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i read the first page and it has a good starting. Wow That was alarming, scary, sad, funny, and odd all together Great book by Peter McPhee view spoiler Michael LaVide has an obsessive infatuation with Emily, a teenage girl who had a bad previous experience with another boy, Justin Then there s Daniel, who Emily actually likes Michael has a mental stalking illness called erotomania, which causes a delusional thought that a girl is his girlfriend when she really isn t Michael begins to stalk Emily, watching her on her date with Daniel, finding out where she lives, and finding out almost everything about her This is where it got kinda creepy, I mean, what kind of person does that They call the police, ending in a stand off between authorities and Michael on Emily s house roof, which ends with Michael believing that the snow falling is an omen that the stars are falling and that he and Emily belong together Then he promptly falls off the roof, landing him in the hospital.Emily decides to withdraw from everyone after that, trying to sort out her emotions When she finally does emerge, she is hit with another blow Michael has escaped from custody and has locked everyone out in her workplace except Daniel, who was playing a song Michael has a bomb with him and tells Emily to make a choice Him or Daniel Of course, she ignores it and starts saying he is a freak, which causes him to throw the bomb at Daniel, ultimately burning himself and Daniel However, Michael is, unfortunately not dead, and neither is Daniel.The story ends with Emily being part of the student exchange program in the Mediterranean.Then the last chapter, two pages, is in Michael s POV It s kinda creepy and alarming hide spoiler Free E-pub ♃ Every Move (Sidestreets) ⚔ Edgy And Suspenseful Young Adult Fiction That Explores Topics Teens Want To Read AboutIt Begins With A Chance Encounter Teenage Emily And Her Friends Come To The Aid Of A Stranger Who Is Being Bullied By A Gang Emily Forgets About The Incident, But The Young Man She Helped Becomes Fixated On Her Only When Her Real Love Interest Is Attacked Does She Begin To Understand That The Stranger S Interest In Her Has Become A Full Blown Obsession Every Move Is A Realistic But Chilling Look At This Threatening And All Too Common Form Of Harassment Fry Reading Level Oh my I have not read a book this bad in a very long time I tend to be a pretty optimistic reader and I absolutely hate not finishing a book But this book forced me to go against my ways I just couldn t get through this one.A good story transports you into the novel You are just placed into a new life and feel so connected with the characters and care for them Sadly, this was not the case All of the characters could have literally dropped dead and I would have not shed one tear And keep in mind, I am a very sensitive person The plot line was so interesting, but the author did a terrible job making the reader feel connected Also, the chemistry of the characters was so incredibly forced One example is just the email exchange yes, email between the main character cannot even remember her name and Daniel I literally could not stop my eyes from rolling.And the whole story was just a bit hard to believe The fact that the main character, whose name I have yet to place, acted so cooly for so long was just unrealistic Call me crazy, but if I saw a guy lingering on my street staring at me after proving again and again his creepiness I would have than a second thought about it.Maybe it s unfair to give one star to a novel I never finished However, if it made me call in quits, a person who tries to suck up any below average story until the last word, then maybe it is fair after all.Overall, the story reminded me of a very bad Lifetime movie The only thing left to say is that I really wish I could get my eight dollars back.P.S After I wrote this review, I decided to read the exciting parts towards the end because I really, really hate not finishing novels And I will say, the last chapter was so creepy and actually made me feel something It was an eerily great ending to a bad story.Hm, maybe I would have liked the story better told in the stalker s point of view the whole time or alternated constantly..P.P.S I still want my eight dollars back. Twisted, crazy, and true, this novel is one that takes place on the very streets that I call home that in itself is scary enough The writing was okay, but the story was phenomenal and it was real I believe that s the reason I liked it so much based on a true story The power of it. Emily works at a dinner and one night some boys started causing trouble with a boy named Michael After she makes the boys leave Michael tells her he s good with computers and that he could fix the ones at the dinner Eventually Michael gets a job at the dinner and starts sending Emily gifts and cards with her picture on them When Emily starts getting these things, its starts getting creepy and Michael becomes obsessed with her but Emily likes a different guy, his name is Daniel and she met him at the dinner Michael doesn t like the fact that Emily is starting to see another guy so he starts harassing her to the pint where she calls the cops By the end of the story Michael tries to kill Daniel but it doesn t work This is by far one of the best books I ve ever read It was so hard to put down, I just wanted to keep reading The author did really good by making it so suspenseful The only thing I didn t like was the ending it should have ended in a good way I recommend everyone to read this book, especially people who are really kind because you ll never know who your really being nice too. i loved this book it was the bomb.the book kept my eyes glued to it finished it in about 2 hour have to get tje sequel.michael is way too creepy is this based o ntrue evevts if so who was michael and what was his real name and where is he now hmmmmm Every Move by Peter McpeeA shocking entertaing novel for all teens Of a disturbed boy fantasizing over Emily s mysterious love life. I barley started reading this book like a week ago and from what I could say is that it s intense You re going to be so interested in finding out what can possibly happen in the next chapters with the stalker, and what he is up to It just keeps keeping good and good and I like it. Incredibly cheesy and clich for a topic so serious.