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This story is such a wonderful journey for all three men involved Justin has gone through so much in his life and much he believed was true got all turned around Glen and Wade are used to playing with a third but never thought about a permanent relationship But these men seem to connect at the right time in all of their lives and what starts off first as mentoring quickly moves on toStill we see everyone guarding their hearts and taking care It was great to see such strong and caring men find a way to be truly honest with each other and to explore and meet each others needs. I so love this series, pure escapism that allows the reader to pop in and out of the series and the blurb will grab you.And wow did the blurb for Dangerous Curves Ahead grab me Though I am reader who enjoys reading menage, it is rare for me to dive into a m m m menage Well I am so glad I read this one because the blurb really intrigued me.Dr Justin Rede visited Florida or rather had his hand twisted by his sister Rachel to visit her with the intention of getting Justin to stay in Florida forever The backstory for these siblings is heart pulling.I adored how Rachel wanted her brother to meet experienced Doms, Wade and Glen Oh pause backwards I was so happy the reader got a nice look at Wade and Glen alone and saw history of their marriage and play In the end it is a lot of why the reader understands that Justin is different for them.OMG I may be all over the place Wade and Glen are grown men, men who take great care of Justin men who know they want him but who work hard to control their sexual urges to ensure they develop a deep bond with Justin.Oh, no worries you do get sex and a lot of it is in many various forms but the sex is layered with emotions and connection The sex develops in a way that you know Wade and Glen are the experienced Doms they are presented as Justin s needs come first and in the end how Wade and Glen make this as official as they can given the circumstances touched my heart Ms Dalton truly has me believing that Wade, Glen AND Justin are meant to be together, in the end they each provide the other with something in the relationship, the three of them in this relationship is their forever happy Holy hotness I m not sure what all I can say other then holy hotness Tymber brings you in You are part of the story Just hotness I really liked this Wade and Glen are both Doms and happily married who ocasionally take a 3rd for a play partner Justin is a younger guy, recently graduated and recently out as gay He meets the married couple through his sister and they take him on as a submissive to help him explore BDSM and his sexuality I m not always a fan of MMM but this threesome really worked for me and I liked the balance of BDSM vanilla in their relationship and daily lives.These 3 were so hot together..the bdsm and sex scenes are steamy I couldn t put this book down I loved all the characters in the book and will definitely read again Overall this was a HOT read, with lots of sex and a good love story Easy read and not much angst. This is another installment of the Suncoast Society and is entertaining I read this, Beware Falling Ice, and Beware Falling Rocks over a weekend They are all inter related stories and I enjoyed them all Tymber Dalton is a one click author for me I especially liked how the men finally fell for each other I only hope that as young as Dr Rede is, he is able to stay happy in the relationship. As most of you know, I m not a huge fan of M M fiction I won t usually actively seek it out unless there is an F in the MM somewhere, like MFM or MMF, but there are circumstances I will read it This is one of them I just happen to prefer stories that I can personally identify with This all being said, Tymber is one of about 5 authors I ll head this route for.I m glad I did As always, the Suncoast family failed to disappoint It was like coming home again to see the family, because being on book 38, they all definitely feel like family The characters are so well developed that they could be your neighbor, friend, brother, sister ect I m sure I ve said before, it s like looking at a slice of life.Usually, the older man men, younger man scenario is creepy Tymber does this just right, Justin isn t a very young kid, and the guys, Glen and Wade are in their mid forties that s NOT old It s fun to watch them meet, go through that early phase and show Justin around Venture, then work up to the first time they get really hot and heavy together in the pool.There s also lot s and lot s of sex Be warned It was though, a great book for me otherwise, as are all of the other Suncoast books.This gets 5 big, elephant plug Orgasms The third in the South Dakota trilogy set within the Suncoast Society series Wade and Glen are older and recently married and both Doms Oh and both sadists Justin is younger, recently out of the closet and really new to BDSM This makes a odd trio, but it works The story is well written and easily understood each character s feelings Welcome to the Suncoast family Where everyone is welcome. Another good book in an amazing series This is the end of a 3 book arc within the series This tells Justin s story with Wade and Glen whom he met after visiting Florida to see his sister This is an M M M romance which I enjoy This can be read as a stand alone but isenjoyable is you have at least read at least the previous two books in the series. This is the third book in the loose three book arc This can be read as a standalone but better when read after Beware of Falling Ice and Beware of Falling Rock.After a couple of M f maledom kink, it is nice to return to some kinky m m erotica Even better, it is a threesome triple the fun Justin Rede is Rachel s brother who just graduated from college in the book, Beware of Falling Ice Eager to escape his oppressive relatives and be closer with his sister, Justin takes a little vacation to Florida Florida is very different than theconservative South Dakota and Justin finally feels like he fits in Even if he blended in with his relatives, he kept his true self hidden his kinky homosexual self.This sexual awakening and coming of age tale is sweet and erotically hawt Justin learning at the hands of experienced dominants, Wade and Glen, is a fantasy come true It is delicious and smoking hawt The BDSM scenes between the three men definitely kick up the heat What turns out to be some fun ends up beingThis tale provides a nice closure as Ms Dalton closes the circle with Justin s happily ever after It isn t all rose as Ms Dalton enjoys throwing obstacles in the path of new lovers I like when she does this because it makes the love feelearned As in the characters are invested in this relationship and put effort in to make it work Nothing is ever easy for Ms Dalton s characters.From a character perspective, Wade, Glen and Justin are all nice guys Wade and Glen may be sadists in the sack, but they are like cuddle bunnies in bed I like this contrast and makes their kink scenes that much hotter for me This erotic romance is recommended for m m m nage lovers who enjoy kinky alpha men. `Read ⇜ Dangerous Curves Ahead (Suncoast Society, #38) ⇱ Suncoast Society Series Book , MMM, BDSM Dr Justin Rede Has Just Graduated College And Just Come Out Of The Closet During A Trip To Florida To Visit His Sister, Rachel, And Her Fianc , Andrew, They Introduce Justin To Their Kinky Friends In Hopes They Can Help Talk Justin Into Moving From South Dakota To Sunny SarasotaIncluding Hunky Older, Experienced Doms, Wade And GlenWade And Glen Are Newly Married Since The Marriage Ban Fell, But Have Been Together For Years Sure They Ve Played With Thirds Before, In The Dungeon As Well As In Their Bed But Their Standing Rule Has Always Been It S Just For Fun, Not For Love Until They Meet JustinNow The Two Sadistic Doms Realize Something S Happened They Never Expected They Ve Lost Their Hearts To Justin But Can They Convince Him They Ve Changed Their Minds And Want Him For Life Before Someone Else Comes In And Scoops Their Perfect Subby Unicorn Right Out From Under Them