother upon her entrance to the world Not everything is as it seems in this world God, how I loved it Lyra is different from all Vesper is different from all They must come together to bring their worlds together Sound familiar It s not like that for they both have blessings and curses in this strange land Lyra can draw anyone to her with her voice and she is beautiful but scary to those if they don t hear her voice She is moon touched She is so muchShe can bring the shadows and all the crawly things to her I won t say anythingthough Lyra is supposed to marry Vesper so they can unite the world and become Queen and King But alas, things go wrong Lyra must find her way with many different friends There is a most happy ending I think one of the best endings I, Me, Not You, have ever read Vesper has his own powers and hardships Oh how I loved these characters and this magically, weird world He tipped his head back and poured the essence of daylight and flowers into his mouth, gulping it down until his body went to flame and his mind went to ash Enjoy Mel MY BLOG REVIEWLook how beautiful it is in person A modern fairytale that is what this beautiful book is OMG I loved this book from the beautiful cover to the words inside It does start off slow, but if you keep with it you will be richly rewarded A.G Howard said she was inspired by the Princess and the Pea Believe me when I say this book is it s own story with different characters and beautiful world building To me it was a completely different tale Lyra is a wonderful girl who you are allowed to see develop and grow to an amazing young woman Vesper is a hot headed boy who see grow to maturity and use his hotheadedness in most satisfying ways I loved this book I know I will read this book again and most likely love it even . I ve loved every book from A.G Howard, and this one was just as gorgeous Beautiful writing and lush descriptions It honestly gave me Grimm Fairy Tales vibes except with a unique and new spin There were four main POVs and each one was intriguing Each character addeddepth to the story, giving it aroundabout tale Also, the sun and the moon theme was so utterly perfect and I loved, loved, loved the friendship, the journey, the romance, the emotions This is one retelling that I would be ecstatic to see as a film There was so much loveliness in the story that I d seriously love seeing it brought to life Can I just say that I want Lyra s eyelashes Once upon a nightmare, a princess was born in the kingdom of perpetual daylightStain was one of my most anticipated books soon as it was available to pre order I did not hesitate I was lucky enough that my pre order came earlier than expected and I m so glad Unlike the majority of fans of the author, I did not know the author for Splintered I was first introduced to her beautiful gothic romance new adult novel The Architect of Song I became a fan because it is very hard to find gothic romances in the new adult category.As a major fan of Fairytales, I waited anxiously to read Stain Surely the Princess and the Pea was never a favorite of mine, but Stain is also reminiscent of other tales there are some similarities with Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and perhaps even a little bit of Rapunzel The influence of certain movies like Labyrinth and Howl s moving castle is also present there The author delivers us a beautiful retelling, told in whimsical prose much very like an old fairy tale The first 150 pages are slow, and they work to introduce us to the wonderful world that A.G Howard built the magic system, the kingdoms, and characters After that, the story resumes a good pace and the second half of the book is utterly captivating.Stain tells us the story of Nerezeth Night Kingdom and Eldoria Day Kingdom Lyra is the princess of Eldoria and yet she possesses all features of the night folk and Vesper is the prince of Nerezeth and possesses all features of the day folk There is a curse ongoing like every fairy tale has and our heroine is the key to its end However, she goes through many trials until the end Supporting characters include evil aunt and cousins, a pegasus, a sylph, a witch and .Vesper is my new book boyfriend Of all characters I was fond of all and I would not mind a spin off or companion novel to this because 500 pages were not enough I loved the message that it portrays that we should be proud of our scars and that sometimes family comes in a different way we expected, that inner beauty is really important and that we should not be let ourselves be swayed by prejudice.In resume, I loved Stain I loved it so much that after reading the Hardback I just decided I d pre order the ebook too so I can re read it Because folks, the hardback edition is so precious with a lovely dust jacket cover and inner cover and thorny designs inside at the beginning of each chapter that made me swoon and a map , that now I ll go put it in a safe place in my shelves XDSo, if you enjoy slightly dark and unexpectedly sweet fairy tale retellings narrated in a classic way and you did not yet add this to your TBR shelf, please do It s lovely, it s lyrical and I ll be anxiously awaiting forgothic fantasies like this. Buddy Read with the ever wonderful MelissaI can t even begin to tell you how excited I was for this book This is the author that created one of my favorite book boyfriends, Morpheus, and she was promising me another gritty retelling I was expecting something dark and haunting from this book which, ultimately, I did not get.This book just fell flat There was not enough to it to get me interested or keep me invested in the story and that is with a book that is over 300 pages There were long wordy patches of prose that slowed the whole thing down and it was bulky to read.The plot line was not all that well developed either It was all there but it felt like everything was resolved too quickly The characters did not have the depth of personality that I wanted except for Luce and Scorch and even with those, I wanted .I think that is the source of all my frustration with this book I wantedfrom it More interest More conflict More depth It seems far too shallow to be marketed as something aimed at the YA genre It would have made a great middle grade book Everything ends up neatly wrapped up in a bow and as a middle schooler, I probably wouldn t have questioned it.Also, this book would make a fantastic Tim Burton film It has the macabre feel to it and he could do a great job with the plot But here is the thing If you don t have to cut much out of a book to fit it into a 2 to 3 hour run time, either the book is really short or there isn t much to it.I think the attitude is there The visuals are there But it was rushed in the end and it left me wanting so muchfrom it. To do review |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ Stain ♖ A High Fantasy Gothic Fairytale Inspired By Hans Christian Andersen S The Princess And The PeaOnce Upon A Nightmare, Her Fairy Tale BeginsAfter Lyra A Princess Incapable Of Speech Or Sound Is Cast Out Of Her Kingdom Of Daylight By Her Wicked Aunt, A Witch Saves Her Life, Steals Her Memories, And Raises Her In An Enchanted Forest Disguised As A Boy Known Only As Stain Meanwhile, In Lyra S Rival Kingdom, The Prince Of Thorns And Night Is Dying, And The Only Way For Him To Break His Curse Is To Wed The Princess Of Daylight, For She Is His True Equal As Lyra Rediscovers Her Identity, An Impostor Princess Prepares To Steal Her Betrothed Prince And Her Crown To Win Back Her Kingdom, Save The Prince, And Make Peace With The Land Of The Night, Lyra Must Be Loud Enough To Be Heard Without A Voice, And Strong Enough To Pass A Series Of Tests Ultimately Proving She S Everything A Traditional Princess Is Not this sounds dark as hell i want it. Readof my reviews at Cornerfolds.com It s no secret around my blog that A.G Howard is one of my absolute favorite authors I fell in love with the Splintered series in 2014 and have loved everything she has written since I also adore fairytale retellings When I heard about Stain, I knew there was a good chance it would be one of my top reads of 2019, and I m pretty sure I was right.This haunting story is about Lyra, princess of the kingdom of daylight, and Vesper, prince of the kingdom of night Each is a misfit in their own land, but are promised to each other in order to bring peace between the kingdoms Lyra cannot speak, but has the voice of a songbird, and cannot go in the sun without being burned, while Vesper has daylight in his blood After Lyra s father dies, her aunt schemes to take back the throne and casts Lyra into the Ashen Ravine, the place between the day and night kingdoms, where she s raised with no memory of her true identity.I loved Lyra so incredibly much Contrary to what you might think, Lyra is not a character who would feel a pea beneath a pile of mattresses She is strong and scarred and powerful This book begins with Lyra s childhood and I loved every minute spent with her, watching her grow into a strong woman willing to do anything to protect those she loved Then there s Vesper, the handsome, mysterious, swoon worthy prince of night and Lyra s betrothed Their romance is extremely slow burn, but oh so worth it in the end It easily could have fallen into instalove territory, but A.G Howard did an incredible job of making it work without that terrible trope.Of course there was a whole host of other fantastic characters Two of these are Crony and Luce, a witch and wingless, shape shifting sylph who raised Lyra for most of her childhood in the Ashen Ravine I enjoyed them both, especially Luce, who had such an interesting backstory and a sly, snarky personality But my favorite was Scorch, a fiery Pegasus and Lyra s unlikely friend in the Ashen Ravine Their friendship was possibly one of my all time favorites The villainous evil queen and her daughters were delightfully evil the exact kind that you cannot wait to see meet their demise While I absolutely fell in love with the characters, my favorite part of Stain was the world building This book is long and I can definitely understand why after encountering such an intricate, well written world The mythology was thoroughly fleshed out and made everything feel that muchreal I felt like I could picture it all in my head There were so many different creatures and magical details that all came together in a way that really worked The kingdom of night was definitely my favorite I would love to see some fanart of that stunning land of night and ice and thorns.A.G Howard really did an incredible job at creating a beautiful, gothic retelling that s an entirely new take on a classic The writing was lush and felt like a fairytale There were twists that I never saw coming and, although the beginning is a bit slow while detailing Lyra s childhood, I never became bored And, like any good fantasy book, this one has a wonderful, detailed map that I d love to have as a poster Stain was everything I was hoping it would be andThe world and characters were incredible, and very quickly fell in love with the beautiful writing Although this book does have a nicely wrapped up ending, I would definitely love to seestories written in this fantasy world If you re a fan of retellings or YA fantasy in general, you don t want to miss this book This book Castaway princess tries to reclaim her throne Me Oh lookanother YA fantasy book with the same overused trope No thanksss Also Me buys book anyway and then proceeds to read it.