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This is a pretty fun book that is apparently an adaptation of a 60s movie that updated Tarzan for the James Bond era This sounds awful but is actually pretty fun Leiber at his worst is always enjoyable anyway.What s interesting is that the story behind this book movie ruthless Bond villain esque Vinaro searching for a lost city in the Brazilian seems to be based on the true story of the Fawcett expedition for the Lost City of Z Unsurprisingly, Tarzan and his friends, both human and animal, manage to prevent him from conquering a mystical hidden land of peaceful peoples descended from ancient Incas who fled Pizarro to the.There is nothing terribly original here, but it is evocative and enjoyable Leiber could have done a good job updating Tarzan with a slightly modern style, if he had gotten the green light from the Burroughs estate. This book doesn t deserve a review It certainly didn t deserve to carry the name of Tarzan. As someone who loves Leiber s work, but whose familiarity with the Tarzan character was limited to absorption of popular culture, this was kinda fun I could imagine watching this movie on a summer Saturday afternoon. Tarzan &READ E-PUB ↵ Tarzan and the Valley of Gold ⇖ The Burning Wreck Of A Passenger Jet With A Missing Cargo Of Gold And A Desperate Plea From A Friend Lead Tarzan Of The Apes Deep Into Intrigue In The Jungles Of Brazil Soon The Ape Man Finds Himself Facing His Most Deadly Nemesis Yet A Criminal Mastermind Named Vinaro, Whose Enemies Perish In Mysterious Explosions Of Gold And Flame But That May Be Only The Beginning Of Tarzan S Challenges For If He Is To Defeat Vinaro, Tarzan Must Confront Him In The Legendary Golden City Of Tucumai, From Where No Outsider Has Ever Returned