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And another book I just couldn t get into.tried it again in August 2012 and still didn t like it. @DOWNLOAD BOOK ë Bel Vino: A Year of Sundrenched Pleasure among the Vines of Tuscany Ò Isobel And Lou Moved To Montalcino And Became Isabella And Luigi Ten Years Ago And They Have Now Been Embraced By The Locals And Immersed In Their Antiquated Customs And Age Old Feuds In BEL VINO Isabella Takes The Reader On A Winding Journey To Discover The True Aristocratic Orgins Of The World Renowned Wine Brunello Di Montalcino On Whose Vintage The Fortunes Of Many Of The Montalcinesi Depend Taking Us Through The Seasons Of The Wine Harvest, Dusi Weaves A Path That Brings In The Local White Hooded Monks Who Have Lived In The Abbey Of Sant Antimo Since At Least The Last Remaining Local Shoemaker The Harvesting Of Mushrooms, Olives And Truffles An Archery Contest With A Local Village At Which Passions Run High And The Fight To Save A Year Old Church With No Foundations As An Insider, Dusi Is Able To Portray Tuscan Life With All Its Idyllic Charms Whilst Also Giving An Intriguing Insight Into The Daily Workings Of The Ancient Village Of Montalcino Bel Vino is the second book of this author about life in Tuscany She describes everything from the local football club to the complete history of Brunello the Montalcino and its Noble families It took me about 2 years to finish this book Although some of the descriptions of Montalcino and its surroundings and life in a small village are really good and evocative I found the book as a whole tedious, long winding and difficult to read.Sometimes the stories started really promising but somehow the author gives too much details, the writing is too pompous at times and I really got anoyed by the author bragging about how they went to people in their Mazzerrati a car totally unsuited to the Tuscan roads If you want to read about live in Tuscany there are far better works than this one. This book took forever to read It wasn t gripping, their was no cohesive storyline and even after completing it I couldn t say what the point of this book was However, the author clearly delights in language as evidenced by her vivid descriptions of the scenery I also enjoyed the fact that she wrote about the year as it unfolded chaotically The reader gets the full force of how chaotic life in a Tuscan village can be, with all the locals, events, histories, and of course food. I enjoyed her first book, but this one got very tedious She jumps from subject to subject too quickly She should have lingered on a few stories, and developed them extensively This book is too detailed to a fault I could not keep track of all the names she threw around It was just a rehashing of the stories in her first book, which described Tuscany so beautifully This one, not so much