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I RATHER LIKE HER A LOT Which perfectly describes how I feel about Christi Caldwell And her heroines Jane is no exception, and the pain inside Gabriel is so obvious even if I didn t already read all the previous books, honest that my heart bled for him.Christi creates wonderful, believable characters that inhabit the opulent world of Regency England The plots may be standard, but I don t read Regency Romance for unique plots, I read it to escape The details she puts in the mauve dress, the lost pendant in a dark room, the shattered windowsall these are good But what really win me over are the details that create the emotional climate of the scene and of the book Thank you once again, Christi Caldwell. 3.5Stars I started this a long time ago but put a stop to it because it was a bit dark after reading to love a rogue I wanted to know Gabriels story.but it is not often that I like a character as a secondary character and not so much during his own book.but this happened here all in all it was an ok read Die Versuchung des Herzogsvon Christi Caldwell Publishing DeutschlandCover Das Cover ist der Zeit angepasst und wirkt allein dadurch realistisch.Rezension Gabriel, der Marquis of Waverly sucht dringendst f r seine u erst temperamentvolle Schwester Chloe eine Gesellschaftsdame Er liebt seine Schwester abg ttisch, doch muss er ihren Eigensinn ein wenig zurechtr cken.Der Schreibstil des Buches ist leicht und flie end gew hlt, die Sprache leicht verst ndlich und eing ngig Erz hlt wird abwechselnd aus der Sicht von Jane und Gabriel Die Charaktere waren gut ausgearbeitet und haben mir gut gefallen Chloe war einfach Klasse, ziemlich rechthaberisch aber liebenswert Gabriel, der sich selbst feige nennt hat von allen das gr te Paket zu tragen aber auch die anderen haben so ihre Macken und Altlasten Zur Geschichte an sich kann man nur sagen, sie wurde mit viel Witz und Charme erz hlt, wobei aber auch ein bisschen Traurigkeit und Gef hl durchdrang Ein f r die damalige Zeit skandal ser Touch darf nat rlich auch nicht fehlen um ein Buch dieser Epoche zu einem guten Lesestoff zu machen Daher vergebe ich gut gemeinte 4 5 Sterne Ich bedanke mich herzlich bei und Netgalley f r das Rezensionsexemplar, meine Meinung wurde dadurch nicht beeinflusst. ENJOYABLE To Love a Lord is one of my favorites in the Heart of A Duke series I was excited to finally read Gabriel the Marquis of Waverly s story Gabriel and the Edgerton siblings have suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of there father when they were children Once he is dead Gabriel seems to be a unattached, cold person similar to his father, but without the abuse His sister Chloe is in need of a chaperone as Gabriel intends to have her married off in the next 2 months Chloe is his last sibling to marry off and then he will be free of his responsibility to his family He sends a letter to Mrs Bentons finishing school to hire one of her Dragon teachers as a chaperone for Chloe.Mrs Jane Munroe is the illegitimate daughter of the Duke Ravenscourt The Duke has cast her off and never owed up to her paternity The Duke does however make arrangements to get her employment Jane has been a teacher for the past year at Mrs Bensons She has always been cruelly treated because of her birth Now she has been accused of wrong doing by one of the titled ladies at the school This results in Mrs Benson firing her from her job as teacher While distracted from the conversation with Jane she leaves the room and Jane steals the letter from the Marques This is were the story gets a little unbelievable Jane arrives at the Waverly s home Gabriel doesn t think she will suit Chloe, but he lets her stay overnight and she must leave in the morning During the middle of the night she is in Gabriel s library and they kiss OK but then she gets scared I guess and hits him and breaks his nose Later that morning she refuses to leave Now come on No Titled Lord of the Ton would allow someone to break his nose and then let her stay to meet his sister Other then that Jane and Gabriel are two like souls with a lots in common I felt really sorry for bought of them They learn together how to love and how not to judge others no matter who they are They grow together The romance is OK This is not a sensual story None the less it was a good story I enjoyed it. To Love A Lord is book 5 in The heart of a Duke series Caldwell is such a master at building layered characters I so enjoyed this book The hero is complex and yet totally likeable The heroine is vulnerable and strong at the same time I am thoroughly enjoyed reading through this series. I have fallen in love with the Heart of a Duke series and Gabriel and Jane story is another beautiful addition to the series I can t say how much I have fallen in love with the Edgerton family The suffering they endured at the ends of their father has been heartbreaking They are beautifully imperfect and I have enjoyed watching them heal as individuals and as a family.Oh how I wanted to hug Gabriel throughout this book Much like is other siblings he resolved to never fall in love He believes himself unworthy of love because he failed to protect his siblings from their father s beatings He has kept is heart locked up a cool aloof persona, but for those who he did love, he would sacrifice anything.Jane was a wonderful heroine I admired how she fought for everything she had and refused to let how others mistreated her deter her from her ultimate goal Life had been unfairly cruel to Jane and she was determined to let no other girl in the same position the illegimate daughter of a nobleman go through the same cruelty.When Jane and Gabriel meet you knew all bets were off They are two lost souls both hurt by the ugliness of the world, both vowing to never love but unable to deny the pull they had to each other. 3.25 Stars Enjoyed the cast of characters even if Gabriel could havery been fleshed out a bit as the tormented hero I also enjoyed pretty much the entire book except the ending and epilogue were a bit of a let down view spoiler Finding out that Gabriel had never been with a woman was a sweet reveal except his performance was both unrealistic and unaccountably experienced confident Add to the fact that such a reveal, I would think implied his abuse was SO terrible not necessarily sexual, mind you that he decided to abstain from women all together that he would carry scars to be remarked upon even if they would only be on his back or somewhere easily hidden So he performed perfectly and carries no scars meeehkinda ruined it hide spoiler Charmed again by Christi Caldwell Once, again, Christi Caldwell wrote another beautiful, sweet and romantic story To Love a Lord, her fifth book in the Heart of a Duke series I really enjoyed following Gabriel and Jane s own story All Jane wants is security All Gabriel wants is a companion for his sister Chloe All they need is each other, but will they be able to share their own feelings towards each other, while not trusting anyone Both having been bruised mentally as children, as adults, they had learned how to hide their true feelings Chloe and Jane shared similar opinions about marriage, they only want to marry for love Those two are quite a pair Will Chloe s dream come true Meanwhile, Gabriel is questioning Jane s real reason to be Chloe s friend Will he discover her secret, will he reject her or give her a chance Can love survive lies and secrets Their relationship is so complex Enjoy Gabriel s own story, the Marquess of Waverly s Another wonderful read To Love a Lord is a light, fun romance to read Perfect for summer reading `Ebook ↠ To Love a Lord ⇛ All She Wants Is Security The Last Place Finishing School Instructor Mrs Jane Munroe Belongs, Is In Polite Society Vowing To Never Wed, She S Been Scuttled Around From Post To Post Now She Finds Herself In The Marquess Of Waverly S Household She S Never Met A Nobleman She Liked, And When She Meets The Pompous, Arrogant Marquess, She Remembers Why But Soon, She Discovers Gabriel Is Unlike Any Gentleman She S Ever KnownAll He Wants Is A Companion For His Sister What Gabriel Finds Himself With Instead, Is A Fiery Spirited, Bespectacled Woman Who Entices Him At Every Corner And Challenges His Age Old Vow To Never Trust His Heart To A Woman But There Is Something Suspicious About His Sister S Companion And He Is Determined To Find Out Just What It Is All They Need Is Each Other As Gabriel And Jane Confront The Truth Of Their Feelings, The Lies And Secrets Between Them Begin To Unravel And Jane Is Left To Decide Whether Or Not It Is Ever Truly Safe To Love A Lord