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In 1926, a scientist named Dr Maracot organizes an expedition to a spot in the Atlantic Ocean, right above what he asserts is the deepest trench in the ocean floor the Maracot Deep as he names it Maracot and two companions, a young man named Cyrus Headley and a mechanic named Bill Scanlan, do not merely go to the spot, but descend and tipping right over the edge of the Maracot Deep, find themselves falling into what was once Atlantis, but which now lies buried at the bottom Still peopled I never thought that I would say this of an Arthur Conan Doyle book, but this one had me rolling my eyes pretty much from the moment our three heroes came in contact with the Atlanteans Till then, it was a not unbelievable bit of science fiction though definitely hard to believe, especially when it came to the rather simplistic ideas of how pressure differences would or would not affect humans and marine creatures After that, it became almost embarrassing in its flights of fancy How the Atlanteans came to have escaped mass destruction didn t irk me so much as the convenient ways in which Doyle dismisses fundamental requirements of air, food, potable water, and so much Or the fact that the Atlanteans, despite all the knowledge they have access to through their past, seem to have not the slightest inclination to try and change their fraught with danger existence All of that, as in Conan Doyle s own The Lost World or Jules Verne s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, is forgivable I ve read dodgy sci fi I ve read of early sci fi heroes finding humanoid life forms just about everywhere I ve read of the unlikeliest of life forms, defying gravity and pressure and oxygen requirements and basic physics And I ve forgiven them all What ruined The Maracot Deep for me was Conan Doyle s introduction of a supernatural divine occultic element not restricted to reincarnations into the story He builds up something that doesn t sound very plausible in the first place, and then wrecks it further by bringing in some pseudo spiritual mumbo jumbo that had really no place in what could have been a fun sci fi adventure Still, since it s a quick read and never taxing, not utterly mediocre But yes, if I were to read Conan Doyle s non Holmes work, I d stick to his boxing stories. 7 10 2010 . [Read Epub] ☢ The Maracot Deep ♗ Popular E Book, The Maracot Deep Author Arthur Conan Doyle This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Maracot Deep, Essay By Arthur Conan Doyle Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Daft but very enjoyable fantasy adventure about a group who go on an expedition to the depths of the ocean and not only encounter a number of strange and deadly creatures, but also discover the remains of Atlantis And there are still people living there If that sounds far fetched, it leads to a climax that can only be described as bonkers. Quickly read in one day and engaging Definitely ahead of its time regarding oceanographic exploration, although the science is wrong, of course The Atlantis aspect was novel, too A stereotypical representation of an American was quite funny Overall, was worth the read. Conan Doyle and a crazy professor who looks a lot like Holmes going on a deep sea adventure And they find Atlantis Woohoo What a ride It was a fun read, even if the stuff that happens right before the end was just a little, um, well weird out of place I dunno, it didn t bother me, it was just so strange The science was crazy The scientific language names of all the undersea flora and fauna might turn off a modern reader but one can pass that by easily All in all, interesting to take a dive ha ha into another of Doyle s interests He was a fascinating man. P c man m saj t m oti labs piedz vojumu rom ns bet nu Konan Doils jau visp r ir klasika. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best remembered today, of course, for the Sherlock Holmes stories In fact these represented only a fraction of his output as a writer He wrote in just about every genre you can think of, including science fiction, or it might be accurate to call these books scientific romances The Professor Challenger stories are the best known, especially The Lost World Doctor Maracot, the hero of The Maracot Deep, bears some resemblance to Professor Challenger The book concerns Maracot s exploration of the world beneath the sea Maracot and his companions find themselves stranded on the ocean floor, and discover a very unexpected world, in fact a civilisation, deep beneath the waves I m very fond of the science fiction of the past Their visions of the future of humanity possess an optimism and a romance that simply isn t possible to writers today Published in 1929, The Maracot Deep won t appeal to everyone, but if like me you have a taste for the science fiction of the 19th and early 20th centuries you should get a good deal of enjoyment from it. Readers who know of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through his Sherlock Holmes stories, his tales of Sir Nigel in the 14th century, the Napoleonic adventures of Brigadier Gerard or the sci fi escapades of Professor Challenger may still be unfamiliar with The Maracot Deep Published in 1929, only a year before the author s death, this short novel amply demonstrates that Doyle still retained all his great abilities as a spinner of riveting yarns, even in his twilight years At a mere 140 pages, the novel la is a compact but densely written fantasy of the discovery of the remnants of Atlantis It seems that Professor Maracot a kind of early 20th century cross between Jacques Cousteau and Robert Ballard , along with an American naturalist and an American engineer, had suffered a terrible accident while in his bathysphere off the Canary Islands A giant crayfish had separated the hawser connecting them to their mother ship, and down they went, 26,000 feet, into the abyss of the eponymous Maracot Deep Miraculously, disaster is averted as Maracot Co are rescued by the survivors of the lost Atlantean civilization, which society has been living under the ocean floor for the last 8,000 years Our heroes are given a tour of the Atlantean realm and witness many monstrous varieties of undersea life, including a giant electric sea worm, poisonous purple slugs, and the sea serpent of legend They witness some of the Atlantean relics of superscience, explore the ruins of the capital city, and have a run in with the Lord of the Dark Face This is a wonderful fantasy, and keeps the reader thoroughly entertained throughout It is largely epistolary in nature, taking the form of various letters messages in a bottle that our heroes manage to get back to the world Doyle solves the problem of there being no light at the ocean bottom by having Maracot Co discover that the ocean floor s globigerina ooze is phosphorescent, due to the decomposing marine life As for the unbearable pressure, our boys discover some mysterious compensating factor that nullifies that problem So they are able to walk around with their vitrine helmets and oxygen tanks and explore the ocean depths very comfortably, thank you Doyle, an ardent spiritualist in his twilight years, had his Professor Challenger character his favorite convert from being a hardened materialist to a believer in the unseen forces that surround us, in his 1926 novel The Land of Mist And in his last novel, he does likewise for Professor Maracot, whose theories of a lifetime have crumbled about his ears after his battle with the mystical Lord of the Dark Face This really is a remarkable story If only Doyle hadn t made one tremendous booboo At one point in the tale, Headley, our narrator, falls in love with an Atlantean named Mona, the daughter of Scarpa, a community leader Fifty pages later, she is the daughter of Manda, the chief of Atlantis This is a terrible oversight on Doyle s part, and on the part of his editors, and undermines what up until then had been a meticulously put together tale This major slip aside, The Maracot Deep is guaranteed to give all sci fi fantasy fans a few nights of great pleasure indeed It would make for excellent reading after one finishes C.J Cutcliffe Hyne s classic novel of ancient Atlantis, The Lost Continent 1900 , which details Atlantis as it was back when Doyle tells us what s going on there now. 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