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!Free ♰ Strange Dogs (The Expanse, #6.5) ☧ Like Many Before Them, Cara And Her Family Ventured Through The Gates As Scientists And Researchers, Driven To Carve Out A New Life And Uncover The Endless Possibilities Of The Unexplored Alien Worlds Now Within ReachBut Soon The Soldiers Followed And Under This New Order Cara Makes A Discovery That Will Change Everything This was an independent short story in the The Expanse universe which is to say that the characters are completely unknown to us.We re on one of the planets the rings have opened up to and are following a family the parents being two scientists One of their children was born slightly before they came here, the other on the planet even They were supposed to live on said planet for 5 years but then the events from book 6 happen and they are stranded.Naturally, the flora and fauna are quite different from what they are used to on Earth and after what the Free Navy did, they are also cut off from supplies and replacement parts so their situation is critical.The story started a bit like Jurassic Park, then reminded me of Annihilation what with the strange and eerie eco system and the subliminal sense of danger it causes, before it became similar to Pet Sematary And all of it in space sort of lol The imagery of the planet and the small colony on it as well as the living conditions caused by the war in Sol with the soldiers subsequently being sent to the planet was very strong The atmosphere in this world was almost oppressive but certainly very dark Though I did like the bit with the girl in the wild and all the animals living on this strange planet best.I think this is my favourite of the short stories so far and I kinda hope that the discovery here will become relevant in future novels of the series. An interesting story that I m sure isn t necessary to the flow of the main series, but I really did enjoy it. The latest of the Expanse novellas which have mostly been good standalone stories while acting as useful backgrounders for upcoming novels.The story is set on Laconia, the colony that the renegade Martian Admiral Duarte has established as his power base with the Sol system in chaos see Babylon s Ashes For a protagonist we have Cara, the ten year old daughter of scientist colonists that predate the coming of Duarte and his soldiers The stick moons , orbital military platforms that appear to be based on alien technology, are just coming online Down on Laconia itself there are some unexpected consequences that Cara has a terrifying ring side seat for.The story presents an interesting view of the colonization of an alien planet from the point of view of a child It touches on the incompatibility of biomes and the issues of people being brought up with a different life experience from their parents, where a child comes from a place where birds arelizard like than feathered But ultimately the whole story is basically view spoiler Pet Sematary by way of protomolecule hide spoiler 2.5 sI liked where the story ended up because it opens a lot of possibilities for the main series but my god that was slow I also did buy the parents reactions three different times. Strange dogs , IMHO, is probably the best Expanse novella of them all I really enjoyed great worldbuilding, pace and the story itself were really good, too But what impressed me the most is the fact the James Corey managed to write a mid series novella, which can be read as a stand alone by anyone It doesn t matter if you read every single one book or novella of the series, or you re a newcomer the story will be perfectly clear and won t require reading anything else to understand what is going on A pity that this novella is so short and ends at the most interesting point. Review of the audiobook narrated by Jefferson Mays.What a great novella The best of the Expanse short fiction for sure I didn t want it to end and was wondering why they didn t save this storyline for one of the main books having since read Persepolis Rising, this book works as a great lead in and introduction to Laconia.Final verdict 5 star story, 5 star narration, 5 stars overall At the recommendation of friends, I picked this Expanse novella before diving properly into the latest novel of the series As always, they were right This ghost story is set on Laconia at the very beginning of its colonisation and follows a young girl Cara s narration is fascinating and, due to her age and perception, has an aspect of wonder that in the hand of an adult would have been horror Brilliant Life in the colonies meets a ghost story Or rather, a Pet Sematary story What better use for the strange alien techs can we devise All said, this short novella, perhaps novelette, paves the road for the strange, strange universe to come Not too bad Slow because it IS a ghost story, but good for all that Woof Or, I should say, chitter I actually pre ordered this and had it downloaded on release day, but never got around to reading it Turns out there was no rush, it wasn t the best work I ve read by these authors, but I did end up seeing the point of it by the end I finally got around to it because I m about to start book seven in this series when I finish my current audiobook, and I wanted to have this read by then.For almost all of this novella it s around 80 pages, I think, but not sure because I read it on my phone , I was only low level engaged The protagonist is a little girl named Cara had a hard time pinning her age down she read younger than I think she was supposed to, but then she mentioned her period, and then also mentioned some dates that meant she couldn t be older than ten, so I was confused who lives with her family on the planet Laconia Laconia is one of the worlds settled by humans going through the ring gate, and it seems that some time has passed between the events of the last book and this one, since she mentions having been there for eight years the last time we checked in with The Expanse, humans had only been colonizing these worlds for a couple of years, I think.The main thrust of the plot is that Cara has spent her whole life on Laconia and knows it as home, while all the adults around her are still dealing with the trauma of losing the Earth and realizing they will never go home again For most of the novella, we see Cara connecting with Laconia in ways the adults have not, exploring its beauty, getting to know its creatures, so that by the time you get to the end after some horrific events you realize that Cara is just one among a new brand of human, humans that no longer call Earth their home, and who will evolve in ways no one will be able to predict, especially when alien biology and technology starts getting involved, and humanity spreads out expands, cough farther and farther away from a centralized location.Still, even though I can appreciate this novella now as a whole, I didn t until I got to the end, so definite points off for that.