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About a Navy SEAL on a Rescue Mission. 3.5 Stars Pretty fast read, and I love the hero, Clay Gabby, not so much I understand there is supposed to be this damsel in distress type feel, but I thought Gabby would be different stronger She was so self contained in the beginning, but when things started getting crazy, she turned into one of those naive heroines that I despise The suspense was there, and surprisingly, the chemistry between Gabby and Clay Overall, a quick, enjoyable read. @READ KINDLE ê Her SEAL Protector á Subject Navy SEAL Clay HoundDog Bellamy Mission Rescue The Lush, Curvy Civilian And Definitely Don T Give In To Temptation Even In Her Worst Nightmare, Gabby Diaz Never Imagined A Banking Conference In Paraguay Would End With Her Being Kidnapped And Ransomed Before Being Rescued By A Hard Muscled Navy SEAL Now, Despite Lingering Worries, She S Home And Safe Again Isn T She Someone Has Gabby In Their Deadly Sights, And She Needs Her Hotter Than Hot SEAL S Help But Despite Clay Bellamy S Guarded Navy Demeanor, His Hunger For Gabby Is Hard To Control He Tells Himself It S Just The Hero Thing, That They Re Worlds Apart Until A Sizzling Kiss Flips Both Their Worlds Upside Down Now Clay S Mission Has Been Compromised In The Wickedest Way Imaginable I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and thoroughly enjoyed it There was action, a little suspense and of course, romance It was well written and I didn t want to put it down Both Gabby and Clay are likeable characters I did guess who the bad guy was but with how the story unfolded I still wanted to keep reading.I will definitely readof Ms Burns books and recommend this book as a good, quick read. This was a nice summer read.I liked the characters Gabby and Clay.There was some mystery and a lot of romance.I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway.A real nice fast read. The strength of Gabby s character was a breath of fresh air Everything, from the action, the romance, and Gabby and Clay individually will keep your attention, making you glad that you gave Her SEAL Protector a chance 4 stars RT Book Reviews.Miniseries Writing was very good and I enjoyed it Did feel the villain was a bit obvious but would recommend. Fast paced, hot sexy read well worth a look. s 19 Bru en hmyzu The chirp and buzz of insects s 21Clayi Gabby se zarazila A pro klejete Ne, tak se jmenuju kejte mi ClayiPozn mka pod arou by byla vhodn jClay Gabby studied the ground but didn t see any Where What Where s the clay No, that s my name Call me Clay, Ms Diazs 23 Cht l v d t, jestli chl pek, kter ji zachra uje, m n jak titulSHE wanted to know if the guy who was saving her butt had a degree Je hloup pou vat kilometry, kdy jsou v origin le m le s 21, 32.s 57 Zelen p smena z c to tmy z bud ku se j vysm vala T i ty icet dvanumberss 69 Ale necht l p iznat, e etl jej tweetyV tom p pad by ji asi nem l sledovat s 54 Clay Bellamy ji za al sledovats 92 Leda e by m p ece je t spoustu dovolens 99 Musel p ij t o rozum, kdy kv li t hle cest vypl cal posledn dny volnas 128Rodina Claytona Bellamyho To jsem j Yes, that s mes 131Co je to za parf m Gard nieAle to u v.s 74Co je to za parf m Gard nies 38 Sukni m la vykysanou s 40M jinouTedy M M jinou.s 75 d ds 93 dod oBylo by dobr to sjednotit.s 97 Jak dlouho jdi u arm dys 106 ClaiClayi s 119 Sed l u stoku a pil k vus 127u byla na au byla na ase s 129 Byla to kv li ns 136 Vysko il na ni znepokojuj c fr zeji j s 65, 71, 91, 94, 127 This one is really short, even for a romance But I liked that it challenged the idea of women falling in love with men who save them just because of that happening, as well as the idea of women being with men who are super over protective and controlling.Note I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways.