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Was at times a bit too descriptive, as the Louis Kincaid books tend to be, but overall a captivating and interesting read P.J Parrish has officially become one of my favorite authors I found the mental health discussions riveting and insightful it was a bit like Shutter Island I read the entire book in two days, just like the last P.J Parrish book I read, and it was definitely a page turner, although occasionally I felt compelled to skim several pages as the suspense was dragged out far too long in descriptions of flowers and decorations when all I really wanted to know was who had just been killed Overall, a great mystery. This book is written very well and there are many suprising twists and stuff like that.I think it s a great mystery book but somewhat disturbing and scary then again I was reading it at 3AM alone in the dark.Haha If you like murder mysteries this book is perfect for you. This book kept me muchengaged than the last one in the series This one takes PI Louis Kincaid back to Michigan and his foster family Specifically he is trying to help his father determine what happened to a long lost love who ended up dying in a sanitarium many years ago because the grave he has been visiting turns out to be empty More folks end up dead and it all ties back to the sanitarium So many secrets from the patients and staff are uncovered and it kept me guessing until the end. We are back in MI, in Plymouth, and there are so many places and even foods that remind me of home It is eerily creepy and draws you into a deep, dark plot that twists and turns and even surprises Louis Kincaid Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you are no where near the truth As the book progresses you learnandabout Louis childhood, his foster parents, his love interest back in Flordia Joe she is also a recurring character and it becomes a wonderful mix of mystery and character discovery Creepy, haunting thriller Not too much gore Just enough goose bumps Books keep getting better I can t wait until the next It would be nice if Kincaid had a break once in a while,though. Another very good book and story One of the best in the series.so far. When a cemetary is being relocated, Louis Kincaid gets roped into a locating a Claudia s body which wasn t in her casket His foster father dated this girl and lost touch when she was committed to an asylum back in 1951 During his investigation, Louis discovers the many atrocities committed in the name of mental health as well as a lead or two on Claudia Othersinister mysteries come to light and Kincaid nearly gets killed in the discovery process.This is one of the better mystery novels I ve read recently Totally convoluted plotlines with lots of intersecting characters and deadly secrets Louis Kincaid is one determined private eye He doesn t give in, even when the chips are stacked against him. This was a really good Louis Kincaid mystery This book had Louis traveling back to Michigan to visit his foster parents, Phillip and Frances Phillips asked Louis to help him locate the remains of his first love, Claudia who had died in an insane asylum in 1972 The institution was closing and her coffin was found filled with rocks As Louis begins to investigate he discovers old family secrets, horrible abuses at the asylum He also has to deal with an over zealous newspaper reporter that believes a serial killer that died in the asylum is still alive, since tworecent bodies have turned up with similar MO Louis also has to deal with his own demons from his childhood and his years growing up with Phillip and Frances The secrets Phillip has kept from his wife for over 30 years threatens to destroy their relationship I used to read a lot of P J Parrish, but over the years I have fallen behind on this series I found this one stuck way up on the top shelf of my bookcase and remembered how good these were This one was pretty lurid, and really spooky at times when they were walking around an old abandoned insane asylum and prowling through tunnels underneath the building The treatments of days gone by are revisited here and this makes for some difficult reading So, this one is not for the squemish There a satifactory ending with some of the characters, but sort of leaves you hanging with others I would have liked to feel that Phillip got the closure he needed and then was able to do the right thing by Frances, if she was able to accept things Those issues may have been spoken of in later novels, and I m just not aware This book was published in 2006 and there have been several released since then I think This may not have been my all time favorite P J Parrish Kincaid mystery, but it satified my craving for a good mystery I think I ll try to catch up with P J Parrish. `READ KINDLE ☟ An Unquiet Grave (Louis Kincaid, #7) ☘ Not Every Soul Rest In PeaceIn A Remote Corner Of The Michigan Woods, Behind Rusted Iron Gates And Crumbling Stone Walls, Lie One Of The Country S Most Notorious Sanitariums And Its Forgotten Cemetery The Sprawling Ruin Is Empty Now, And The Bulldozers Have Come To Raze It But As They Do, A Terrifying Secret Begins To EmergeThe Body In Claudia Olsen S Grave Is That Of A Stranger Who Died Horribly This Much Louis Kincaid Knows But What Happened To The Woman Who Should Be Buried There It S A Question No One Will Answer, One That Leads Kincaid To The Long, Dark Tunnels Below The Asylum And Crimes Of Unimaginable DepravityNow, In A Place Where The Walls Are Stained With Secrets, The Air Thick With The Lingering History Of Screams, Louis Kincaid Is On His Darkest Journey Yet, Matching Wits With A Monster Whose Work Will Not Be Silenced