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!READ EPUB ☣ Crown Prince's Chosen Bride ♁ The People S Princess Chef Gemma Harper Is On A Dating Break, So The Last Thing She Needs Is Gorgeous Stranger Tristan Tempting Her Into A Fling Especially When He S Revealed As The Crown Prince Of Montavia Gemma Knows Forever Isn T Possible With Duty Bound Tristan, But Swept Off Her Feet By This Charismatic Prince, She S Determined To Make Every Moment Count And When Tristan Throws Out The Royal Rule Book, A Happy Ever After Could Be Within Gemma S Grasp If Only She S Brave Enough To Say I Do This is truly a magical journey from Sydney Australia to the small country of Montavia and what lengths a new Crown Prince will do so as he can spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves the woman he fell in love with at first sight wooden spoon and all.Gemma Harper is a chef and one of The Party Queens she has been on a self imposed dating break for six months after the end of a bad relationship and the time is up she is baking a trial wedding cake and a celebration cake when her life is changed forever when a gorgeous stranger walks into the kitchen and the spark could light up the night.Crown Prince Tristan of Montavia is on holiday in Australia before he has to settle back into a lifestyle and routine that was never going to be his but because of tragedy it is now and he wants one last fling before it all starts While here he is organizing an official party in Sydney with the help of party planners and needs to meet with Eliza but he encounters Gemma and falls for her instantly but his life will not let them be together or will it.Tristan and Gemma spend a few sensual and beautiful days together in The Blue Mountains knowing that it will never be forever both are devastated when their time comes to an end Tristan goes back home but decides that he cannot live without Gemma and starts the ball moving to change laws This is a fabulous story that is beautifully written such a fairy tale that you will not want to put down do yourself a favour and don t miss this one it is sure to make you smile and will become a comfort read such a happy joyous story of true love. CROWN PRINCE S CHOSEN BRIDE by author Kandy Shepherd is a March 2016 release by Harlequin Romance series.On a short vacation to Sydney, Tristan, the Crown Prince of Montovia meets Gemma Harper, when her party planning company, Party Queens takes on a project for him She feels instant heat and chemistry but she has sworn off men and dating for the foreseeable future.Tristan also feels attracted to Gemma and wants to develop this feeling between them to see what it leads to despite knowing that he can t marry a commoner according to his country s rules.Would Gemma take kindle to being labeled a commoner Would she willingly get in a relationship with Tristan despite knowing that it won t lead anywhere Read CROWN PRINCE S CHOSEN BRIDE and find out if this Cinderella gets her happy ever after with her prince Author Kandy Shepherd brought this sensational romance to the pages which would hook a reader in and keep her engrossed till the very last page.Highly recommended for all readers of romance. A good addition to the Sydney Brides Series and I enjoyed some of the book but not all If you are reading the series then you need to read this It is not one I liked well enough to add to my reread list There were some issues along the way that troubled me and I never got over them.I have to say I was bothered by the hero, Tristan s, thoughts about his wild days and referring to himself as hedonistic I looked that up to make sure I had the full meaning Definition of hedonistic engaged in the pursuit of pleasure sensually self indulgent a hedonistic existence of drink, drugs, and parties I am the first to be on the bandwagon about my intolerance for the constant flow of man whores that weave their way throughout most of the books these days I was happy in book one that our hero was not what I would call a man whore and didn t do one night stands but he did have monogamous dating relationships, so yes he had probably been with a lot of women but he wasn t a one night stand, go out and pick up a gal at a bar kind of guy I could live with that But this hedonistic turn made me uncomfortable and because of this description of himself there was a long while I did not like his character and that affects how well I like a story I just think he rebelled in excess I wish that part of the story had not made me feel so blue and sad Gemma, our heroine, deserved better than that Sorry to say, this took me out of the book until I was around 75% It nagged and ate at me I was raised in church and hedonistic is not a term I would want to associate with someone I was falling in love with I did grow to be on team Tristan but it may have been a bit too late to totally save the book for me.Okay, moving on I was also a bit disappointed where the ending led us view spoiler Tristan had thought earlier in the book about abdicating the throne and starting a career as a lawyer or businessman in Australia to be near the woman he loved, Gemma I thought this the perfect plan because we all know when the Crown Prince begins taking over his duties he has very little if any time for his family and the Queen usually has obligations on a daily basis When I was doing some reading on the British Royal Family it listed how many obligations meetings appearances etc that the Queen and Princess had and it wasthan 400 a year That isthan one per day Every day being away from home and your children The time it takes to get coiffed to perfection and you add another couple hours I just didn t see this as being in Gemma s personality Was it really what she would have chosen for herself I just don t think so but that is only one lowly woman s opinion I thought it was obvious she was not thrilled to leave her booming business and she had to give up everything when he gave up nothing He loved her so much he got the law changed about marrying commoners and that was sweet and loving but I don t think it ever crossed his mind what all she had to give up and how frightening it was So to say I was disappointed that he didn t abdicate so they could lead a normal life in Sydney kind of broke my heart I actually wanted to cry and ruling a country just didn t seem to fit either the H or h It felt uncomfortable, a bad fit, a poor choice I know I m weird but I live in these books and I was disappointed with this one It appears I am one of very few so it much be me hide spoiler Ceritanya mudh diprediksi Gemma yang orang biasa bertemu dengan pangeran Montavia Hanya dalam waktu kurang dr seminggu mereka sudah jatuh cinta dan membuat pangeran berusaha mencari jalan agar gadi biasa ini bisa menjadi istrinya Di sisi lain, Gemma ternyata punya darah bangsawan yang membuatnya bisa menjadi istri Tristan. If there is a HQ romance that can be turned into a movie, this would be it view spoiler When Gemma s aristocratic background was hinted, I thought oh no. This would be too easy But I m glad the writer did not take the easy way Having Tristan working to change the laws says a lot about who he is hide spoiler Crowns Prince s Chosen Bride was another well delivered story by Author Kandy Shepherd Sweet romance is this author s greatest strength within her stories she really has a gift for highlighting true love, her vivid descriptions within the story people , places and the very real feel of people falling in love makes my heart flutter Kandy always does a wonderful job of creating an emotional connection between the characters , with a wonderfully delivered plot and realized characters I love the way in which she delivers the story and the way the two main characters compliment each other Even though they are both from two very different worlds The characters are filled with definition and depth The romance sweet , subtle yet alluring Gemma is a lovable character, I really enjoyed her personality She was smart , sassy, sweet, and I was delighted in the way in which Kandy put forth Gemma and her love for cooking It was like I was there at times, my mouth drooling over some of those dishes devine indeed Tristan was what every girl loves, handsome, sweet , kind and loyal With his desire for Gemma evident within the pages, I had to say he had me hook, line and sinker too Reading along I had to say I felt for Tristan, with such a big responsibility and not wanting it so to speak , his life certainly was filled with commitments on a different level I was pleased in the way in which the story line panned out For both Tristan and his royal Etiquette A man of such statue , certainly showed his true colours in a professional and personal level Overall, I enjoyed all the characters that Kandy delivered The plot was smooth flowing, keeping the reader engaged till the very end The writing crisp and words put imagery within the pages The romance sweet, subtle but enchanting Another Wonderfully delivered HEA..I look forward to every story by this author and this certainly wont be my last. I read and loved the first book in this trilogy about the Australian Party Queens Gift Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress , so it was great news to hear that Book 2 is out now Plus, I can t resist romance novels with any form of royalty in them Gemma is a wonderful heroine Strong willed with a soft, caring, vivacious side I loved it that she tries so hard to find a balance between living in the here and now and making the right decision, and that she s not at all a stereotype heroine who merely swoons over the hero not that Tristan isn t totally swoon worthy, mind you I d love have a friend like her, actually And I can totally see why the Party Queens rely on her I truly wanted her to be happy, and I loved the small transformation she undergoes and her family secret that I d been hoping for ever since it was hinted at in the book.Tristan is gorgeous, just the right mix of a sexy and mysterious hero and a kind and determined man I think the author did an admirable job of bringing his European and royal background to the fore and of making his inner struggle real It was great to see his transformation too Now I m sort of wishing for a real life crown prince like that Speaking of which, I was a huge fan of Prince Frederik of Denmark and his Mary from Down Under those days when I still lived in Germany and their magical love story made the rounds.If you like some royal flair, lovers who find themselves against all odds, and two exotic settings which are practically total opposites alongside a beautifully flowing love story with an authentic feel, then you ll enjoy this new romance novel by Kandy Shepherd as much as I did. I m super excited to share my thoughts on Kandy Shepherd s latest book for Harlequin Romance which I read and enjoyed This is one of those romance novels that s flirty, sexy and fun but with just the right touch of drama and conflict think Hallmark love stories You get the gist Ms Shepherd weaves a convincing tale in Crown Prince s Chosen Bride where her hero, a prince, falls for a commoner in Sydney It is up to Tristan to choose between royal protocol and following his heart I really enjoyed reading about Tristan s journey from his duty bound life to a carefree man enjoying his time in an exotic city His character has depth and the way he does things around Gemma brings out the best in his character and hers too Gemma Harper is a wonderful person She does what she loves and she couldn t have lived a happier life But beneath all the sweetness of creating magic in the kitchen she has a dark secret Her life isn t perfect She has had her heart torn out of her once or twice So when she meets Tristan and finds him attractive she has double thoughts whether to follow her instincts and get to know him better or stay clear of him Of course he makes her heart skip a few beats but is a fling enough Is that what she really wants After all she d sworn off dating for six months So the emotional battle of falling for a man way out of her league and the explosive chemistry she and Tristan share makes this story a worthwhile read It is the conflict both characters share that keeps you turning the pages of this sensational book Beautifully written and descriptive with true to life characters, engaging dialogue and intense banter Crown Prince s Chosen Bride will leave you deeply satisfied in the end.Recommended4.5 Stars Crown Prince s Chosen Bride by Kandy ShepherdI knew I would love the book from Kandy Shepherd as I have never been disappointed by her books, she nailed it again.Tristan who is the Crown Prince of Montavia was spending a short vacation in Sydney He had lost his brother who was to be the Crown Prince and he had to step into a role he never really wanted For one he had to marry with a chosen for him bride and as he saw his parents issues he know that was something he did not want for himself.Gemma Harper part of the Party Queens, had sworn off men for now 6 months She really did not want to get involved however the heart gets what the heart wants.Tristan hired the Party Queens to put on a party and it was for very important people He took interest in Gemma and chose to have one very important day with him Although she did not know when she stepped onto the Argus and finds herself not as the Chef but as Tristan s guest Gemma is a commoner and Tristan a Crown Prince so there can be nothing lasting between them, or can there be After spending time together they know there is a feeling between them They choose another rendezvous at a place in Gemma s family.Author Kandy Shepherd s telling of the true love story between Tristan and Gemma is wonderful as I knew it would be Please take time to read this and I know you will enjoy and you will then know if they have a happy ending or not