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What s your worst breakfast The narrator, a sister or mother, explains to another child what she remembers as her worst breakfast The story gets worse and worse until the worst breakfast is so terrible, anything would be better The illustrations make for a lively, colorful story, full of fantastical breakfasts that simply couldn t really happen Children would probably find this book very silly and readable. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Library Thing and Akashic Books Wow, I am fairly certain this book would be the best to teach adjectives with I loved the story, and the artwork was unique for a children s book It is a realistic fiction about two sisters discussing the worst breakfast ever It was cute, and had quite a few different food types included in the book Well done. 3.5 stars I read this to my 10 and 6 year old boys at bedtime We all liked it just fine The art is unusual when I asked the kids about the book s pros and cons, the art ended up being on both lists It s unique, which is cool, but it s also weird, hard to make out at times, and a bit distracting The story of the book is funny and gross, which is a plus for kids The book is written in sometimes rhyme not sure if there s a real term for this some things rhymed, and some didn t I m a huge fan of a well done book in rhyme, so I found this a bit distracting I found myself let down every time I hit a non rhyme I enjoyed the nod to both British and American terminology fish sticks vs fish fingers, to may to to mah to It s a cute subject that most kids will definitely enjoy I would say check this out of the library before deciding to buy it for your permanent collection.Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I m a big fan of China Mieville, but this was not good I m not even sure this would be a good book if I were British And it is VERY British Especially the last bit, with the list of all those weird British dishes And why did they have so much prepared and ruined for one breakfast There was one interesting American English vs British English joke, but it wasn t really very good or very original The illustrations were not that great either and did not make up for the lack luster and immature rhymes Also, if I did not have the writing to tell me, it would be hard to figure out what was going on in those illustrations You could have done better, China I m disappointed. A pretty fun children s book about two girls with highly active imaginations who one up each other describing the worst breakfast imaginable The artwork is interesting and unusual, but can be a bit difficult to make out in some places I picked this up from the library as I am a Mi ville fan and completionist I d be interested to see what children s reactions to this book would be. Review THE WORST BREAKFAST by China Mieville and Zak SmithThis fabulist illustrated story showcases two inventive sisters, stretching their creative imaginations and readers too while they compete to consider the absolutely worst breakfast they ever didn t eat Readers will be enrapt with China Mieville s text accompanied by the fanciful illustrations of Zak Smith. THE WORST BREAKFAST by China Mi ville and Zak Smith is an unconventional picture book designed for ages 3 7.The engaging story features two siblings discussing their memories of bad breakfast experiences The book s colorful illustrations explode onto the page as a simple discussion turns into a fantasy food adventure.Librarians will find this book a unique addition to their collection The lyrical text is filled with descriptive words that will easily slide off the tongue of enthusiastic readers The use of dialog boxes featuring a different text color for each character makes this adorable book perfect for peer reading experiences Although designed for young children, older youth will enjoy the story and illustrations too The familiar situation is perfect for jumpstarting class discussions and writing activities.Published by Akashic Books on October 4, 2016 ARC courtesy of the publisher. That was a lot of strange words And some of them I didn t know Actually, some of those I still don t know In summary, it s a good idea for a children s book, with a simple take away message, which is not spelled out and chewed, and a bunch of interesting words to learn, which kids probably will not see in a book anytime soon But there are two big buts The illustrations are terrible And it s not just me, my son didn t like them as well, and the average rating of 3.1 indicates that a lot of other people share our opinion A bunch of words without any context, other than probably being food items, will stay just a bunch of words and won t make their way into vocabulary So 3 stars seems like a fair rating. I picked this up for one of the reasons many adults might pick up a picture book, because I recognized the author as world famous And Neil Gaiman does everything, so why not China Mi ville I think the idea of listing disgusting food page after page has potential, but this wasn t all that funny, it went on too long, and I thought the art from Zak Smith was rather confusing, but especially for children, though interesting enough for me to check out his book, Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon s Novel Gravity s Rainbow. ^FREE E-PUB ☠ The Worst Breakfast ☆ A Gorgeous And Hilarious Picture Book About The Most Unusual Breakfast Two Sisters Ever AteTwo Sisters Sit Down For Breakfast, And One Remembers A Really Gross Breakfast They Once Had, And Reminds Her Sister About It But Her Little Sister Doesn T Remember So Then She Starts Describing All Of The Really Gross Things That Were In The Worst Breakfast They Ever Had, Until All They Can Picture Is A Table Piled Sky High With The Weirdest, Yuckiest, Grossest, Slimiest, Slickest, Stinkiest Breakfast Two Kids Can Ever Have And Then They Have A Really Good BreakfastChina Mi Ville Is The Author Of Numerous Books, Including The City The City, Embassytown, Railsea, And Perdido Street Station His Works Have Won The World Fantasy Award, The Hugo Award, And The Arthur C Clarke Award Three Times He Lives And Works In LondonZak Smith Is An Artist Who First Came To Prominence With His Mammoth Work Pictures Showing What Happens On Each Page Of Thomas Pynchon S Novel Gravity S Rainbow Smith S Paintings And Drawings Are Held In Major Public And Private Collections Worldwide, Including The Museum Of Modern Art And The Whitney Museum Of American Art He Lives And Works In Los Angeles And Tries To Answer All Of His Mail