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Loved this series Read it as a teenager and was sad to see the author was gaining in years Eagerly awaited each of her books and read them in one sitting as often as I could I have read these books countless times and own all except one that I can t find any will check on line Anne McCaffrey is amazing and a gift to readers What a drag she is done writing I think it s hard for modern readers to imagine the cultural landscape back before fantasy became commonplace and widely accepted Back when McCaffrey wrote this, before Star Wars, there was very little presence of fantasy in pop culture Sure, there was plenty of good fantasy to read if you knew where to look, but for most of the general populace, awareness of fantasy was limited to The Lord of the Rings, which had been published twenty years earlier So when McCaffrey published her Pern novels, they took the world by storm Each book lived on the bestseller lists every home had a copy the Pern novels were used to launch the kind of marketing juggernaut that s expected today but which was astonishing at the time Everywhere I went, growing up, Pern and Lord of the Rings merchandise abounded Calendars, atlases, video games, lunch boxes, T shirts, posters, costumes, toys, stuffed animals there seemed no amount of the stuff that could satisfy the public appetite for Pern materials I have to admit, I was turned off and intimidated by all the hype, and so it was this long before I got around to reading them.I m glad I did, at last It is a good read, even if the break between the first and second books seems arbitrary I ve said many times in the past that the best way to appreciate books in a series is to space them out with plenty of time between one book episode installment issue and the next Reading series installments back to back can often lead to dissatisfaction with voice, style, and even thematic changes, as the author has changed in the time it took between writing different volumes That said, it s always interesting to read a book that begins immediately where the last book left off, without any break at all I m left wondering whether the books were actually written as a single volume that was then split into parts by the publisher, as with Hyperion and The Lord of the Rings So it is here Dragonsinger picks up the narrative of Dragonsong without any pause than a paragraph break I actually found this a bit refreshing, as it also means that the book makes no attempt to present our story so far if you haven t read Dragonsong before this, you re out of luck There are no explanations of setting, background, personality or appearance of characters from the first book, or anything else I loved that.The break between novels does make some sense, if you can accept the premise that a break was needed at all Our heroine, Menolly, was isolated and on her own in the first book It was almost a Robinson Crusoe story of survival against the elements, ending with her joyous acceptance back into society This book is about school, and as such it somewhat feels like a precursor to Harry Potter and all its imitators, if they were set in a music college in a medieval settingessentially a school for bards While there is no prophecy presaging Menolly s arrival hallelujah , she is possessed of preternatural gifts both an amazing musician and a tamer of fire lizards But this is not a story about magic it s a story about Menolly coming to accept her gifts despite the intense prejudice and criticism she has experienced for those gifts up until this point She is exceptionally talented as a musician, lyricist, and composer, but it takes quite some time for her to first recognize that these things are important and praiseworthy That s really what the story arc in the book is it s very internal, and not a lot happens externally in the book, which takes place over the course of one week though I did cheer when view spoiler Menolly hauled off and clocked the Lord Holder s son after everyone was a jerk to her hide spoiler #READ BOOK õ Dragonsinger õ Menolly Needs Than Music S Power In The Second Book In The Harper Hall Trilogy, Set Within Science Fiction Legend Anne McCaffrey S Beloved And Bestselling Dragonriders Of Pern Series In The World Of Pern, Harpers Are Powerful Than Kings, For The Music They Play Can Control The Minds Of Others For Young Menolly, Her Dreams Of Becoming A Harper Have Nothing To Do With Power, But Rather Her Love Of Music Now She Is Finally Living Out Her Musical Dreams As An Apprentice Harper, But It S Turning Out To Be Challenging Than She Thought Formerly Forbidden To Study Music Because Of Her Gender, Menolly Quickly Encounters Hostility From A Number Of Her Male Peers And Masters With The Help Of New Friends, Teachers, And Her Nine Tiny, Colorful Dragons, Menolly Finds That Her Musical Talents May Prove Powerful Than Anyone Could Imagine Dragonsinger is very much one of those books that, while on the surface about music Menolly, the protagonist, is a young musician who s just gotten the chance to train professionally, essentially, after earlier being told she had no right to play at all is really about pursuing any art.Dragonsinger falls a bit strongly toward believing that artists are somehow a little different than others, something I m not convinced of But mostly it gets things right, and there s one thing I noticed this time that I hadn t really before Menolly is a bit self depreciating about her music at first, because she s been told for so long it wasn t worth much So when she also claims her music isn t very good, and keeps pointing to all the things she needs to learn in earlier readings I thought it unwarranted modesty, a lack of acceptance of her own skill.But this reading, I think I get it Menolly isn t modest because she fails to accept her own skill She s modest precisely because of that skill she s so good, she can see all she has to learn, while a lesser musician, who couldn t see all Menolly can, would be likely to accept his playing as pretty good Menolly s modesty isn t a denial of her skill it s a direct consequence of it.I find myself pondering now whether believing without reservation that you re good at a craft is beginner territory, and whether doubts or at least a sense of still having a lot to learn is a sign of having gained some amount of skill, rather than of lacking it.Dragonsinger is also very much about how even when you have things to learn, though, that doesn t mean your work lacks merit, or can t be enjoyed even in its imperfect state or that those imperfections will always even get in the way of what the work is trying to do Which is something Menolly does still have to learn that her work may not be perfect, that she may have things to learn, but that doesn t mean her current creations are unworthy of being loved by others. Another enthralling science fiction work from the late, great Anne McCaffrey. This is a continuation of the previous book Drangonsong, and on this re read I read them sequentially, though when I first discovered these books I did not have that luxury Though it helps to have read Drangonsong first, McCaffrey comes from the generation of authors where you did NOT publish a book that could not stand on its own a talent that as a society, we seem to have, MOST regrettably, lost , so it is quite possible to read this book as a standalone.Menolly has been brought to the Harper Hold, her ability with her nine fire lizards brought her to the attention of The Master Harper and then he discovered she was the lost apprentice from her hold, who had written those amazing songs that everyone wants of.The child prodigy is an eternal prototype in fiction, here McCaffrey shows everyone how to do it best Menolly has to overcome her background to allow herself to mature, fit in, learn and take her proper place in the Harper Hold I found it delightful reading, even better re reading and in many ways a better storyline than the book which immediately precedes it. Gross I would strongly discourage my daughters from reading this because it encourages a certain kind of female I can t stand the girl who doesn t get along with other girls to whom I always want to say The other girls don t hate you because you re special , they hate you because you re insufferable The tolerable, even interesting Menolly from the first book which I gave 4 stars, by the way disappears into a freaking Mary Sue, oh so talented, yet so modest, championed by the good guys but loathed by the bad guys Blanket dismissals of the other girls abound, and the only ones she gets along with are the ones who are useful to her, either through being in charge of the women s work, or in helping her take down her female rivals Not even these allies are spared when she finally claims one of the girls her age as one of her best friends , Menolly finds her tedious because she isn t as good a musician as Menolly From being persecuted and determined in the first book, she just becomes spoiled and annoying in this one Making journeyman as quickly as she does also defies belief, as does her multitude of skills mastered by the age of 15. Following this very nice story, our dear Menolly is in the best place to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician In this music school she meets all the people who can help her to show off her talent but also others who are putting obstacles and competing her In this world full of opportunities and challenges, she is having difficulties to adapt, but with the help of her little wingers friends have all the resources to succeed while discovering that what she can offer is not just music.All this in a book that may not have the emotional intensity of the previous one although the touching moments are not missing but it is interesting, as it deepens even the character of Menolly and in the Pern society This and the optimistic tone makes this book particularly pleasant, a very good continuation before the end of this story. This is the second book in the Harper Hall Trilogy and it follows Menolly as she comes to the Harper Hall to become and apprentice.I absolutely love this character She has been through so much with a father who would hold her back from music because she is a girl She is so talented in music and as a song writer that it is such a shame They did whatever they could to hamper her dream of music Then, the Masterharper of Pern finds her after looking for the one that has written the songs that are so loved She is taken as Masterharper Robinton s apprentice As she comes to the Harper Hall, she is not accepted well by the other girls She is talented than them, she outranks them and she has nine fire lizards So they are cruel as girls will be Menolly takes everything in stride even though she is modest and often times questions when good things happen to her The harpers all see how talented she is This book takes you on her first week in the harper hall with all her troubles and new friendships and how she grows Soon, she realizes she does belong and in the end is made a Journeyman It is a well deserved honor.These are such fantastic books and Menolly is such a great character. My favorite of the Harper Hall books There s something so satisfying about Menolly, who went through hell in the first book, being treated like a princess, and shown around the Harper Hall Getting new clothes, meeting new friends, finding out that her scarred hand will heal just so satisfying