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Enjoyed RemusGot some questions answered and asked This has been fun light hearted read for me BUT and it s a big but doubt if I will continue this series Too much time elapsed between books We forget what happens to keep the stories relevant H are OTT Alpha males and h are strong willed opinionated females The do follow their mates into battle and they keep the home fires burning if need be U really have to start at the beginning of the series to understand the plot.of any of these stories. Enjoying the seriesI ve started reading the series and can t seem to put them down I am already to book 7 this week Each book so far stands on its own but related to the book s before it best read in sequence Love em [E-pub] ♷ Remus (Luna Lodge #6) ☪ Jenna Was Supposed To Only Be A Secretary At Luna Lodge, A Simple Enough Job, Even If It Meant Working Alongside Genetically Engineered Super Soldiers Now, With Her Uncle Down From A Heart Attack And The Lodge Reeling From A Brutal Attack, She S Needed For A Special Mission, A Special Mission That Requires Her To Deal With Rem, A Dangerous Playboy Hybrid And Suspected TraitorRem Has Risked His Life And Freedom On A Dangerous Mission To Help The Other Hybrids, But His Thoughts Are Occupied By Jenna As Much As He Wants To Deny It, The Burning Attraction Threatens The Careful Self Control He S Built Up Over The Years A Loss Of Control While Surrounded By The Dangerous Minions And Leaders Of The Horatius Group Would Not Only Doom Him, But Countless OthersBut Time Is Running Out For Rem Both He And Jenna Will Be Forced To Make Hard Choices About Who And What They Re Willing To Sacrifice In A Final Desperate Mission Against The Horatius Group Facets of intrigue.I m so glad we didn t have to wait to find out what Remus was up to Stevens is great about giving us just enough of the puzzle to keep us hooked and little enough to keep us guessing. The whole series is great Remus 6I can t wait for the last showdown How can the Luna hybrids never catch a break I m glad Remus at least took out that hideous Romulus Jenna was not leaving her mate to die. I really enjoy the Luna Lodge series and I was looking forward to Remus and Jenna s story I was a little disappointed with Apollo s story he was such an important character the entire series and his story felt rushed and short to me i was really wondering if I would read their story at all Both characters were mentioned very little in the previous books and I didn t have a feel for their characters, but I was definitely not disappointed with this book This book was full of action, love and emotion, we also found out alot of information about the hybrids in this book I will probably continue to read the series, it isn t the best series, but it is a good solid read. Remus Luna Lodge 6 Madison StevensI love the Luna Lodge series and I was looking forward to Remus and Jenna s story the most, I was definitely not disappointed This book was full of action, love and emotion, very emotional It had me tearing up on than one occasion Rem and Jenna made a really awesome couple, Rem is a strong dangerous alpha male who only wants to protect whats his and Jenna is a kick arse human who isn t letting go of her man, not for anyone even him Really enjoyable, I loved it I definitely recommend it I liked didn t love For the simple reason that there were too many questions left unanswered From Marius book I became intrigued by Remus I realized that there was great potential in his character But this book doesn t tell me diddly about him than the bare minimum and unearths secrets and mysteries than when the entire series even started If this however is a precursor to a spin off for his own clan then it s amazing But if Ms Stevens plans on leaving it just there then I m pissed In the book we get to look at Rems love for not only Jenna but for the ppl who he cares about There weren t as many snarky moments that you ve come to expect from the females in this series but I do love how Jenna s badassness is developed I will be continuing the series and keeping an eye out for from Remus and the mystery that he is. I liked the progression of the series plot, but romance wise I didn t like this one Most of the story is getting info on their species and getting new characters etc and I felt their romance was glossed over because they already previously knew each other and had slowly built up bits and pieces in previous books but that meant it was kinda like oh were already in love and that was it I do like where everything was going.