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Doyle s job is awesome I m not a fan of shrinks, but Doyle could definitely change my mind He is a psychologist who finds a niche market for himself He is a one on one coach for actors and rock stars Specifically, to get them into clean up whilst still working and staying out of the media limelight I can not begin to fathom how difficult this must be Because most actors and rock stars are spoiled brats who need a good spanking Doyle definitely fits this job description because he is also a dominant He may use a few of his dom traits to bring wayward stars in line and back under control I have to admit, this is pretty darn sexy and I wouldn t mind a little one on one time with Doyle This book can be read as a standalone but it isfun if some of the earlier books in this series have been read, specifically ones where Tilly has a bigger part.Mevi Maynard is a rock star who is suicidal and an alcoholic This does not make for a good combination The problem for Mevi isn t just the fact that his manager stole all his money It is the fact that he is a closet gay man He hasn t even told his closest friends, his bandmates, that he is gay All his little groupie females he s been with think he is an awesome lover because he pleasures them and then makes a quick getaway When Mevi is taken in hand by Doyle, he acts out and sulks When Doyle uses his domly voice to bring Mevi to heel, it is a pleasure to watch Through patience, Doyle coaxes out Mevi s dark secret and shows him how it is okay It is not the end of the world When Mevi finally lets out his secret, there is a bit of falling out that could completely break up the band.Whilst Mevi is sobering up and learning he s a submissive to Doyle s dominance, there are other games afoot Specifically a backup guitarist brought in by another band member The plots against Mevi are heinous and only through Doyle s protective actions is Mevi saved This tale goes through ups and downs through complications that are not all of Mevi s doing Through all of it, the kinky D s is spot on and panty wetting goodness When Mevi and Doyle finally get back together, it is sweet and the happily ever we wanted to see This kinky romance is recommended to m m readers who love their happy endings. [[ KINDLE ]] ⇨ Time Out of Mind (Suncoast Society, #43) ⇥ A Suncoast Society Series Book Siren Sensations ManLove Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M M, Bondage, Sex Toys, Spanking, HEA Doyle Turner S A Psychologist Specializing In Addiction Recovery And Is Also A Professional Sober Companion He S Also A Recovering Alcoholic With Over Twenty Years Of Sobriety Under His Belt And He S A Dom In His Personal Life, Which He Hasn T Had Much Of Lately Mevi Maynard Not Only Tests Doyle S Infinite Patience, The Handsome Rock Star Is Testing His Self Control, Too Mevi Maynard S Rock Bottom Crash Follows The Discovery That His Manager Stole His Fortune Now, Mevi S Fresh Out Of Rehab But If He Doesn T Want To File Bankruptcy, He Has To Stay Sober For The New Tour, Or He S Out Of The Band But What He Can T Admit To Doyle And Has Never Admitted To Anyone Is That He S Gay One Patient Dom One Stubborn Rock Star Both Are Really Stupid Men, According To Their Friend, Tilly Can She Help The Men Get Out Of Their Own Way And See The Light, And Their Love For Each Other, Before It S Too Late A Siren Erotic RomanceThe Other Books In The Suncoast Series Are Standalone Works, But Are Best Read In The Following Order To Reduce Spoilers Safe Harbor Cardinal S Rule Domme By Default The Reluctant Dom The Denim Dom Pinch Me Broken Toy A Clean Sweep A Roll Of The Dice His Canvas A Lovely Shade Of Ouch Crafty Bastards A Merry Little Kinkmas Sapiosexual A Very Kinky Valentine S Day Things Made Right Click Spank Or Treat A Turn Of The Screwed Chains Kinko De Mayo Broken Arrow Out Of The Spotlight Friends Like These Vicious Carousel Hot Sauce Open Doors One Ring Vulnerable The Strength Of The Pack Initiative Impact Liability Switchy Rhymes With Orange Beware Falling Ice Beware Falling Rocks Dangerous Curves Ahead Two Against Nature Home At Last A Kinkmas Carol Ask DNA Time Out Of Mind Happy Valenkink S Day Splendid Isolation Similar To Rain Happy Spank Patrick S Day ComingFire In The Hole ComingPretzel Logic ComingThis Moody Bastard Coming This was a very nice MM romance story with good character background I really enjoyed the sex and play scenes ButI didn t fall in love with Mevi Mevi was so fearfully in the closet that he was unable to comprehend how much he hurt Bonnie when he manipulated her as his beard for many years Also, as an alcoholic, he never understood how cruel he had been taking his anger out on her during his bouts of drunkenness Doyle should have gotten to the root of all of the reasons why Mevi had been drinking and included his fear of being homosexual in his psychological therapy And just like the alcoholism, Doyle was an excellent person to do that since he was bisexual himself and had overcome his own sexuality issues This book can be read stand alone. Well, I should probably givethan 2.5 to that book because it s relatively weel written and all, but definitely not my type.It hase been read for the not comfort challenge, and it was clearly out of my zone.But honestly, even if this is not my genre essentially the end of the book, beacause I can admit I have kind of enjoyed maybe the firsts 60% of the book , it s not as bad as I was expected.Thanks for the discover This is a great addition to a fabulous series Doyle is a sober companion, Mevi is a rock star who has been self medicating with alcohol for years Brought together by Tilly, my favorite character in the series, the two men take a road trip from California to Florida so that Mevi can begin his recovery without the glare of the spotlight Together, as Mevi faces who he is and Doyle reclaims a part of himself he left behind, the two of them may find something they never expected For maximum enjoyment, this series should be read in order but this is a stand alone book Tilly has some fun in this book which was a joy to read Rock star Mevi not being able to be real and then gets scammed by his accountant He was spiraling But leave it to Tilly to find a way to help Doyle happens to be professional sober companion and Tilly reaches out Life is tough and throws us all around until we find where we are supposed to be Not without a few bumps here and there This story of two men finding their place in the world together is a reminder to never give up. Time Out of Mind is the 43rd book in Tymber Dalton s Suncoast Society BDSM series But if you haven t read the previous books, each book in the series is a standalone novel You ll understand the backstories of the characters involved better if you read them in order but it s not totally necessary There s a listing of the entire series, in order, at the beginning of every Suncoast Society book.Time Out of Mind is the story of Doyle Turner and Malcolm Levi Mevi Maynard Doyle s a recovering alcoholic, over 20 years sober and a professional sober companion to some of the world s most famous people He s also a Dominant in every sense of the word While his dominance is enormously helpful in controlling some of his less than cooperative clients, it doesn t do much for his personal life Actually, lately he s been asking himself, What personal life He misses the BDSM Dominant submissive play dynamic But he s focused on his work, from California all over the world at literally a moment s notice He s a long way from his beloved Florida He has few friends, a demanding job, no personal life Despite appearances, Doyle is a very lonely man.Malcolm Levi Mevi Maynard is the lead singer, guitarist and award winning songwriter of Portnoy s Oyster, one of the hottest bands out there But Mevi hasthan a few problems He s an alcoholic fresh out of rehab and three months to get his act together before an international tour His band won t take him back unless he can prove he s sober To add insult to injury, Mevi s almost bankrupt His previous manager s in jail for fraud after ripping him off for nearly everything he owns He NEEDS this tour for the money, his own sanity and to restore the faith and trust he s broken with his friends bandmates He desperately needs help Oh, and Mevi s gay and NO ONE knows it.Doyle and Mevi meet through Doyle s friends from Florida, now living in California part time due to business interests The job is a hard sell for Doyle It means spending three months with Mevi in seclusion, getting him ready for the tour, keeping him sober Then he ll be spending months with the band while they re on tour And although Doyle has a hard and fast rule about not getting involved with clients, there s an immediate, deep attraction between the two men from the moment they meet Doyle lays down the rules Mevi agrees So they re off to Florida for the next three monthsEven though Mevi knows Doyle s no relationship with client rules, he s never been attracted to anyone as he s attracted to Doyle Doyle doesn t need complications but he s just as captivated by Mevi What does he do It s been so long since he s been with anyone One thing Doyle does know is that Mevi spends too much time time alone in his head, one reason Mevi turned to alcohol Focusing on his music pulls Mevi out of his head while he s writing and playing but that only takes up so much of Mevi s time What can Doyle do to keep Mevi out of his addictive headspace and in the present Mevi has no idea that Doyle s bisexual He just knows he wants Doyle More importantly, Mevi has absolutely NO clue about Doyle s kinky side, that he s a Dominant There s so much to keep the two men apart Can they run the gauntlet of obstacles in front of them There are challenges they can t even begin to imagine facing them Mevi s fame, his financial problems, his alcoholism, Doyle s secretscan they survive even those challenges And if they do, what about the future There are other players in the game that haven t made themselves known yet that could blow up not just Doyle s and Mevi s futures but the entire band s as well.As always, Ms Dalton takes the reader along on Doyle s and Mevi s journey as they navigate the often painful self discovery involved in regaining sobriety and maintaining it, as well as the ups, downs, ins and outs of a new friendship, business relationship and maybe somethingThe thrilling discoveries, sometimes painful, often emotionally draining process of each man finding his own identity and place in their multi faceted relationship, is never dull The action is fast paced and constant Is it possible for the men to build trust with each other, much less for Mevi to rebuild the broken friendship and trust with his band What of the unknown factors no one is prepared to deal with Where will Doyle and Mevi end up Will the band survive Can Mevi find the courage to admit he s gay, not just to his friends and bandmates, but to the rest of the world In the end, can Doyle bring Mevi the peace, the ability to spend time out of his mind As an active participant in the BDSM lifestyle for many years, the details and knowledge of that lifestyle Ms Dalton portrays in her novels are incredibly accurate But, for me, personally, it s not just the BDSM itself that makes me love Ms Dalton s stories She s one of the very few authors I ve found who has the ability to create authentic, credible characters the reader can relate to in a very personal way All the characters are completely believable You re swept along with them as the relationships develop and grow as the story progresses I always feel like I m actually living in the story with the characters I know from the second I pick up a Tymber Dalton novel I won t put it down until I ve finished Doyle s and Mevi s story was so engrossing that everything else faded away while I was reading it Ms Dalton s skill as an author is unparalleled The entire Suncoast Society series is phenomenal Time Out of Mind is yet another amazing addition to this series.One final comment This is an ADULT book It contains BDSM themes, explicit language and sexual scenes If you don t enjoy erotic romance with sexual BDSM scenes and explicit language, PLEASE think hard before buying any book you know you won t enjoy There s always a book synopsis on any bookseller s website, as well as reviews available on Goodreads and numerous booksellers websites PLEASE use these resources so you re sure the book you re buying is what you want to read DON T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON T ENJOY THE BOOK IT S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR She works extremely hard to provide quality work If you know before you buy any book you ll object to the subject matter, you re doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice But if you do enjoy hot, erotic BDSM romances, I highly recommend Time Out of Mind It s an amazing novel and you ll love it Thanks for reading my review and happy reading Love Time Out of MindLoved this story about how fear is really a way to make you do stupid things and how love can make you release that fear which is exactly what Doyle did for Mevi I loved how Tilly helped both of them. Awww What an awesome story Trust, communication, being human, a couple in love and true friendship How powerful Okay first I want to say I love the idea of Eeyore PJ s since I have an Eeyore blanket I have to say that I love the role that Tilly gets to play in this Suncoast Society installment Doyle is caught off guard by his own strong feelings but makes sure that he does his best to be above board We also get to see that being the Dom doesn t mean you can t make really big mistakes Mal is strong enough to make the decision to stay sober, to go for what he wants, to stand up for himself and others, to stay sober when things go wrong and to be forgiving I love that both me are allowed to show well rounded characters.