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In Warhammer 40k, each space marine legion sends their techmarines to Mars to learn the mysteries of the machine cult These nerd marines return to their chapters ready to operate anythingcomplicated than a push button or spin dial This partnership between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Astartes was forged even before the Great Crusade At the end of Mechanicum, we saw the loyalist servants of the Omnissiah ground into oblivion but what happened to the loyalist techmarines who were training on Mars at the time the Heresy got underway This novella opens with Sergeant Dravian Klayde reflecting on the path that took him to Mars He and his fellow techmarines are ready to graduate from training when they notice their teachers are absent It isn t long before the shooting starts.What I expected was for the nerd marines to work together to wage guerilla war against the traitor mechanicus, but the enemy are not interested in a drawn out conflict They send a titan to squash the loyalists like the annoying bugs they are We know that Rob Sanders has a knack for writing things that don t go as expected Even knowing that, I wasn t prepared for where this book went an unbearably sad tale of betrayal that goes on a little too long The first half is great though While most recent Horus Heresy releases have moved the story forward chronologically, for the latest Limited Edition novella, Rob Sanders Cybernetica, Black Library have taken us back to an earlier point in the timeline Set on Mars just as the Heresy begins, we follow a Raven Guard known as The Carrion, sent to train as a Techmarine after he was grievously wounded and left unable to follow his legion s way of war Alongside brothers from other legions he finds himself fighting to survive against the might of the Mechanicum, while on Terra, Rogal Dorn looks for a way to deal with the escalating situation on Mars Read the rest of the review at @READ PDF ë Cybernetica î Soon After Word Reached Terra Of Horus S Nascent Rebellion, Mars Fell Rogue Elements Within The Mechanicum Priesthood, Stirred By The Warmaster S Promises Of Independence And Prosperity, Turned Against The Imperium And Forced The Primarch Rogal Dorn To Order An Impenetrable Blockade Of The Red Planet Now It Has Become Clear That The Corruption Has Spread Too Deep, And That Drastic Measures Must Be Taken If The Forge World Principal Is To Be Reclaimed Calling Upon The Expertise Of Those Who Witnessed The So Called Death Of Innocence Firsthand, Lord Dorn And Malcador The Sigillite Consider Their Final Solution The Complete Extermination Of All Life On MarsThe Horus Heresy Returns To The Solar System No, We Re Not At That Battle Quite Yet But What Are The Lords Of Terra Going To Do About Mars Cybernetica Delves Into Some Of The Darkest Secrets Of The Mechanicum And Shows The Lengths To Which The Imperium Is Willing To Go And The Rules They Are Willing To Break To Exterminate The TraitorsContained In A Full Colour Wrap Around Dust Jacket, Over A Clockwork Hardcover, This New Limited Edition Is Every Centimetre A Horus Heresy Collectors Item On The First Page Of Your Book, You Ll Find A Signature From Author Rob Sanders, As Well As The Unique Number Of Your Copy Also Included Is A Fold Out Colour Section, Featuring New Artwork And Background, As Well As A Full Four Page Spread Of The Cybernetica Cover Art Every Page Is Gilt Edged And A Bronze Marker Ribbon Completes The Package Ah Cybernetica The rud novella, that came in and out of existence for a number of years, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait The Carrion was a awesome and interesting character to see the story through, and I really found myself becoming attatched to both him and his comrades The Null and The Void It has been too long since we were last on the Red Planet, and seeing it from another perspective, as well as seeing some of the abominable machines employed there, was a treat I found that the over the top tech machine ness of the writing was very well done, but lead to the reading being a little slower than I would have liked Though that s just me reading and the mental movie playing in my head The novella was still a damn good read, and a damn fine addition to the Horus Heresy Here s hoping Rob Sanders gets a full novel soon Frustratingly similar to Rob s Archaeon Everchosen in that the first third or so is wonderful character stuff, then it just devolves into things beating the crap out of each other By the time the big third act reveal happens, I d long since went into auto read mode that I forgot the significance of it Oh well. Always love the tech savvy stories revolving around troublesome mars, but especially AI Its warhammer 40k biggest taboo, hell even for the warped dark mechanicus AI is considered heretical.Yeah we get it, tech marines play their part but are most of the time ignored I think it gives a new perspective on what it means to be a techmarine and that it doesn t always have to be a bulky overconfident iron warrior.The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak RIP Carrion This was a good story and a decent outcome A good journey and a valiant effort. This is one of the few Games Workshop 40k Novels where I wanted to readand wished it was longer. A two star rating is defined as it was ok by goodreads That is perfect for this book The most interesting characters are left behind early in the story and it quickly plummets into mediocrity from there The writing lacks the descriptive power of Abnett, Dembski Bowden, and McNeill, feeling repetitive and uninspired Learning about some of the Mechanicum s inner workings and their vigilance against techoheresy was nice and of course the Vertex system was pretty mind blowing However, none of it satisfied It was just a novella It was ok. Nah Another 50 50, and quite literally Started strongly, first half of the book was intriguing, like a good beginning of an even better story But that s not how things turned out I had a hard time enjoying the second half, even the plot twists were unable to do it for me On to the next one