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This 1887 four act play by Chekhov introduces us to Nicholas Ivanoff, thirty five years old and married to Anna, who is dying of consumption Is this the reason Ivanoff is so depressed Or is his melancholy personality something he is simply no longer able to hide During the opening lines I liked Ivanoff because of a statement he makes to his uncle Borkin, who is also his estate manager Borkin had come tiptoeing in and actually pointed a gun in Ivanoff s face as a joke After they both settle a bit, Ivanoff says I am reading now I shall attend to you later I m sure we all can imagine how satisfying it would be to say this at least once We would have to use our best regal manner, of course, but I for one am quite willing to start practicing the proper royaltone.Anyway, I liked Ivanoff at that point, but then the doctor comes out and is very upset about how Ivanoff s treatment of his wife Anna is killing her She needs peace and quiet, not the emotional torment the doctor seems to feel Ivanoff is causing her I thought the doctor might possibly have been in love with Anna himself, because during the entire play he seemed much upset than he should have been as a professional medical man He hated Ivanoff with a passion and wanted to let the world know what a scoundrel he truly was.There is gossip about why Ivanoff married Anna gossip about his debts, gossip about his business dealings, gossip about his relationship with young Sasha, 20 years old and very much in love with Ivanoff I got confused about the man, and also noticed that the rest of the cast seemed to carry the story along than he did He was mainly silent and brooding, but when he did speak he did so with great intensity, even while he seemed as confused as I was.I had an idea of how the play might end, but I changed my mind many times right up to the moment of the final curtain I cannot pretend to analyze this play in any sort of intellectual way I can only say that for me it was a fascinating glimpse at an unusual life I am glad I read it, and I hope to read Chekhov soon. . . . . . &Free Kindle ⇢ Иванов: драма в четырёх действиях ↸ The First Of Chekhov S Full Length Dramas, Ivanov Treads A Fine Line Between Broad Comedy And Tragic Melodrama Ivanov, A Young Estate Owner, Is Too Intelligent And Too Bored To Endure His Provincial Life He Is A Superfluous Man, Attracted To A Beautiful Young Woman Who Threatens His Moral Foundations And Leads Him Ultimately To Tragedy This New Translation Beautifully Captures Chekhov S Dialogue For Modern Audiences .