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This is a very insightful book, organized as tips in different categories The titles I related most based on my experience as both an employee and a manager were 1 The Truth about Hiring Forget traits its behavior that counts When in doubt, hire conscientious people2 The Truth about Motivation Telling employees to do their best isn t likely to achieve their best Not everyone wants to participate in setting their goals When giving feedback criticize behaviour, not people You get what you reward It s all relative3 The Truth about Communication Choose the right communication channel Men and women do communicate differently4 The Truth about Building Teams One bad apple spoils the barrel5 The Truth about Performance Evaluation Don t blame me The role of self serving bias.6 In final thoughts People aren t completely rational don t ignore emotions Employee turnover can be a good thing Especially the part that explained men and women do communicate differently was enlightening for me, and clued me in why certain things happen that way The book says men talk to emphasize status, while women talk to create connection Women tend to be less boastful than men, which might be misinterpreted as being less confident and competent than they really are Women apologize , but this is not a sign of weakness They do not do it to accept the blame, they do it to level with the person, because it is a sign of understanding and caring rather than an apology Although I lived through these experiences, when put so bluntly,things started to make sense I recommend to his book to all people that see themselves as managers I think it contains a Aha I never thought of it this way moment for all. Its not as bad as I thought Does gives some good insight and ideas about how to manage and lead Though not a fast read unless you can trek through stuff that doesn t grip you. This book is interesting because it provides ways to handle different situations in management I see it as a guidebook that you could pull out an glance at when needed Lastly I liked the format in which the information is presented, in truths. short references on single issues that do not really correlate with each other.so they can be read separately and non sequentially, depending upon which issue you are currently interested in or experiencing yourself.some of them are new for me, but some are kind of obvious though. 35 53. Concise and very well sorted book on organizational behaviour. Sometime we need a buddy to tell you how things are done in the business world I think this book serves such goal Simple Direct Entertaining Enjoy your read I have supervised people in some capacity in my professional life for about 7 years now Early on, when I was put into a role that involved supervising 2 3 people, I learned that managing people can be challenging Over the years, as that number has grown, I have learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to working with a variety of different personalities and skill sets This book is a great resource for any manager, whether brand new or a veteran Robbins discusses every aspect of management from the initial interview what type of person to look for and hire to motivating workers, team building, communication, how organizations deal with change, etc I learned new things about myself and about people in general that will help me in my role as a supervisor I took notes furiously as I was reading and there are many great quotes I could share, but I want to share one particular quote that absolutely blew me away What percentage of rank and file workers actually desire higher order need satisfactions and will respond positively to challenging jobs No current data is available, but a study from the 1970s estimated the figure at about 15 percent.Robbins, Stephen P 2007 09 20 Truth About Managing People, The 2nd Edition p 166 Pearson Education US Kindle Edition If you are a manager, you are likely part of that 15%, so don t treat your role lightly Embrace the challenge and learn how to hire, motivate and work with your employees for the greatest outcome for your company organization. {READ E-PUB} Ø The Truth About Managing People...And Nothing But the Truth Ø This Isn T Just Someone S Opinion It S The First, Definitive, Evidence Based Guide To Effective Management In The Truth About Managing Peopleand Nothing But The Truth, Robbins Delivers Principles You Can Rely On Throughout Your Entire Management Career Regardless Of Your Organization, Role Or Title This Is A Management Book That Cuts Through The Soft Opinion And Conjecture Books That Have Dominated The Business Shelves In Recent Years And Shows What Management Researchers Know Actually Works, Or Doesn T Work, When It Comes To Managing People Drawing On The Author S Years Of Research And Textbook Writing Experience, Robbins Has Distilled The Results Of Thousands Of Research Studies On Human Behavior Into Over Proven Truths That Can Transform How You Manage People And The Results That Are Achieved The Author Provides Guidance To You Organized Around Key, Human Behavior Related Problem Areas That Managers Face Hiring, Motivation, Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Conflict Management, Job Design, Evaluating Performance And Coping With Change , Along With Guidance To Help You Apply The Information And Improve Your Managerial Effectiveness Stephen P Robbins lays it all out in this latest version of his book The Truth About Managing People He provides a blueprint for management, that if followed, can pull you out of many a bind From tips on how to spot the right candidates at time of hire to advice on how to connect with those you already manage, his truths are sometimes common sense and sometimes a new way to approach an old problem They all add up to a very comprehensive look at the challenges you face when managing people and a guide to overcoming those challenges.I have been supervising people for a few years now, and aspire to management, and found the information presented in this book to be useful both for my current position and for my future goals I like the way the content is organized and it flows well as you move from one topic to the next There are plenty of real world examples fed to the reader throughout the text which make it easy to see how these principles can be applied, or what the results are when they are not The ending could be improved on, as I felt it was just one truth rather than a true summary of the book as a whole I can see myself referring back to this book in the future.