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!FREE ☤ Tangents ☹ Multi Award Winning Author Greg Bear Established Himself As The Most Ambitious Imaginative Of The Potential Successors To Arthur C Clarke With His Bestselling Space Operas Eon Eternity Tangents Is His St Collection Of Short Stories Includes Two Tales That Won Both Hugo Nebula Awards Tangents A Remarkable Account Of Contact With Beings From Another Dimension, The Original Short Version Of His Blood MusicBlood Music Later Expanded Into Novel Blood Music Sleepside Story Webster A Martian Ricorso Dead Run Schr Dinger S Plague Through Road No Whither Tangents Sisters The Machineries Of Joy This is my first contact with Greg Bear s work, and unfortunately this is the very definition of a mixed bag To be truthful, there are only two really good stories among the nine here in the form of Blood Music which won various awards and Dead Run which did not but it darn well should have Tangents which is the other award winner I suspect only won the award because of its underlying subject matter Other stories like Sleepside Story and Sisters range from confusing to incomplete to WTF in some cases Also, this book one would think would be all Sci Fi due to the cover and what Mr Bear is known for but only Blood Music, Tangents, and Sisters really fall into that category I blame the publisher on that one though I would even say hardcore Greg Bear fans might only want this collection of short stories to complete their collection for its doubtful they will ever come back to it Finally, I did want to say for those who are only reading the award winners and interesting stories I have outlined here might also want to take a look at Machineries of Joy It is a non fiction piece at the end of the book that is about computer graphics from the 80 s with a tiny fiction piece at the end As the author even mentions it seems dated now, but there are some interesting ideas that can sound an awful lot like 3d and VR technologies today. Tres estrellas y media Pero lo que le bajo la media estrella a este libro no fueron las historias si no el audiolibro Estuvo malona la narraci n y que no haya diferencia entre historia e historia est gacho pareciera que solo lee otro enunciado y pum se inicia de nuevo ESO S BLOOD MUSIC MI AMOR MUA MUA MUA y greg bear mi amor y ahora un gif de ciencia ficci n This review is just my personal Notes..From Notes SF books Audiobook iBooks version Tangents 00 00 00 08 52 08BLOOD MUSIC later expanded into novel Blood Music 00 00 01 07 40 Len 1 07 40 Scary tale of bioengineering gone wrong 90%SLEEPSIDE STORY 01 07 40 02 58 00 Length 01 50 20 Districts Sunside, Cokeside, Sleepside, Snowslide meet uptown 60%WEBSTER 02 58 00 03 35 30 Length 00 37 30 man made from words 70%A MARTIAN RICORSO 03 35 30 04 20 36 Length 00 44 24 visit to mars 95% DEAD RUN 04 20 37 05 30 36 Length 01 09 41 Trucker of souls discovers corruption in afterlife sorting 95% SCHR DINGER S PLAGUE 05 30 36 05 50 36 Length 00 20 00 Mad physicist threatens humanity with a 98% lethal virus Release depends on quantum waveform collapse triggered by you observing this tale 40%THROUGH ROAD NO WHITHER 05 50 36 06 04 10 Length 00 13 34 Lost in France a Nazi abuses an old crone in an alt 1984 Oblivious, he s sent back to 1944 , his fathers time , into a Spitfire s sights 75% TANGENTS 06 04 10 06 45 00 Length 00 40 50 Excellent story about a boy who sees in higher spatial dimensions 95%SISTERS 06 45 00 08 10 05 Length 01 24 05 A relatively ugly 15 year old schoolgirl struggles with being uniquely different She was not genetically designed for beauty, health and IQ, so she s the only natural female teen in her 2070 class To be overcritical it overran after thalidomide analogy was revealed but still gets 90%THE MACHINERIES OF JOY 08 10 05 08 51 42 Length 00 41 37 Quite prophetic from a 2017 to 1984 perspective Documentary about history of computer graphics, how Cray 1 2 was used to create The Last Starfighter , mentions Voyager animation in 1984 Paul Alan Newell animated Esher inspired tessellated designs See 80%END BLURB 08 51 42 08 52 08 Length 00 00 26 Audible Frontiers 1989Audible Inc 2012 Author Greg Bear 1989 Well Narrated by Teres Plummer and Brennan Taylor I liked what little of Greg Bear s writing I had encountered before, but this is an extremely strong collection of stories Sleepside Story is one of those legendary short stories that will stay with you for a long time, like Replacements by Lisa Tuttle, or Pop Art by Joe Hill This was a pleasant surprise for a 2 impulse buy at the bookstore, don t pass this up I feel that this collection is quite underrated I enjoyed most of the stories and REALLY enjoyed a few of them There was one dud, Websters , that I didn t particularly care for, but overall it was an exceptional, cohesive collection that I return to frequently, especially for such classics as Blood Music or Tangents or Schrodinger s Plague My favorite story was Blood Music , and a close second would be Schrodinger s Plague a very short, scientifically funny piece about quantum physics.Overall, highly recommended. Okay book Some of the short stories have interesting premises but mostly aren t developed enough I ve read full length books by Greg Bear so I know he can create characters to get invested in He just doesn t do it here, perhaps due to lack of time. Good selection of Bear short stories by Greg Bear, published in 1989.This is a collection of short stories by Greg Bear, and they are not just Science Fiction though looking at the cover art, I thought that was what I was in for.And gladly, I was not The tales contained in this collection are quite different and thoughtful It s easy to see why Greg Bear is a multiple Nebula and Hugo winner Blood Music is a very neat look at one reason we may be alone in the universe Sleepside Story reminded me of Dickens and Poe and I m not quite sure what else Pretty creepy tale set all mythological like Effective, if strange Webster was a weird fantasy tale notice a not just Science Fiction trend here and I read as a person was created from a dictionary I kid you not A Martian Ricorso was a true to form Science Fiction but it was bent all to hell as well Dead Run , and speaking of hell Ever want to drive trucks filled with the dead going there Yup, that is what this tale is all about My favourite of the collection Very odd but enjoyable.Several other tales make up the rest of this collection which, in my estimation, is worth picking up if you can still find it.Like I said earlier, it is not wonder Greg has won so many awards But not only are his ideas odd, but the stories themselves are well executed He is a good writer.I ve read a few novels from Greg Bear, but not in a long time I think maybe it s time to go blow the dust off of some of them on my shelf and give him another go. There s one simple instruction for the person who imagines she might want to be a writer read Marilynn Robinson said it Steven King said it I m saying it too Are there other careers like that Probably Do you want to be a famous composer Listen Do you want to be a painter Learn to see Do you want to be a writer Read.This means it s going to be important what books are on your shelves, particularly what books are on your to read shelf I know some writers collect books impulsively, simply for the love of books, and they live in wonderful houses bricked up with shelves of books they have no intention of ever reading or that they imagine they one day might get around to reading There is a certain freedom of genius there I m far too rigid for something like that though The books on my diminutive to read shelf I have every intention of some day reading Otherwise why would they be sitting there It s not a very big shelf My house isn t big enough or at least lacks the shelving for the other sort of approach Which means that when I wander into a huge annual used book sale in the basement of the public library of my home town and can come home with a large bag of books for something like three dollars total, I have to be very careful I pick I chose I collect a large pile of titles that catch my eye, and then I whittle it down to half that.What do I want to read that might conceivably help me improve my craft Someone who had donated to this particular book sale had a collection of book club editions of important science fiction authors most interestingly, anthologies of short stories, including several authors I ve been meaning to explore Phillip Jose Farmer, Samuel Delany, Fritz Leiber And this one, a slim volume of eight or nine of Greg Bear s short fiction.I was ill when I was reading most of it, recovering from a stomach flu I m glad I had already gotten through the first part of the work when the bug hit, otherwise reading the first story in the volume, Blood Music, might have hit too close to home a scientist engineers super intelligent microbes based on his own cellular structure, and then introduces him into his bloodstream What happens when a human becomes host to trillions of intelligent beings, when he becomes a galaxy unto himself What if the galaxy were alive, and we were spreading to fill it, learning to communicate with it What would it mean when it was time to start colonizing others I saw glimmers of some of the darker bits of Leviathan s Wake and its proto molecule here.But Bear can also do quite excellent literary fantasy, as the second work a novella, really in the volume shows I had an interesting experience sitting in my yard this was also before the stomach bug , distracted, trying to read, when one of my older sons stopped in his bike riding abruptly to ask me about the book What s it about It s a book of stories About what And I remember doing the exact same thing to my dad when I was a kid and he was reading some random scifi anthology and then being fascinated with the ideas that unfolded in each summary he gave But I wonder now how distracted he was in the telling and how many details he had to gloss over, as I did explaining Sleepside Story, which is about a young man who has to go live in a witch s house Bear here has created a gritty, magical precursor to Mieville s New Crobuzon in which a boy is traded as a servant into a haunted, enchanted brothel The details and dreamlike quality of the story are in wonderful contrast to the exacting concepts of Bear s hard science fiction though the language remains sharp in this piece as well focusing on certain surreal details with almost scientific exactitude Even haunting than the setting though are the ideas of what it means to be a prostitute, even a very good one, and what kind of love might it take to free someone of the bonds of the past.Each piece in this collection is excellent, with the most famous being Bear s award winning short story about an Alan Turing like character who fled Britain secretly instead of undergoing hormone treatment for his homosexuality and his unlikely friendship with a young boy who can see in the fourth dimension I had read this story before, but this time and maybe because I was ill and running on very little sleep I wept like a baby when I finished it.If I was thoughtful I d end this review by tying it back to the beginning and noting some of the things that Bear teaches about the craft of writing through this collection I d talk maybe about the way he plays with hard science in his piece on a surprisingly inhabited Mars, A Martian Ricorso, or the terrifying implications of quantum mechanics in Schrodinger s Plague or something about the way he creates characters who feel true to life even in Hell in Dead Run or in the near future Sisters But that would be too much work, and beside the point if the point is simply to be absorbing good fiction Because in this respect, Bear s short stories are an ideal place to begin.