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First of all, this one is really Anna Fekete 2.5 rather than 3.0 in the series it can be read as a stand alone The only Finnish connection consists of a couple of email exchanges with colleagues back home, as well as a few vague musings on her part about the differences between Finnish and Balkan culture For those who have read the first two books, wondering what to expect, here s a general idea, with as few what I consider spoilers as possibleNo sooner has Anna arrived in Serbia when her handbag is snatched She takes it upon herself to follow up on the incident when the local police consider it nothingthan petty theft The thief, it turns out, was Romany gypsy , so we get into that angle, as well as the refugee hoardes coming through to get into the nearby E U Around the halfway point, a Romany fellow lets Anna know that her father s convicted Romany murderer was framed the guy does not know who really did it So, Anna goes off in that direction as well The bag thief had been found dead, which Anna came to realize quickly shall we say was a murder that one and her father s come together in the end There s an epilogue which is likely intended to be a happy outcome of sorts, though I was mildly disgusted by it The only point in the book that I d say has a bearing on the Anna in Finland series would be that her brother does not intend to return back north.I didn t much like Anna in the first two books, listening to this one to use as my Audible credits were a bit backed up I don t like her anynow, if anything slightly less We do get to meet her mother, who seemed rather a witch to me The British narrator s voice for her reminded me of Barbara Windsor behind the bar on EastEnders, while Anna herself sounded a bit like an East End Nancy Drew Wish I had skipped this one, as frankly I m interested in the Finnish setting and the lives of her colleagues If you ve read the others, and are a fan of Anna, then you ll probably appreciate the book a lotthan I did. Man visada labai svarbios prad ios Visokios O b dama tokia knygin , visada jas suri u su skaitiniais K a turiu galvoje Ogi tai, kad kiekviena mano prad ia yra palyd ta knygos, kurios niekada nepamir iu Oi, patik kit sentimentalesnio mogaus nei a , niekur nerasit Taigi prad jus studijuoti Vilniaus universitete, nedr siai jau gra i j centrin bibliotek Ir pirmoji, kaip student s skaityta knyga buvo Pusry iai pas Tifan Capot net nor damas nenuvilt Pernai, mano vyras labai sunkiai sirgo gastritu Galvojau i proto i eisiu, patyriau tiek baim s ir siaubo, kad sunku apsakyti Nemiegotos paros, i verktos akys Ir vis tai lyd jo Dave Pelzer Niekieno vaikas Pati blogiausia knyga i gyvenant sunkias emocijas Bet ji gera Tik ne tamsiu periodu Kai sidarbinau bibliotekoje, pirma pasiimta knyga buvo Steff Penney Nematomieji Slogus romanas, su detektyvo elementais, apie romus J gyvenim , atskirt ir sunkumus pritampant Stipri knyga, kurioje buvo retai ra ytoj gvildenam tem Ir b tent apie romus yra Klaj nai Atsipra au u ilg prie istor , bet knyga sugr ino ten, apie k va dabar ir pasakojau kart veiksmas vyksta nebe Suomijoje, kurioje Jugoslavijos vengr Ana dirba, kartu atlaikydama koleg paty ias d l imigrant s ar net pab g l s statuso Po sukre ian i vyki , Ana gr ta savo gimt miestel Kani , kur susitinka su senais draugais, kur jos laukia i siilgusi mama, bei vyno festivalis, kuriame Ana pagaliau leid ia sau atsipalaiduoti, nebeb ti policininke kiaur par Ta iau ir ten ramyb s ji neranda vent s kar tyje, du jauni romai nud iauna jos rankin , kurioje ne tik pinigai, bet ir dokumentai, reikalingi gr ti Suomijon Nors mon s vagis bando vytis, deja nes kmingai Ta iau kit ryt Anos v l laukia staigmena ant up s kranto randamas negyvas romas ir jos rankin Tas pats jaunas vagis, tik negyvas ir su smurtin mis aizdomis Deja, vietin ppolicija neturi resurs gilintis aplinkybes ir nura o vyk kaip nelaiming atsitikim Tada Anoje ir prabunda tikroji tyr ja ji negali visko palikti kaip yra, net jeigu jai ir atostogos Moter piktina, jog policininkai nesureik mina vykio vien d l mirusiojo tautyb s Pati i kentusi pana i diskriminacij , ji imasi savaranki ko tyrimo, kuris jai gali kainuoti per daug.Tre ioji Anos Feket s detektyv serijos dalis Pirma patiko, antra patiko, tre ia irgi patiko Moka Hiekkapelto sukti m sles, o dar tas talentingas socialini tem pynimas Visi kai vie ias oro gurk nis ni ri , skandinavi k detektyv padang je Ir i visai kitokia nei pirmos dvi Jei pirmose Kati sau leido pir t galiukais prisiliesti prie pab g li ir nepageidaujam moni temos, ia, ji kalb jo dr siai ir skaud iai Pirm kart Ana dirbo savo gimtoje em je, susipa inom su ja ir jos eima, tradicijomis Man kaip virtuv s entuziastei buvo labai smalsu google versti visus serbi kus patiekalus ir pamatyti, jog daug k ir savoj Lietuvoj turim Pavyzd iui, j i girtasis Szarma patiekalas yra tas pats, kas m s baland liai Taip pat, prie aktualij prisid jo ir moteris privalo tur ti eim ir vaik stigma, apie k detektyvuose tikrai nesitiki skaityti, bet, va ima ir nustebina Trumpai tariant, a labai labai d iaugiuosi, kad i serija yra leid iama O labiausiai d l to pab siu savanaud , kad patiriu did iul malonum j skaitydama #DOWNLOAD ⚤ Tumma ë Menneisyyden Painama Anna Fekete Matkustaa Kotikaupunkiinsa Serbian Unkarilaisalueille Ja Alkaa Tutkia Nuoren Romanimiehen Kuolemaa V Hitellen Annalle Paljastuu My S Euroopan Pakolaiskriisin TodellisuusKotikaupungin Kes Isiss Viinijuhlissa Annan K Silaukku Varastetaan, Mutta Varas L Ytyy Heti Seuraavana P Iv N Kuolleena Joen Rannasta Paikalliset Poliisit Ovat Haluttomia Tutkimaan Tapausta Kovin Tarkasti, Joten Anna Ottaa Ohjat K SiinsYll Tt En Annan Seuraamat Johtolangat Kietoutuvat H Nen Oman Perheens Historiaan Samalla Tilanne Kaupungissa Kiristyy, Kun Seudulle Alkaa Virrata Pakolaisia The Exiled An Excellent Crime Thriller The Exiled, proving why Kati Hiekkapelto is a brilliant writer and spearheading the Finnish invasion of English crime fiction as she is in top form again The Exiled is the third in Heikkapelto s Anna Fekete series that has been so popular in her native Finland, and for once there is no snow in this thriller, but plenty of twists turns as if on ice.Anna Fekete has finally decided to take a holiday and get out of Finland and head home to the Balkan village of her birth, Kaniza in Serbia on the Hungarian border A chance to spend time with her mother, her recovering addict brother and see her best friend before heading back to Finland to be the crime fighting whizz that she has become.While out at a local wine fair her handbag is stolen and Anna gives chase to the thief and a small girl whom seem to be in cahoots When the thief is found dead on the banks of a local river, and the police do not seem interested in investigating, Anna is drawn in to the murder As she begins to ask questions, the police seem evendistant, people want to place the blame on the Roma or the refugees trying to get in to the EU.TheAnna investigates thequestions that are raised, and she must be prepared for whatever answers that come back At the same time the murder of Anna s father in 1988 seems to have links to the murder, and theshe wants to know the less people are willing to help her She is sent anonymous notes threatening her if she does not give up her investigation There is even an attempt to run her over, but this only makes Annadetermined to investigate what is going on.Anna s investigation brings her into confrontation with life on the border of the EU and to many refugees the promised land, police corruption, the mafia and political corruption, human trafficking and how little people put a value on the life of others.The Anna Fekete series gets better with every new book that Kati Hiekkapelto writes and once again proves that she is on top of her chosen genre Her writing continues to be fresh and exciting, while at the same time subversive and it is the reason that her reputation continues to grow and garner new fans The Exiled is an excellent crime thriller that will enthral you with a brilliant story and characterisation that will leave you impressed, and wanting . All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comI m so excited to be one of the stops today for the blog tour for The Exiled This is the third book in a series that follows Anna Fekete and my first experience with anything written by Kati Hiekkapelto I don t believe that you have to read the series in order to keep up, I never felt like I was missing anything, the book stands very well on it s own Anna goes back home for holiday to visit her family and old friends and shortly after she arrives, she is robbed A man grabs her purse and gets away, but the next day he is found dead in a river bank Anna works for the police force back in Finland and immediately feels that there is something off about the man s death Local authorities determine that he drowned, but Anna uncovers evidence that shows there is muchto the story Despite everyone from her family and friends to the local police discouraging her from investigating further, she begins to dig deeper into the case Somehow this seemingly random crime is linked to her own father s death and someone is willing to go as far as necessary to ensure that old secrets stay buried and forgotten.I liked the pacing of this book, it wasn t quite as fast moving as some of the crime novels I read, yet it worked here Anna is trying to unravel a complicated case with links to events many years ago and in order for her to get to the bottom of things, she must be diligent and determined I enjoyed her character and found her to be interesting and admirable She didn t let anyone intimidate her and fought for what she believed in She s also very compassionate and kind, especially with children The setting is constructed wonderfully and Hiekkapelto managed to create vivid descriptions of the land and the characters living there She also tackled many real and heartbreaking social issues, including the European refugee crisis, corruption in law enforcement and racism The Roma people living in town were discriminated against and often wrongly and unfairly stereotyped and I felt that Hiekkapelto showcased these issues in a sensitive and timely manner It really wasthan just a book about a crime, it s a book with a conscience.I was completely engaged in this story, there were just enough details pertaining to Anna s personal life to draw me in, yet not so many that it detracted from the main plot Though the pace is on the slower side, once Anna starts untangling the web, the action does ramp up and the ending was a bit of a nail biter I will definitely be looking forward to reading the next book in this smart and interesting series. I really enjoyed the whole story line to this book Anna already works for the police but in Finland This doesn t go down to well with the police in her hometown village when her bag gets stolen and the thief turning up dead They don t seem to want to investigate things any further and only do the bare minimum to try and keep her happy Obviously Anna s policing instincts kick in and she starts to delve into things herself which has her questioning her own fathers death.Her father was also in the police force but was shot dead which left her mother and her family understandably devastated There seems to beto it though than she was originally led to believe and Anna is like a dog with a bone and can t let go until she finds out the whole truth.Anna was kind of hard to work out She gives off a hardened exterior but yet I didn t quite believe she was as hard as she makes out There is definitely a vulnerability about her which you can see in how she turns to alcohol Her love life is anything but straight forward either and she certainly comes across as being quite a mixed up individual.The Exiled was a really intriguing read I was just as determined as Anna to find out why the police in her small home town weren t doing their jobs properly and as to who was really behind her fathers death It certainly makes for quite a thrilling read I would certainly readbooks in the series featuring Anna.My thanks to Karen at Orenda Books for a copy of this book All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. I d forgotten how much I really love Finland s Kati Hiekkapelto series featuring the complex Anna Fekete The Exiled follows on from The Defenceless, which was my introduction to Anna.Anna is an enigma Flawed and fascinating We got to understand her a little in The Exiled She s tough and something of a loner Anna emigrated as a child from the former Yugoslavia to Finland Following her father s footsteps, she joined the police force In The Defenceless, we saw how her sense of identity was conflicted Anna is an outsider, both in Finland and in the Serbian Hungarian village she grew up in She is torn between two cultures one full of the history of her family, including the tragic death of her Father, and her new life in Finland.The Exiled returns Anna to her homeland, visiting family and friends When her handbag is stolen at a local wine festival, Anna is determined to find the culprits She can see the local police are not going to look into it thoroughly enough This leads to her stumbling on a puzzle about how her father died in the 1980s Anna wants answers and starts digging.We see the refugee crisis impact on Anna s home village, with the chaos and uncertainty it brings to the area This is a Europe wide issue, where the micro impact on a village is huge Anna, as an Finnish immigrant, has a great deal of empathy for the migrants and for the other outsiders This is a time of suspicion, of desperation and of corrupt officials Kati Hiekkapelto gives us a fresh and somewhat bleak look at life as a refugee.I loved visiting Anna on her home territory It revealed another side to her Slowly the pieces are coming together One day we will understand Anna Maybe.This is an addictive series, unique and hard to step away from Social commentary with a strong Finnish flavour, with Anna at its heart Excellent In case you don t know already, I m a big fan of crime fiction, and most especially if its Scandinavian in origin Needless to say I jumped at the chance to be a part of the Finnish Invasion blog tours because let s face it, its my thing The Exiled is the 3rd book in the Anna Fekete series I had started reading The Defenceless before this one but for one reason or another I haven t gotten back to reading it since However, not reading the previous books didn t hinder my reading of The Exiled as there is only minimal reference to characters as opposed to a continuous story.In The Exiled, Kati Hiekkapelto deals with some very topical and current issues in our world Refugees and minority groups are a constant presence in the news and they can make for very harrowing reading I found that they were dealt very honestly and sensitively in The Exiled.When we meet Anna Fekete, she has returned to Serbia for a holiday and to catch up with family and friends What she wasn t expecting was to be robbed and ultimately mixed up in a murder investigation This murder investigation in turn leads to some tough avenues that Anna is compelled to go down.Buried within the pages of The Exiled, there is also corruption, suspicion and a dark sense of unease bubbling under the surface More than once I found myself willing the characters to pay a littleattention This is the kind of thing that draws me in, when I start caring for the characters, I know I m onto a winner.I found The Exiled to be a enjoyable read Though it is a little slower paced to my usual reads, that didn t matter as Kati Hiekkapelto has a very nice writing style which flows well The Exiled is a stylish, secretive and compulsive book.Highly recommended. When Anna Fekete returns to her home town of Kanizsa in Serbia for a holiday and has her bag stolen by a thief who is later found dead her investigation takes her on journey she never expected This is the third book in the Detective Anna Fekete series, however it works perfectly as a standalone novel as I have not read the previous two The first chapter immediately drew me in with it s stunning prose and the need to know what has led to that situation as Kati gives you a glimpse of what s to come while effectively leaving you hanging on to find outThe following chapters take you back to events leading up to the first chapter The structure of this book is well constructed and works extremely well as you follow Anna each day with occasional flashbacks to the past and to other characters.The tension is built throughout the book with chapters ending at just the right moment leaving questions in the readers mind The prose is stunning with a subtlety that adds to the atmosphere of the setting and the events that unfold This fits perfectly with difficult subject matter that runs throughout the book.Kati has spun a story of corruption set against the backdrop of a tenuous political climate Current topical issues play a part in The Exiled with the current refugee crisis and the subsequent rise in the far right playing an important role in the story Kati has covered this with an understanding and insight and yet does not force her views down your throat She acknowledges the plight of refugees but also acknowledges the concerns of those who lives have been touched by it inadvertently Anna is a central component to the story, beyond being the detective who is trying to uncover the truth Feeling rootless and struggling with her sense of identity and belonging, her experiences and feelings mirror, in some ways, those of the refugees around her I really empathised with Anna and she is a character I look forward to finding outabout The Exiled unfolds with the gradual peeling away of layers where secret upon secret is slowly unravelled Anna s personal journey and the social situation add to the depth of the novel, making this muchthan your average thriller.Intelligently and beautifully written, The Exiled is a tense read, perfectly mixing gripping thriller with social and political commentary.Thank you to Kati Heikkapelto and Karen Sullivan at Orenda for the copy in exchange for my review and for including me on the blog tour. 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