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My star rating for STEPPING OVER THE LINE is 4 out of 5 stars My Blogging Reader s Review after reading an ARC Copy of STEPPING OVER THE LINE via BooksMoviesFandoms.wordpress.com Stepping Over The Line is the first novel in the new Stepbrother Series by author Laura Marie Altom This novel is a part of the Contemporary Romance genre and offers a twisted romance that is both taboo and unconventional Regardless, the emotional connection and the secrets make for such an entertaining story Stepping Over The Line is written in the two main character s P.O.V s point of views of Savannah Boudreaux and Garrett Marsden.When Garrett Marsden was first introduced to Savannah, they were both teenagers who s parents were getting married Any kind of attraction felt from either of them was squashed and ignored because they would become step siblings and nothing Garrett Marsden has been known as a jerk, heartless and soulless because of his I don t care attitude He s a rich, tough attorney as well as a sexy male specimen who finds it easy to pick any female he wants except one The One who has had his attention since they were teenagers when they were first introduced by his father His step sister Savannah.Savannah is a beautiful and hard worker who has a good head on her shoulders Her future is set with a residency waiting for her in Boston after graduating from medical school Her dark hair and green eyes have always been on Garrett s mind but things would change in a completely different direction on the night of her graduation Savannah and Garrett take their eager curiosity and twisted attraction down a road of no return together.Savannah finds herself in a surprising circumstance that will change her life completely It brings up new questions about her feelings and her future involving Garrett and her current boyfriend Chad When Savannah and Garrett find Chad in a revealing situation, things quickly go downhill, bringing them to a terribly heartbreaking split in the road of their lives Chad s brother Canton enters the picture as a friend to Savannah, bridging the past and present after tragedy ties their two families together.Unfortunately, there are secrets waiting to be found but a few people are determined to keep them hidden for different reasons Who can Savannah trust and will her secrets destroy everyone in her life How will Garrett s life be changed and will he ever get passed those drastic changes And who is really not as they seem This story line has many twists and turns and unexpected moments that will send readers through some ups and downs with these characters They aren t perfect They find themselves dealing with their emotions and situations in different ways This is worth checking out if you enjoy stories with forbidden love interests and dark sordid secrets If you enjoy that, then this book is for you My star rating for STEPPING OVER THE LINE is 4 out of 5 stars Visit my Blog and see Memorable quotes and character photos of how I imagined them while reading STEPPING OVER THE LINE Click Here to Visit the Blog Books,Movies,FandomsCheck us out on Twitter Follow Here MG BMF Stepping Over the Line the first book in the new Stepbrother series by Laura Marie Altom was not my first book by this author, so I knew what to expect when it came to her writing style.It as well developed as I thought and I was not surprised to find the story was moving at good pace I have read my fair share of stepbrother novels so I have grown accustomed to the way the plotlines flow This one is different though.At first I thought it would be a nice difference but the the story continued the I noticed that due to this difference there was something very important missing I would like to call it NEED A Stepbrother romance at least for me is a story about two people that feel the NEED like NEED for air to be together Two people that are not able to like function without each other having tried to resist each other over a long time You get my meaning I think if you read stepbrother forbidden love romances you will get it.So now imagine my surprise when I went through this story and found no NEED What I found was the want to have something that you should not have Or even worse the we made a mistake and now we have to work from there comment I can not explain without spoilers What nailed the coffin for me was a comment in an southern gone with the wind kind of way giving reason to their explanations.I was sitting there staring open mouthed at the book thinking Did I just really read THAT THIS is really the explanation those two are going to give their parents.The story itself was actually pretty good from its plot idea it was just that the emotional side which is very important to me was well also gone with the wind.I could not feel the need for them to be together and I am very sorry to be so blunt but I am kind of frustrated about this as I really like stepbrother novels AND this author and I really wanted this to work. #FREE EPUB ⚶ Stepping Over the Line (Shamed #4) ⚣ If You Love The Stepbrother Romances Of Sabrina Paige, Caitlin Daire, And Krista Lakes, You Ll Fall Hard For Laura Marie Altom S Tale Of Forbidden Love A Red Hot Novel In Her Shamed Series Featuring Two Tortured Souls With An Unbreakable BondAs The Chief Legal Counsel For Dot Com Billionaire Liam Stone, Garrett Marsden Has Grown Accustomed To Being Universally Loathed In Fact, He Welcomes It Because The Bigger The Fight, The Easier It Is To Run From His Desire For Someone He Can Never Have His Stepsister But When Garrett Flies Back To Julep, Mississippi, For Savannah S Med School Graduation, A Steamy Encounter Makes All His Wildest Dreams Come True And Leads To His Undoing Because That S When He Meets Savannah S BoyfriendFive Years Later, Savannah Boudreaux Couldn T Be Happier As A Small Town Southern Doctor And Single Mom To A Young Son There S Only One Thing Missing Her Stepbrother, Garrett, Has Just Been Released From Prison, And Although He May Be A Free Man, He S Become A Bitter Shadow Of The Kind And Caring Man Who Once Came To Her Rescue Now Savannah Will Cross The Line To Save Garrett From Himself To Prove That He Can Live His Life, Love Whoever He Wants And Be A Wonderful Father To Their Son I really enjoyed this one Some of these stepbrother stories just don t work for me but after knowing Garrett from the Shamed series by this author I just had to read this Am I ever glad I did From the time they first met Garrett and Savannah have fought an incredible attraction They manage very well until a very steamy encounter at the party for her medical school graduation They both know that was a mistake and Garrett returns to his life in California He s working hard to put her out of his mind That is until he is called back home to NC to attend Savannah s sudden and unexpected wedding That s when his life will take a devastating turn and things will never be the same.I thought this was a great story and I think you will too I highly recommend it. I have to start out by saying I really wanted to love this novel You don t understand how bad I wanted to love it I love step sibling and things of this nature plot lines because they fascinate me This book was quite disappointing and I have to say it was hard to finish If you can stomach the ridiculously insane plot and the fact that it kind of all is jumbled together unrealistically, you might enjoy and easily get through this book The author does get an A for effort but I feel that the editor didn t do their job in really helping the story make sense and progress naturally Just 2.75 disappointed stars from me. Let me make this perfectly clear, folks This one stepped over the line and broke so many of my book character rules of conduct I m not even going to waste my time or yours listing them all Just know in my romantic reads I actually have to like the main couple storyline writing, which was not the case here Enough said..I m moving on Here s to hoping others enjoy it It just wasn t what I consider a good romantic read.Title Stepping Over the Line, Series Stepbrother, Book 1, Author Laura Marie Altom, Pages 244, manho hero, surprise pregnancy, hero is sleeping with lots of heroine s friends, heroine has a boyfriend but sleeps with hero then goes immediately back to boyfriend, could not finish This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author publisher. Another fantastic storytelling romance read I thoroughly enjoyed A non blood related romance of step siblings a book that flowed from page to page with great chemistry a romance that was forced apart both character s of Garrett and his step sister Savannah had been on a rollercoaster of a ride of emotions, An author who definitely keeps her reader s minds active and wanting to read and Well i actually disliked the h in this one than the H The h had b f and cheated with the H, practically jumped him to have sex with him, then went and had sex with b f right after disgusting she knew she was pregnant and likely for H but did not tell him, accepted b f proposal H was was also sexing anything that walked I didnt consider that cheating sure he had feelings for step sis but no commitment and she was already with someone On the night of the h s rehearsal dinner h H found b f sexing one of the bridesmaid same one that H slept with scuzzy H accidentally caused b f s death during fight fell and hit head this sent him to jail messing up his life he was lawyer.The almost in laws pretty much made H s life a living hell, h s almost bil lied that the kid was his brother s and used that to manipulate the h into pretty much doing what the family wanted The H was let out, tried to fightg for h who by then just knew kid was his, didnt tell him at first, bil lied because he wanted her for himself a few obvious twists with story but could not get past h s behavior in the beginning, overall ok read. I didn t and still don t understand WHY A HIGHPOWER ATTORNEY wouldn t fight these charges Everything after that was stupid Garrett was rather dumb for someone so smart I didn t like him at ALL ARC provided by the publisher and NetGalley Review Also Appeared on I m A Sweet and Sassy Book Whore recovering.This one has it all A hero you like, a heroine you like, people who are real and have flaws, a situation that isn t ever going to be totally tidy, sort of like life, and characters who deserve happiness.Forbidden romances can be fun The forbidden aspect heightens the wondering if they will be able to figure out a way to get the HEA and, importantly, if there is a way that it can be resolved that works for the story and the characters.You get to know the characters over time through the first few chapters, so when you get to the meat of the story, you already know how they feel about one another, and why they are denying it But, you still find yourself on their side Garrett was in such a position, and he made the choices he made to protect Savannah, after taking what he felt was so much from her Savannah had to deal with loving a man she shouldn t and deal with the fact that the reason she shouldn t love him went a lot deeper than just really, enough happens that this is a just being her stepbrother.The writing, the dialog and the characters are all strong and you won t want to put this one down I know I read it in about a day because I just had to know what happened and how it worked out Garrett and Savannah deserved happiness.This one is making both my 5 star and my re read list.