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I have read all Mike Dellosso s books but didn t read this one because the price was prohibitive Fortunately, a friend allowed me to read her copy I am very glad she did The synopsis on the back cover was enough to draw me into the story I had goose bumps all over my arms during the reading of this book It is very well written and with a basis in the book of Genesis regarding the sons of God coming down to mate with the daughters of men.The book begins with a man, worn in spirit and body, thinking back on what had happened in his small town, and wishing he never will see anything like this again This was such a good book, evil versus good, and the extent the enemy of our souls will go to in order to prevent the Gospel message.This was in the same vein as Frank Peretti s Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness I loved it If the price ever goes down or if it goes into another printing, I m snagging a copy for my own book shelves. This was very good and intriguing It was written in a way that reminded me of a Frank Peretti novel He s one of my favorites, so that is high praise [ READ EPUB ] ⚇ Sons of God ☪ When Strange Things Begin Happening At Grace Bible Church In Forest Ridge, Pennsylvania, Pastor Scott Davies Begins To Investigate Battling Struggles From His Past And A Relentless Drive To Solve The Mystery Behind The Spiritual Darkness That Has Befallen His Usually Quiet Town, Scott Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Devious Plan Spawned Millenniums Ago An Ancient Sin Has Once Again Been Committed And The Perverse Consequence Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Scott And Three Young Women Who Are Hopelessly Caught In Its Dark Web In The End, Scott Finds Himself In A Final Showdown With Evil, And The Outcome Will Determine The Course Of All Mankind