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Many drawing books take you from stage 1 of a circle to a middle step no one understands, and then jump to Mona Lisa I really appreciate Alphonso s book and his workbook for the way in which it breaks down the drawing process My friend and I have been drawing every Saturday morning for the past year and half, using his book at first and now his workbook it s been an amazing journey and I ve learned a ton If you ve ever wanted to pick up pen and ink drawing, and if you have the patience and perseverance, Alphonso will show you the way Highly highly recommend this This book was clear and concise on how to improve my artwork and finally gave me some kind of motivation to try with my recent summer malaise I originally found out about this book through Alphonso s Youtube channel link here if you would like to check it out because I needed help in improving my own work, and being a very poor college student private lessons and such were but a far away dream But thanks to the internet all I have to do are look up tutorials and great artists such as Alphonso Dunn pop up instantly When I heard about him publishing a book I knew I had to get a copy, so I got my school s library to order one Dunn s book is a clear in depth instructional how to for your art and breaks down complex methods to easier ones, if anyone feels like they need help improving their art this book definitely is a must buy Best pen and ink book I ve read, and I ve read about 3 Useful and clear info on various tools, pens, ink, paper A brief intro to the rules of perspective, quite a lot on lighting shading, and a very useful section on textures Doesn t go into detail of anything, really, but it is a very good starting point. I can t think of a better book to introduce yourself into the mindset of drawing with ink Simple and straight to the point. [ E-pub ] ♦ Pen and Ink Drawing ♷ Pen Ink Drawing A Simple Guide Covers The Essential Aspects Of Pen And Ink Drawing And It Explores Basic Materials And Instruments Fundamental Properties Of Strokes And Pen Control Key Elements Of Shading And Indispensable Techniques For Creating Vibrant Textures As A Bonus, A Chapter Is Devoted To What The Author Refers To As, The Secret Line Of Balance This Book Is Not Just Written To Instruct But Also To Intrigue And Inspire Enthusiasts Of Pen And Ink Drawing This was a fun, informative book If I keep practicing, I will improve my drawing skills. This is the book that I have been searching for most of my life Maybe I feel that way because I already understand a lot about drawing and sketching However, this book breaks concepts and procedures down into understandable and relatable chucks One of the reasons why I bought this book was to get a better understanding of hatching and other shading methods, to which this book does a good job of covering and explaining. Great book Very complete by itself, and if you complement it with the YouTube channel, then it gets even better I m glad I bought it It has become one of my secret weapons I loved the line of balance chapter I follow it everywhere now Great buy. A very good study of pen and ink drawing for beginners The late chapter on Lines of Balance was the most unique part of this approach, and is well worth revisiting. This gentleman has a Youtube channel too hes so kind in sharing tips for freee I love hearing hey guys so its been a while since I shared something on this series. But he completely totally reframed my attitude towards drawing He s really reassuring and pro tryna ENJOY the organic process of drawing and not worrying about results or pressure I had art block bc I was too focused on near perfect results he also gives good constructive and practical exercises to play around with My favourite thing about it is there is a natural essence of joy about the whole thing Anyone can learn something from Alphonso despite your background or credentials in art, everyone can join in and with baby steps attain the coveted result of I wanna be as good as that guy he makes it possible and very fun too 5 stars my dear 5 stars for ye.