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!Ebook ⚈ Gilliamesque ☢ The Screenwriter, Innovative Animator, Highly Acclaimed Visionary Film Director, And Only Non British Member Of Monty Python Offers An Intimate Glimpse Into His World In This Fascinating Memoir Illustrated With Hand Drawn Sketches, Notes, And Memorabilia From His Personal ArchiveFrom His No Frills Childhood In The Icy Wastes Of Minnesota, To Some Of The Hottest Water Hollywood Had To Offer, Via The Cutting Edge Of S And S Counter Culture In New York, LA And London, Terry Gilliam S Life Has Been As Vivid, Entertaining And Unorthodox As One Of His FilmsTelling His Story For The First Time, The Director Of Time Bandits, Brazil, The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, The Fisher King, Monkeys, And Fear Loathing In Las Vegas Not To Mention Co Founder Of Monty Python S Flying Circus Recalls His Life So Far Packed With Never Before Seen Artwork, Photographs And Commentary, Gilliamesque Blends The Visual And The Verbal With Scabrous Wit And Fascinating InsightGilliam S Pre Posthumous Memoir Also Features A Cast Of Amazing Supporting Characters George Harrison, Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger And All Of The Fellow Pythons As Well As Cameo Appearances From Some Of The Heaviest Cultural Hitters Of Modern Times, From Woody Allen To Frank Zappa, Gloria Steinem To Robert Crumb, Richard Nixon To Hunter S Thompson Gilliam S Encounters With The Great And The Not So Good Are Revealing, Funny, And Hugely EntertainingThis Book Is An Unrestrained Look Into A Unique Creative Mind And An Incomparable Portrait Of Late Twentieth Century Popular Culture I wish this had been longer I ve long been a Monty Python fan as well as a Terry Gilliam fan ever since seeing Brazil in its initial theatrical run , so I suppose no single volume could ever satisfy me completely He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, not letting his success go to his head Of course the book is copiously illustrated with film stills, photos, drawings, collages, etc Just one would expect from a director noted for his visuals as well as the Pythons resident animator Gilliam skims the Python years as they ve been covered extensively elsewhere In reading this, I realized that there were a few movies of his that I haven t seen yet, so I ll be addressing that lack soon Definitely worth reading if one is a fan, and possibly even if one isn t This is a book worth reading in physical form as I doubt an e reader could do it justice how would the writing on the edges of the pages be handled, for instance This brilliantly and irreverently illustrated autobiography of Monty Python s animator, the director of a raft of fabulous films and a guy with an interesting take on Hollywood and the British film industry When The Life of Brian came out and caused so much trouble, I was in heaven The fact that the Catholics, the Protestants and the Jews, were all simultaneously marching in protest at the film s sacrilegious treatment of important religious themes was just the icing on the cake It takes a lot to bring those guys together, and we had done it by the simple expedient of causing them all offence at the same time 183 It all made me want to see or see again Time Bandits, Brazil, Baron Munchausen, The Fisher King, Lost in La Mancha, The Brothers Grimm, okay, pretty much all of them If you like Monty Python, if you like the films of Terry Gilliam, I predict you will like this as much as I did I received this book via Goodreads and Harper Collins for a fair review on 10 5 16 Thanks If Gilliam had an opinion about someone good or bad,he is certainly not afraid to voice it.A lot of interesting history about entertainment and politics.I was interested in the processes in his artwork.It reminded me of Sally Mann and how her technique was made up as she went along.3.5 stars. Nejsem ten ivotopis Jestli si pamatuju dob e, p e etl jsem dohromady t i Steva Jobse, Bruce Campbella, Nikolu Teslu a skoro i do etl Charlese Darwina neptejte se, prost mi to p i lo jako dobrej n pad Jen e filmy Terryho Gilliama pat dlouhodob do m ho zlat ho fondu kinematografie bratry Grimmy vykoupil Tidelandem a Zero Theorem je fajn, ok a Pythony zbo uji a na p du Ministerstva vihl ch ze, tak e Gilliameska byla jasnou volbou Oh boy, to byl boj Us nal jsem u toho, zu il nad povrchn mi pravdami, prokous val se vlastn d lo hodnot c mi pas emi jako my betonem jestli o sv tvorb n kdy budete n co ps t, tohle nechte na jin ch, d kuji , nudil se u name droppingu prost nezn m kultovn americk a anglick vydavatele satirick ch asopis p ed pades ti lety, tak e m jejich jm na nech vaj chladn m a vz t knihu do rukou a st se prom nilo skoro ve fyzick n sil na sob ob as jsem m l pocit, e stejn bolelo Gilliama psan V ak jsem taky p e etl b hem Gilliamesky spoustu jin ch Zatnut zub a t hnut , proto e prohra je hloup Nakonec jsem r d Potvrdilo se mi, e Gilliam je chaotick zaho kl ni ema s povahou rebela a hlavou plnou fantazie a schopnost vylejt j do film A animac A ilustrac Mimochodem, kniha je suprov ilustrovan a u ne tak suprov jsou na ka d str nce infoboxy vys zen ru n m psan m a asto r zn naklopen , tak e se blb tou Ale to je vlastn mali kost Tohle nen kniha od toho Gilliama, jeho filmy eru Tohle je od jeho alter ega, kter m tu sm lu, e ije u n s, ale ne v n s Jinak, samoz ejm , historky o Pythonech a herc ch z jeho film included, nebojte Mo n se dokonce budete bavit. Ach ja, das Leben als kreativer Gestalter, kein Zuckerschlecken Terry Gilliam musste dies erstaunlich oft in seinem Schaffen und Sein erfahren, mit Gilliamesque gibt es nun eine bunt illustrierte und wunderbar selektive Autobiografie Auf seine unvergleichliche Art erz hlt der Grafiker, Illustrator, Schauspieler, Regisseur und K nstler von seiner Kindheit, seinem Aufwachsen und den T tigkeiten bis heute Dabei werden nicht wie sonst meist seitenweise Jahreszahlen und Namen aufgelistet, sondern mit einem knackigen Fliesstext die wichtigsten Stationen und berlegungen abgearbeitet.Man erh lt dabei nicht wirklich viele Blicke hinter die Kulissen von Monty Python oder seinen Filmdrehs, viel eher aber eine unverbl mte Perspektive in das Business und die t glichen K mpfe um Geld oder Freiheit Gilliamesque ist somit vor allem ein Blick in das Gehirn des Mannes und immer sehr unterhaltsam Toll auch die vielen Abbildungen und Anmerkungen f r Freunde der andersartigen Filmunterhaltung ergibt dies ein nettes Komplettpaket. A hilarious and heartwarming as well as heartbreaking look into the life and work of Terry G as told by Terry G Loved it Jak to ob as u Gilliamov ch film b v , i tady forma v t z nad obsahem Kn ka je opravdu kr sn , pln ilustrac , fotek, pozn mek je to iveln exploze Co se t e obsahu, tak je to takov letem sv tem ivotn obdob vm knut do kr tk kapitoly, sp slo en z historek a post eh ne n jak ho hlub ho ponoru te se to dob e, ale prvn polovina knihy je sp o tom, koho slavn ho Gilliam v ml d poznal netu il jsem, e pracoval s Robertem Crumbem , ale nen tam toho o moc v c V c se tam t eba rozeb r boj o Brazil ale stejn , je to film, o jeho vzniku bych r d v d l je t v c Jako o v t in ostatn ch v c I z jeho Pythonsk kari ry se dozv te hlavn to, e byl hodn na okraji a o sporech ohledn Svat ho gr lu kter jsou ale dost zn m Je to ale svi n napsan , Gilliam si moc nebere serv tky, tak e kdy ho n kdo na tval, nev h to d t najevo, a z rove si um d lat legraci s m ze sebe Coby kn ka je to hezk , coby zdroj informac o vzniku n kter ch legend, nebo coby hlub ponor do uva ov n origin ln ho re is ra, nic moc. I almost didn t sign up for this Goodreads giveaway, as biography memoir is my least favorite genre Could anything be duller than someone recounting their so so high school years Gilliam s memoir has a few yawns, but it s also packed with pictures and drawings that lend of a scrapbook feel than bland autobiography, or as the man himself puts it something closer to a Grand Theft Auto biography a high speed car chase with lots of skids and crashes, many of the best moments whizzing by in a blur.Despite Gilliam s best efforts, the story of his early years is pretty dull, though I enjoyed having a gander at his brief stint as a model during college Hint he looked nothing like this The book is packed with photos and artwork You ll see plenty of familiar faces, including this guy These characters And who could ever forget Despite being known mainly for his cut and paste animation, Gilliam is quite a talented artist as the featured caricatures and cartoons attest His reminiscences of life with Python are lacking in detail, and indeed, Gilliam himself recommends reading Michael Palin s diaries for a fleshed out account Gilliam concerns himself mostly with telling tales about his own films Time Bandits, Brazil, The Fisher King, 12 Monkeys, including the Johnny Depp Don Quixote vehicle that never got made and the movie that almost didn t get finished due to the death of Heath Ledger The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus I particularly enjoyed an anecdote involving a vulgar story told by Marlon Brando, who Gilliam was hoping would play Vulcan in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen I m now itching to see all these films all again.Though the written content is somewhat uninspiring, Gilliam has created a visually stunning book It was rather interesting to watch his rise from a monosyllabic Minnesota farm boy to an artist, actor and brilliant director who has since proven a command of many, many syllables Here he is using syllables to discuss some deleted animations from Monty Python and the Holy Grail A really interesting peek into the life of one of my favorite directors It s funny, interesting, and makes me want to make things The only downside is that he mostly just hits the highlights of making some of his movies and there are times when I wish he would have went a little in depth But it s a fun book Go read it