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@Read Book Õ Blame It on Chocolate õ Lucy Fitzhenry Didn T Just Wake Up One Morning And Decide To Do Something Stupid But When An Experimental Strain Of Chocolate That She D Developed Needed Testing, Someone Had To Do It Who Knew That Overindulging In Her Creation Would Turn An Introverted Plant Lover Into A Wild Nymphomaniac Or That A Celebration With Nick, Her Boss, Would Lead To A Shocking Kiss And A Whole LotShe Blamed It On The Chocolate Her New Discovery Was Supposed To Have Made Her Career Not Turn Her Practical, Logical, Normal Life Upside Down And Get Her Pregnant With Her Boss S Baby Though She And Nick Butted Heads At Work, If Their One Night Together Was Any Indication, They Were A Great Match In Bed With A Little Luck And Chocolate Maybe They Could Turn Their One Night Stand Into The Chance Of A Lifetime I picked this book as I knew it would be good for an easy read Lucy is a young woman who loves her job as she works with chocolate One fateful night Lucy sleeps with her boss Nick which results in a pregnancy If you are wanting a good romance then i would seriously recommend this book. This one had so much wasted potential when it came to the romance but sadly it never really took off and we didn t get to see the h H on page as a couple at all Heroine works for the hero s family s company and although I didn t doubt the feelings these two had for each other I really wish we had seen them as a couple instead what we get, is learning heroine is preggers after a crazy encounter weeks ago and the hero trying to do the right thing, smoothing things over for the heroine at work, at home Then of course realising he is crazy for her but doing nothing for it JG heroes normally chase their heroines sadly not in this one. I picked this book up because, as a serious chocoholic and chocolate snob, the title appealed to me What unfolded was a story that came closer to being truly about love than just about any romance I ve read So often, the romance genre seems to confuse love and lust, often to a criminal degree They forget that at its heart, love is a verb It takes hard work People don t just float in a state of love, they have to actively love the other person That s exactly what happened in this novel Oh, there s physical attraction I mean, it begins with a pregnancy thanks to one crazy night of passion The night of the chocolate But ultimately what brought these two together, despite their surface differences, was that they each wanted to make the other happy than anything else in the world The only real problem with this book is that I am now seriously craving chocolate. This book started well It had potential However, the will they won t they got old very quickly The misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two main characters hit ridiculous levels, and several subplots were just dropped, rather than fleshed out There were some good character setups and good conflicts here, and then the threads were just lost, much to my disappointment The book would have been better served by having the two main characters get together sooner and then work through the other issues with other side characters The rather than the miraculous happily ever after that affected not only the main couple, but also the others in their orbit I know these chick lit romances are fluff, and I read them for that reason Sometimes I need a brain break But this was so fluffy and light that it floated away.