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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♖ Alchemy of the Heart ☩ The Causal Point Of The Things That Occur In Our Everyday Experience Isn T In The Actions Of Others, But Within Each Of Us During Our Early Years, We Are Imprinted By The Emotional Condition Of Those Responsible For Us Their Emotional State Overlays The Essence Of Who We Are, So That We Learn To Behave Like Them Instead Of Growing Up To Be OurselvesIn Alchemy Of The Heart, We Are Asked To Become Conscious Of The Ways We Were Imprinted And How These Imprints Drive Our Behavior Our Guide In Achieving This Is The Heart And The Language Of Felt Perception Through This Language, The Heart Enables Us To Re Parent Ourselves And Frees Us To Love UnconditionallyThis Journey Is About Allowing Ourselves To Feel Life To Be Present And Awake In Each Moment, So That We Really Experience Everything It Is The Chance To Participate Actively, Responsibly, And Creatively In Our Lives This is one of those books you will pick up and re read throughout your life It is the kind that will offer different and deeper messages each time you read it It makes you take a hard look at your life but also offers uplifting resolves if you don t like what you feel It is permanently by my nightstand. It is powerful spiritual book as much as presence process book However no need for breathing sessions when we read this book I recommend this book 5 5 Totally enjoyed this book and got so much from this author s thoughts about issues of the heart I am about half way through the book, and I am enjoying it immensely I love the author s play on words and meanings Many of his thoughts send me into reflection, so that I am taking my time getting through the book Truly life transforming I am grateful for the author s willingness to put this info out there for anyone searching to have access to, that he doesn t hoard it with the intention to make a great deal of money from it His website is equally incredible Check it out. This goes along with his book, The Presence Process and it deepened my understanding even on my spiritual path I highly recommend it to anyone who is doing some soul searching. This work deserved than five stars I am speechless when it comes to describing the value of its contents No one will speak truth to you as Michael Brown does Even Eckhart Tolle is pale in comparison. Loved this book So many insights and profound moments I want to read it again and again. This book is so profoundly magical it is hard to describe it It gave me many answers, and at the same time I don t remember the last time I laughed so hard The story about the rabbit was hilarious.It is at time difficult to read, because it is bringing out our unconscious, and the mind in order to protect itself falls asleep , or is bored In order to read this book till the end one has to stay alert And many profound jewels are delivered towards the end But if you re not into profound, it s interesting to find out why young people like to do piercing and tattooing