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!Read Pdf å Beautiful Zero ô Incantatory, Intimate, And Incendiary, The Poems Of This Award Winning Debut Are Filled With Explosive Wit And Humor Like A Knife You Don T See Coming A Kaleidoscopic Intelligence Flows Through Beautiful Zero, Embracing Forms Of Culture High And Low In Effort To Finding Meaning In The Chaos Poems About Shark Week And College Football Sit Beside Roman Polanski And Biting Critiques Of Modern War A Series Of Poems Set In A Kaiser Permanente Hospital Tear Into The World Of Privatized Health Care While Simultaneously Charting A Story Of Love In The Face Of Catastrophe Yet Even At Her Most Surreal, Willoughby Always Finds The Pulsing Heart At The Core Of The Poem She Embraces What She Cannot Understand About Both The World And Herself Because After All, Nothing Is As Random As They Say It Is You Were Born The Weirdo That You Are Another collection for National Poetry Month.My favorites Country on Fire In the lemony heat, love brings love to whomeverrefuses to fall to her knees In one scenario, wego down with the plane In another, we are savedby a godlike cloud You are tender I havea skeleton We don t think any president cansave us Living in this country is like findingthe weapon that solves the crime No one claps,but the wait is over Blaze on, Florida, blaze on Fun House II here is the first Fun House Nothing is as random as they say it is You are born the weirdo that you are.Willoughby is great this blend of whimsy and weird that is hard to put down I loved Beautiful Zero and it is the best poetry collection I ve read this year thus far.Highlights How We Love GeographyIt Is Not Entirely My FaultThe Properties of Women Are The Properties of LifeTheir Joy Is Right In Front of ThemThese Bones Will Rise AgainThis Year Has My Name on ItHouse of Sleep Such a wonderful collection An enthralling blend of humor and the human condition These poems drive and pull you until they stop you up with a surprising thought or a phrase of wry wit.I love the perspectives she takes, example a poem written by a shark during shark week as if it were an actor Who thinks of that Also, it s really good.