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This book was an amazingly written and well thought out The hero heroine were so lovable and the villains were of course despicable Overall the book was wonderful, one of the few books that made me cry while reading with touching scenes while at the same time having scenes that made you want to go into the book and wreck havoc on everyone who were just horrible to the heroine hero. Ah Tracy MacNish what can I say she s an awesome writer if you haven t read a book by this woman you don t know what a BIG thing you re missing I actually read her 2nd book first and fell in love with her way of writing This one although it s a little bit roughter than the first time of course this is her first book and you polish your style as you write it s a masterpiece as I like to tell everyone I can about this writer She s a true artist.Her characters become tridimentional in no time you feel like you re in the book with them living what they are going through I must tell you that here you will find a love that will make you believe in love again also you will find the character suffer a lot but they will find happiness no matter what, and although lots and lots of people always write in their reviews that they thought the protagonist wasn t ever going to be happy they don t realize that this story is based in a time where people were TRULY HORRENDOUS and well this kinds of things truly happened Also you ll find that this story isn t like no other the Heroe has to really demonstrate that he loves her he doesn t saves her from what she s going trough with the snap of his fingers.This is the way Historical Romances should be Tracy MacNish is awesome Go to your near Bookstore Library and find Veiled Promises Veiled Desired and Veiled Passsions You will see that what I m telling you it s true This book was much better than I anticipated I knew going into it that it was going to be pretty traumatic and it definitely was but it was also extremely romantic What surprised me most was that despite a considerable amount of time that our hero and heroine were apart, I didn t lose interest Their separate stories were just as compelling as when they were together I wanted to give this 5 stars but what kept it at a 4 was that at times I felt it got a little too cheesy and even though I loved Patrick, he was just a little too perfect. An enjoyable read with too good to be true guy and a girl who needs to be saved from her own family who treated her very badly. Could not put this one down it was that good This book got me shaken in a bad way I feel traumatize scared beyond what I have ever felt before. ^FREE EPUB ☟ Veiled Promises ☠ Dashing Irish Sea Captain Patrick Mullen Knows Women Like He Knows The Sea, But He Is Completely Unprepared For The Sight Of Lovely Camille Bradburn, The Only Daughter Of The Duke And Duchess Of Eton Cultured, Wealthy, Innocent, And Impossibly Beautiful, She Is Nothing He Could Ever Hope To Have, And Everything He Has Ever DesiredRaised With Unimaginable Wealth And A Servant For Every Task, Camille Seems To Live A Fairy Tale Life That Is The Envy Of Every Girl In England But Her Privilege Comes With A Terrible, Secret Price And When She Spies Patrick Beneath Her Balcony, She Understands For The First Time That Freedom And Passion May Be Possible After AllTheir Love Is Swift And Soul Deep But Also Exceedingly Dangerous, For Others Would Do Anything To Keep Them Apart But Camille Won T Be Taken Without A Fight, Not When She Stands To Lose A Love Worth Than All Her Family S Riches