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FREE Ç That Girl is Mine - Part One õ AveryI Came To California To Start A New Life, While Also Supporting My Boyfriend S Dream Of Being A Doctor My Dream Is To Be A Dancer On Broadway, But You Can Dance In LA, Right I Can Transfer To A College Out Here, And I Can Focus On My Dream Later It S Josh S Turn Now And I Love Josh I Love Him A LotBut Then, There S Dylan A Sexy Tattooist, Who S Sharing His Home With Us Until Josh Starts Earning Money At First, I Think He S A Jerk Then I Hurt Myself And It Turns Out He S Not A Jerk At All It Turns Out He S Complicated Like A DanceDylanJosh And I Were Friends As Kids We Grew Up In The Same Neighbourhood, Went To The Same School, Partied A Lot In High School We Were Living The Dream Girls Loved Us Then He Went Off To College, And While We Kept In Touch, It Wasn T A Constant Thing That S Why I Was Surprised When He Told Me About Avery At First, I Was Pissed, I Mean, He Needed Somewhere To Stay For A While, And I M Happy To Help Him Find His Feet, But He Brought A Chick Into My House My Pussy Free Zone This Was Never Going To End WellI Should Have Listened To My Gut I Should Have Said No I Can T Be Trusted Around Beautiful Women Follow Dylan And Avery In That Girl Is Mine, A Forbidden Romance, Told In Three Parts 3 Cranky Stars Author Eve Cates is a talented story teller with the ability to draw you into a story and leave you wanting That Girl is Mine Part One is a very short novella and I query the decision to not combine Parts One and Two into a fuller work In Part One, Avery moves to LA with her long time boyfriend Josh The two are deeply in love and Avery puts her schooling and own dreams on hold to help Josh with his dream.Josh, fresh out of Medical School, is doing his residency at a children s hospital There is no denying his feelings for Avery and vice versa, but Josh s work load strains the relationship.The couple moves in with Josh s long time friend, Dylan, so they can get on their feet All is well until Avery and Dylan start spending time together Starting out as friends, the two move into dangerous territory after a heated kiss.The story line is intriguing, pulling you in, but ends rather abruptly. As I said in the update, it reads as a newspaper article this happen at this time, person looked like this while doing that The writing is very dull and amateurish There is no flow, just endless dry descriptions of things The author uses parentheses a lot to explain what characters feel It s clear that it s written by an inexperienced author I felt nothing for any of the characters, no friendship between two guys, even though they supposed to be best friends, barely there romance between the heroine and her boyfriend, and no chemistry whatsoever between heroine and the new guy Here is author s attempt at creating chemistry between her two characters He s watching me again in that curious way he was before It makes me feel strange, and I wonder if my hair looks weird or if I have something on my face. She says he looked at her strange, yet acts like he frowned at her His inner monologues tells us he has hots for her So why is he keep giving strange looks to her like some kind of a creep I don t want to read a book where potential lust love interest looks at the heroine strange I want for a guy to look at the girl with so much heat in his eyes, it will make her panties melt He is introduced as a badboy tattoo artist and a manwhore But he acts like a complete fucking weirdo One doesn t get a name manwhore for nothing There has to be something to the dude in order for the girls to fall at his feat This guy has no freaking game going on, just his mohawk and tattoos I understand where author was trying to go with this, but the writing killed it It is amateur and lazy, for the lack of a better word.There was a scene where the heroine came in to the kitchen, after having sex with her boyfriend, to make breakfast for him, wearing nothing but a robe The second guy comes in and all you get is detailed description of how she is making breakfast Then the guy throws couple of dry lines at her, looks at her weird and that is that Talk about missed opportunity What was the point of her walking in naked under the robe I m only guessing here, but I think this book wasn t beta read or edited by anyone aside the author herself Otherwise people would ve pointed out the shortcoming Or maybe it was, by a family member or a friend, who didn t dare to say something other than it s great.I think this story should ve been published for free on author website, blog or wattpad, just to see readers reactions to it Maybe get some feedback Then publish a book It seems that these days too many writers want to call themselves authors and rush to publish prematurely just so they can get to wear the tittle It s so freaking annoying DNF at 52%. TITLE That Girl is MineSERIES Part 1 AUTHOR Eve CatesGENRE Contemporary Romance New AdultEXPECTED PUBLICATION May 21stMY RATING Book Funk F ck Off if this drool worthy cover and the story within doesn t chase this book funk away I will cut a biarch The Story line is typical where it s not so much unique has been done many times before, but it is easy to get into, short, no mention of book 2 yet, the double up of words and spelling errors in this suck with it being a published new release its kind of not what you expect to encounter, draft copy yes Did this kick that book funks ass, yeah it did Mindless the story line not being 100% unique it didn t matter because I ended up enjoying it any way..The main tatted up bad boy character made this book..His cocky I m so hot you ll scorch had me flipping the pages to see if these two did step over that taboo line of keeping away from his best mates girl I get why Josh is so head over heels for her.I m intrigued to find out what happens in the next book, to see if they push those lines further and how blurred those lines become..The attraction wasn t tacky in any way the only line crossed was one kiss but how far will they go in the next book..will it be a love triangle or will Dylan walk away I m just a man who isn t strong enough to say no to the woman who somehow, without me even realizing it, has come to own me..I NEED HER TO BE MINE Hmmm,