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~EPUB ♊ Magnate (Acquisition, #2) ♿ Lucius Vinemont Has Spirited Me Away To A World Of Sugar Cane And Sun There Is Nothing He Cannot Give Me On His Lavish Cuban Plantation Each Gift Seduces Me, Each Touch Seals My Fate There Is No Talk Of Depraved Competitions Or His Older Brother The One Who D Stolen Me, Claimed Me, And Made Me Feel Things I Never Should Have Even As Lucius Works To Make Me Forget Sinclair, My Thoughts Stray Back To Him, To The Dark Blue Eyes That Haunt My Sweetest Dreams And Bitterest Nightmares Just Like Every Dream, This One Must End Christmas Will Soon Be Here, And With It, The Second Trial Of The Acquisition Full Disclosure This Book Is A Dark Romance With Elements Of Slavery, Violence, BDSM, And Super Hot Sex It Is The Second Book Of A Trilogy And Ends On A Cliffhanger If You Re Good With These Caveats, Enjoy Coming April Sovereign, Book Of The Acquisition Series LIVE US UK Stella finds herself deeper in the twisted games of the Acquisition trials In this second part of the trilogy, I felt the depravity of the series turn up a notch as this addictive story kept me on the edge of my seat The heroine plays the game of her life whilst the families of the acquisition demonstrate their antiquated community as they battle to reign supreme I relished the thrilling nature, the twists and turns, the suspense running through, the anticipation of what may come next and the exhilaration of the darkness It s violent and sexually depraved in areas but I could not tear my reading eyes away.The motivation driving Sinclair is laid bare by the end of this middle part of the series and oh my goodness I must say that the pace of this three part series is set to perfection revealing just what we need to know at exactly the right times to keep me highly engaged as a reader I saw of the relationship between the three brothers their dynamic is really interesting and adds to the tension of the piece There s animosity between them but equally they share a kinship, a kinship that will no doubt play a strong role in the angst of the story as it progresses further.I had a small issue with the previous book and my concern was completely answered in this second installment, perfectly addressed whilst enhancing Stella s story She s a survivor but there are moments that I felt a little frustrated with her dialogue and thought process, she complained about something that really was her doing Having said that Stella is courageous, feisty and strong making her a great heroine to take centre stage in this story Once again Celia Aaron has produced a compelling read It s a dark romance that, at times is fantastical and there are elements that are a little farfetched but this is fiction and I totally bought into the acquisitions dark and twisted world It felt like the very best kind of dark fairy tale ensconced in realism with a dose of fantasy A beauty and the beast type story meets the hunger games, all set in the real world I was seduced by the tale weaved by this author and found myself addicted to the pages and the ending OMG The ending gave me what I was craving in a very twisted way and sealed the deal of a solid 4 star read The plot has thickened and I cannot wait for SOVEREIGN, the third and final part of this dark and twisted story Note MAGNATE is the second part in the three part Acquisition series told in the alternating perspective of Stella and Sinclair The series should be read n order My review thoughts for Councellor Councellor US copy received for my honest review thoughts Teasers created by JxxxPinklady with stock images purchased from deposit photos I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley.com, in exchange for honest feedback Building in intensity, Magnate picks up where Counsellor left off, continuing the sordid tradition of the Acquisition trials Stella has now chosen to be owned by Sinclair s younger brother, Lucius Sibling rivalry is taken to a whole new level as these two brothers fight for the rights to Stella s body and soul.It soon becomes apparent to Stella that Lucius is not just the kind hearted savior that he portrayed himself as Like his older brother, he is a wolf, dead set on ruining her She is determined to best the brothers, turning them against one another and destroying this family from the inside out.As the Christmas trial comes to pass, Lucius finally realizes that he has bitten off than he can chew Stella faces unimaginable horrors at the hands of the entitled elite of the South, while the brothers are powerless to stop it from playing out before them Luckily, there were a few saving graces for Stella which helped her escape, in part, the terrors of this trial.Following the Christmas trial, nothing will be the same Stella s relationship with the two brothers has been forever changed When she finally meets the hidden matriarch if the family, what she learns forces her to view the brothers, and the trials, in a new light She comes to realize that she is not the only victim of the trials in this household.With each installment, this series continues to get intriguing I am torn between love and hate as I struggle to come to terms with the actions of Sinclair My heart goes out to Stella with each horrendous act that she is forced to endure Yet, my sympathy now extends to Sinclair as well, now that I understand why he must continue down this path This story is twisted and addicting 5 Dark and Lovely Stars I must start out and say I LOVE THE DEPRAVITY AND DARKNESS that the mind of Celia Aaron weaves Magnate was Absolutely Gripping, Mesmerizing, Wicked and Addicting Magnate picks up two weeks after the Counsellor ends Stella has escaped the eyes, the hold, the attraction, and the hatred of Sinclair Vinemont But in her sleep he is never far She has traded one snake for another Lucius Vinemont is now her captor But no matter the captor, Stella must continue in the Acquisition Trials As the story unfolds, secrets and expectations are revealed Playing the game, being the player and being the pawn all become intertwined with feelings But feelings cannot be part of the Trials for feelings can lose the game that can t be lost for the Vinemont s Stella and Sinclair have a connection and every now and then, Sinclair s external shield comes down But Sinclair has many responsibilities and Stella is not here as an accessory but as a sacrifice There are times he forgets but the REAL meaning of The Acquisition Trials is always present I will say that The Christmas Trials are not for the faint of heart I will warn you that it is debauchery at its finest but I loved how it unfolded and progressed This story is laced with darkness, demented desires, betrayals, longing, lust, hatred..every dark emotion under the sun But it also has a glimmer of hope, redemption and love When they all mix together, it creates a story that is heart wrenching and engrossing The writing is Simply Brilliant Counsellor and Magnate have managed to infiltrate my mind and my soul and I can only imagine what Sovereign will do Advanced copy given by author in exchange for an honest review My suspicions are confirmed Stella is truly a masochist and Sinclair is definitely a sadist And that is the best part of the book just being sarcastic here Well, this was a painful to read book I was tensed while I was reading, just thinking the torturing that Stella has to endure during the Christmas trial It is not a big secret among the family members anyway.I was scared thinking what Lucius, Sinclair s younger brother, is going to do to her now that he owns her.And I was absolutely sure that Stella s lovely stepbrother is going to double cross her.Thank God the outcome is not as bad as I expected even if it is pure torture to watch But still it could have been much worse.Sinclair Vinemont Sin Hmm I cannot say that I finally like him Let s just say that he has taken a step to the right direction There are seven rules that the participant families in the games need to follow I kind of understand Sinclair s desperate need to win when I learned the first rule although I do not understand why someone and his family participate in the games in the first place How much power starved they have to beStella Rousseau Hmm Still I do not understand what she is doing there But I am expecting to see some common sense from her in book 3, Sovereign.She promised actuallyI would come out the other side And when I did, I would burn the entire Acquisition to the ground And I hope that she keeps her promise. 4.5 StarsWas strength always born of fire, of torment I nodded at the silent question I would have to suffer to survive But I would come out the other side I love this author s writing She is one of my favorite authors I ve read four of her books just in this year so you can guess how much I like her books She is really talented in Dark romance and this series is one of her dark works This one wasn t as dark as the first installment but it still was dark It s a page turner and I assure you it holds your interest till the last page I really loved Stella, she is a fighter, she didn t accept anything without a fight and she is so brave and smart She didn t let her love lust attraction for Sin made her go soft on Sin and forgive him for what he s done And Sin I loved him for one minute and the next minute I wanted to kill him with my own hands He does something so nice one second and the next when he opens his mouth he ruins everything But still I couldn t hate him, I tried but I just can t At least, he showed some emotions toward Stella The writing was so perfect and the characters were well written I really liked Sin s brothers Told in dual POV, 1st person, and well paced It s the second installment in the Acquisition series and it should be read in order Looking forward to reading the third and final installment Overall, I LOVED it and I hope you enjoy it as well Copy kindly provided by the author Celia Aaron, in exchange for an honest review No no no no that Cliffhanger, I didn t see that coming no I m so sorry sweet Stella but I m on Sinclair s side now He just has to do this and you ll just have to survive damn I loved this book even than the first one Stella has chosen Lucius as her owner and wants to go to the trials with him Will Lucius still want this when Sinclair tells him the truth about what will have to be done What will the brutal Christmas trials do to Stella How will this affect the 3 brothers I m not telling about this story since I don t want to spoil anything In the first book I had huge problems with Sinclair but this book changed my mind I still don t really like Lucius but then there is sweet, young Teddy I really adore that boy and hope he ll get the chance to continue his rather carefree life As for Stella wow her strength and compassion for others I really admire her for this I also love the attraction between her and Sinclair I m really looking forward to the third book and am so glad it s planned for April 2016 Magnate opens with Stella s choice of a Vinemont brother and with the possible looming repercussions While her heart still craves the man she believes Sin truly may be, he continues to keep his emotions closely guarded With upheaval within the Vinemont family business, the man Stella least expects arrives to reclaim her and they return to the Vinemont estate You don t want me to put you on your stomach, slap your ass, fist your hair, and fuck your tight pussy until I make you come on a scream Tie you up, make you come again while I m deep in your ass until you beg me to stop As the second Acquisition trial is approaching, Stella still doesn t know what to expect but she is determined to survive The question is whether she will irrevocably change once her fate is in the hands of her captor During the trial, Stella proves she is a worthy competitor and stronger than was expected An interesting turn of events occurs, and at the time, I was relieved His words were a dark promise that sent a thread of electricity straight between my thighs I was in his web again, caught and cocooned as he slowly sank his fangs into every bit of me With the remaining two Acquisition trials looming, tension at the Vinemont estate is escalating There are so many family secrets and the seven rules of the Acquisition have yet to be fully disclosed It isn t until the Vinemont matriarch reveals the first and most important rule when the game instantly changes for Stella Now, there really aren t any other options for Stella or the Vinemonts Winning is everything I would gladly take your place if I could But I can t And I need you to get through this While the tone of Magnate continues to be ominous and mysterious, all of the elements at play are slowly coming together in Magnate From the beginning, Sin advised Stella that the less she knew about the trials, the better and being the oldest sibling, Sin must bear this burden The dynamics between the brothers and the family business are also coalescing, as they could not be different but as a unit they are complimentary With such growing attachments to the brothers, the outcome of the trial is worrisome.For me, this series just keeps getting better The revelations provided add to the mystery of the plot and it is certainly keeping me intrigued Additionally, the alternating POV s between Sinclair and Stella reinforce their experiences and allows for thoughtful character development and empathy All I know is that I want to read With the cliffhanger revelation and ending, I am counting the days for Sovereign s release Acquisition SeriesAn ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 3.75 4 StarsSeven rules to see you through Seven rules to live by Seven rules to make it hurt Seven rules to kill by Magnateis the second installment in Celia Aaron s newest series entitledAcquisitionand picks up two weeks after the first installmentCounsellorends Even if Stella has now a new captor, Lucius, Sinclair s youngest brother, she still dreams about her old captorYou made me weak From the first moment I saw you, you were a fucking poisonShe still craves his touch, but she s determined to keep her emotions at bay She feels Sinclair feels for her that he admits, but she can t do anything about it, since he continues to torment her in every way She believes Lucius can save her, but as the story unfolds she realizes that he s worse that his big brother She knows one thing she has to survive the upcoming trial She would do anything to be safe, even use Lucius against Sinclair Sinclair is pissed that Stella chose his brother He wants to hate her, to see her only as an acquisition, but he eventually admits to himself how much she means to himEven when she wasn t in my presence, I saw her More than that, I felt her She d taken up residence inside meHowever, he s determined to win this sick game They have too, because everything will be lost and everyone will lose something if someone else wins He wants to keep Stella away from him and the only way to accomplish that is to be cruel with her.Well, this one was better than the first installment for me The plot was developed, the story was intriguing and maybe a little darker too I liked the new revelations and how the mystery was built Once again the story was told from both MC point of view Both Stella and Sinclair were well developed in this installment And not only them, a couple of supporting characters too Stella was strong here as in the previous installment She s determined not to give up, to fight for her life and not only Sinclair is still feeling conflicted He tries to fights his feelings as best as he can He is definitely likeable in this installment, human At some point he actually helps Stella when she needs it and at times he is sweet, caring and protective with her Needless to say I liked him here In this installment like in the previous, the dynamic between these two is done well and the attraction is stronger than ever The supporting characters were intriguing, engaging, especially some female character The story ends with an interesting cliffhanger, so I m anxiously waiting for the third and final installment Overall, a great, entertaining read At the end of Counsellor, we see our Acquisition changing hands Stella thinks Lucius can save her, that she would be safe in his hands But little does she know, that Lucius, will harm her and walk away without a backward thought While Sinclair lurks in the background, waiting and silently staking his claim Stellar may be the means to winning the Acquisition, bearing the savagery of a secret aristocratic society, all in the race for supremacy But, she is the one woman that softens his heart His cruelty towards her is the only way to remain strong and objective in order to win Suffice to say, Celia Aaron takes us on an in depth journey into the Christmas Trials The second trial of the Acquisition games One that will make you gasp in horror, while praying for mercy Crying because of the pain and sorrow, that the loser will have to bear because of the seven rules While Stella nervously awaits the Christmas trials The one trial that a former Acquisition mentioned was most brutal and takes hold of a person s most savage inner beast And unleashes it upon the sacrificial lamb Her fight was tantamount to a raging bull I have no idea how she did it But Stellar fought every step of the way She truly proved Sinclair right, when he said she would be the Vinemonts victor.I loved that even though this book shared the spotlight with Lucius, Sinclair was there every step of the way His strategies played a prominent part of the story and proved that he was right He was the only one who had the strength to carry the family s burden.Vinemont thought he needed to break Stellar to win To treat her as those same monsters, he had to become a monster himself He was wrong Stellar s own plans to turn Lucius against Sinclair are foiled when she realizes that the Vinemont brothers are fighting for something greater than her Someone, that she herself, may just as willingly lay down her life for.Such another great instalment by Celia Aaron The characters, were all detailed and well developed Especially Cal s portrayal, along with Rebecca s loony bin antics Well heck Delicious It was dark, animalistic, appalling, and yet, so gratifying.Can t wait for Sovereign I need to know what happens, especially after than cliffhanger If you re a dark romance lover, that loves an anti hero, and an enigmatic and mercurial main character With loads of suspense and depravity Then you ll love this series Recommended to be read in order Counsellor, Magnate and soon Sovereign ARC provided by Celia Aaron for an honest review Thanks so so much I loved it