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Subtle and dark These poems have great heft, even heartier than what is shown in their frequently generous length I m happy to find a poet who values the long form, a rarity in this age of minimalism. Although her words are enchanting and easy to read, I m not very fond of long poems as it is very easy to lose track, especially when the verse and paragraph divisions are not natural.Besides, it is way to much expensive for the edition, a mid quality paperback although with a beautiful cover book with nothan 70 pages. Periodically I paused and thought surely I must give up writing now. This work is complex, leaving room for many rereads There s lots of thought provoking contemplation going on, the way each poem feels like a personal exploration, long and discursive. [ READ BOOK ] ♴ A Woman of Property ♾ A New Book From A Poet Whose Work Is Wild With Imagination, Unafraid, Ambitious, Inventive Jorie Graham Located In A Menacing, Gothic Landscape, The Poems That Comprise A Woman Of Property Draw Formal And Imaginative Boundaries Against Boundless Mortal Threat, But As All Borders Are Vulnerable, This Ominous Collection Ultimately Stages An Urgent And Deeply Imperiled Boundary Dispute Where Haunting, Illusion, The Presence Of The Past, And Disembodied Voices Only Further Unsettle Questions Of Material And Spiritual Possession This Is A Theatrical Book Of Dilapidated Houses And Overgrown Gardens, Of Passageways And Thresholds, Edges, Prosceniums, Unearthings, And Root Systems The Unstable Property Lines Here Rove From Heaven To Hell, Troubling Proportion And Upsetting Propriety In The Name Of Unfathomable Propagation Are All The Gates In This Book Folly Are The Walls Too Easily Scaled To Hold Anything Back Or Impose Self Confinement What Won T A Poem Do To Get To The Other Side From The Trade Paperback Edition Intense poems that expand and contract in amazing ways They skillfully play with sonic nonsense, then find their way back into a narrative. Just not for me I did appreciate a few of the poems. Book A Woman of Property Author Robyn Schiff Publisher Penguin PoetsOne sentence summary The speaker s internal world intertwined and sometimes in opposition with the external world surrounding her.Thoughts I only enjoyed 5 poems out of this whole book because those five poems were the easiest to understand I like my poetry simple and unpretentious It seems like poetry is becoming like runway fashion where designers make ugly unwearable clothes and call it art Maybe in another life, I would pick this book up again and read it and havepatience but for now, I m into just understanding what I m reading A good read for people who are a lotpatient with chewing words. This collection of poetry features a collection of non rhyming poems, some of which stretch over a multiple of pages Topics include deer hunting, flu season, a chair, flowers, food and others I often love a long meditative poem, but some of these didn t have enough balls in the air to keep me attentive There were some lovely moments, but I found myself rushing through instead of simmering on the language of these rather colloquial poems There is some good work here, just not my favorite. 811.6 S333p 2016