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In Which I Attempt to Annotate this Weirdly Organized, Heavily Subsectioned Monstrosity OR The Center Cannot HoldINTRODUCTIONTHE WORLDS OF ANDROID Androids exist It is the future ARCHIVED MEMORIES Corporations mapped brains to make androids and clones Everyone hates them ENGINEERING THE FUTURE The company who makes androids is called Haas Bioroid Interlude Floyd, the robot detective, discovers a murderous android.INFINITE FRONTIERS HB makes many kinds of androids.PERSONAL EVOLUTION Jinteki makes clones Interlude Jinteki Chairman Hiro is threatened by his grandfather.REPLICATING PERFECTION Jinteki makes many kinds of clones.THE WORLD IS YOURS Intro to NBN Interlude Noise hacks into something he shouldn t on HB s servers.THE NETWORK A description of the internet.THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS Brief description of New Angeles.BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW Intro to Weyland and the Beanstalk.MOVING UPWARDS History and explanation of the Beanstalk.GATEWAY TO THE STARS Anatomy of the Beanstalk.PART 1 IT IS THE FUTUREHAAS BIOROID History of the Haas family.BIOROIDS A bioroid s weekly routine Interlude Cynthia Haas sees her ex husband.ENGINEERING THE MODERN WORKFORCE journalistic expos on the bioroid phenomenon Interlude Ismina Parker runs for Congress. Interlude Ulysses the bioroid is born. JINTEKI History of Chairman Hiro.ACCELERATING DEVELOPMENT GENETIC PERSPECTIVES Genetic technobabble.JINTEKI WINS CHRONOS PROTOCOL BID Jinteki can reprogram clones in the field.CLONES Advertising on Henry Tenma Molloy lines, as well as proper clone care Interlude A spy in Jinteki. NBN The company s information monopoly.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW LET US ENTERTAIN YOU Suggestion that NBN not only controls all media, but intentionally offers countermedia to offset concerns of monopoly THE NETWORK History of the Blackout and rise of the Network.REALITY, AUGMENTED Specifics on PADs and off gridding Interlude Smoke breaks the Network A DEEP BLACK SEA Discussions of private and illegal networks.BUILDING NEURAL BRIDGES netrunning gear cyberspace technobabble risks of running.MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF THE NET sentient AI.JUST FUN N GAMES You kids stop playing those compooter games Interlude Lily Lockwell gets a tip from Noise. THE WEYLAND CONSORTIUM Weyland owns the Beanstalk plus everything elseTHE BOARD and is likely horribly corrupt THE NEW ANGELES SPACE ELEVATOR I can t even be pithy on this one, this section is so long and is pushing the Real Science So Hard and I can t even, it is just so beyond me and possibly written by a crazy person Okay, at this point I ve abandoned the copious note taking because 1 the book gets a little clearly organized and 2 I m tired Part 2 The World Changed covers the city of New Angeles this is like the only brief section in the book, and is complemented by a much longer and detailed run through in Shadow of the Beanstalk, the sister title There s a decent rundown of other international superpowers not specific enough for gaming, but enough to paint the world in broad strokes , plus a weirdly over detailed discussion of the Moon colonies, and a slightly balanced look at Mars Balance of info is all over the place, really I feel like someone different wrote each section and no one consulted with one another on the kind of information they d been tasked to present.Part 3 People Did Not seems to have a balance of useful info that should have been covered already and really specific crunch that doesn t belong here The first section here covers and interstellar war that s relatively essential to the setting Then there s a long section on weaponry that feels totally out of place More later. Feels half way between a world building book and a story book If you re a casual A NR player who enjoys the lore like myself , you ll like a small story at the start where Noise makes a run using Femme Fatalle There are a few such snippet through out the book, but now enough, and the rest is an attempt at a comprehensive world building that quickly becomes repetitive and even boring. If you re interested in the Android universe, the information here is interesting even though the bulk of the book reads like a Wikipedia page, or perhaps an RPG source book with no crunch.The art is gorgeous and the story fragments are excellent. Excellent background information and art for the world of Android. Gotta agree with Janet The book repeats itself a lot.I also didn t like how it focused on the Corps and only had like 10 pages for the Runner side Yes, it mentions them as NetCriminals but it would be nice to have actually had information on some of the ID s from Netrunner out there The Chatlog with Smoke and two other unidentified runners talking about Whizzard being Boom d killed by an RPG was amusing, as the book was published before that happened IIRC.I d have liked fiction the runs being described for Noise and Kit were interesting and a bit art than some of the drier pages that repeated stuff explained in previous parts to make it a bit faster to read or at least a semi art book But eh it s not a bad little companion, but not worth the 40 60 Fantasy Flight wants to charge for it. A great, flavourful compendium of the setting that powers many great games from Fantasy Flight Games Gorgeous graphics, good writing, and interesting remixes of many a cyberpunk near future trope.Full disclaimer yes, I play Android Netrunner, so I am a bit biased D .Read Pdf ♔ The Worlds of Android ♳ The Worlds Of Android Is Your Definitive Guide To Android Setting And Its Unique Vision Of The Future A Beautiful, Page Hardbound Setting Guide And Art Book, The Worlds Of Android Features Full Color Art, Stunning Gatefolds, And A Polyphony Of Narrative Voices That Convey The Immense Diversity Of Human Experience In The Rich, Fictional Universe Made Famous By Android Netrunner And The Android Board GameMankind Has Spread Itself Out Across The Solar System With Varying Degrees Of Success The Moon And Mars Are Colonized A Plan To Terraform Mars Is Well Underway, Hindered Only By A Civil War That Has Broken Out On That Planet On Earth, A Massive Space Elevator Has Been Built, Stretching Up Into The Sky It Is The Hub Of Trade In The Solar System, And Most People Refer To It As The Beanstalk Enormous Megacorporations, Called Corps By Most, Influence Every Facet Of Daily Life Food, Threedee, Music, Career ChoicesThroughout Its Three Sections, The Worlds Of Android Explores These Corps And Their Most Visionary Innovations It Explores What Technological Advances And Extraterrestrial Expansion Mean To A Human Population That No Longer Resides Exclusively On Earth And It Explores The Question Of What It Means To Be Human In A World Filled With Clones, Bioroids, And Other Forms Of Artificial Intelligence Exhaustive I had to read it selectively because it goes into very granular detail As far as serving as a sourcebook and an artbook, it serves both masters well I can t imagine needing any detail than what s provided and there is Plenty of art here. I really like the Android universe The Blade Runner ish feel with clones, robots, mega corps and limited stellar travel from humanity I am a fan of the novels and this was a great source book to the setting with amazing artwork. I like getting to know the Android universe and maybe hints of what s coming in ANR but this is, like, super repetitive It s like the same history 5 times, they expect skimming and incomplete reading so it s filler.