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~EBOOK ♼ Home for Christmas ☹ Most Men Have Nine Months To Prepare To Be A Father Not Beau Stanton Still, He S Determined To Be A Great Dad To The Fourteen Year Old Problem Child Who Shows Up On His Doorstep And That Means The End To His Days As A Footloose Bachelor That S Not Difficult Until He Meets Nancy McGuireNancy Has Her Own Problems She S A Single Mom Who Doesn T Need A Man Like Thrice Divorced Beau She S Been There, Done That And Got The T Shirt No Need To RepeatAs The Season Of Goodwill Toward Men Approaches, These Two Families Of Two Are Thrown Together Hard To Believe, Though, That In This Case Two And Two Can Ever Make Four Once we have a story set around Christmas but it really could have been anytime of the year The story opens with the tale of how and why the female lead character has come to this town She has joined a group to meet people and get some help with raising her adopted daughter a toddler Here we meet the male lead character a 3 time marriage loser who has been given the responsibility of raising his teenage daughter There s lots going on to keep the reader s attention. First book I ve read by this author,and will be reading from her.I found this story very heart warming.And anybody that has read any of my reviews knows I love christmas stories.The people in the story were believable,and I d like to see stories like these.I am looking foward to the next book by Carrie Weaver that I come across 4 Stars Nancy hopes the move across country to start a new life with her adopted daughter will bury her bitter memories of her cheating husband, Eric To meet people in her new community she joins a single parents group, and there meets Beau and his 14 year old daughter Beau s a real ladies man, divorced three times, and reminds Nancy of her irresponsible deceased husband Beau s having to face his selfish fun loving past, and he doesn t like at all the man he sees there For the first time in his life, he wants to take charge and to create a stable life for his daughter Not only does he have to convince his daughter that he s changed, but he needs Nancy to see that too Their budding relationship has both of them running scared and facing demons from their pasts.This is the sequel to The Secret Wife It was interesting to read Nancy s story and see how Eric s actions had destroyed her dreams Once again, Ms Weaver created incredible characters ones that make you care what happens next She did an exceptional job with Beau, showing us how vulnerable he is inside and his sincerity to do better with the new chances he has Both are wounded by their pasts I m glad they got their HEA.