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~READ E-PUB ☪ The Ultimate Team (Juxtapose City 4) ⚒ With His Team Battered And Broken, Lieutenant Black Of The JCPD Is Forced To Incorporate Yet Another Psypath Into The Ranks, This Time The Beautiful Prescient Named Parker But Parker Is Than A New Teammate, He S An Important Link To The Past Black Has Been Working So Diligently To Erase, And He S The First Man Who Has Ever Claimed To Love Him Black Isn T Happy To Have Him For A Variety Of Reasons, But He Needs JC Up And Running Before The Next Threat Hits As Far As Calyx Starr Is Concerned, Fate Is Conspiring Against His Love Life Laid Up Because Of Parker S Deception, Calyx Just Wants To Get Back To The Business Of Seducing Black He S Convinced JC S Sexy Young Leader Is On The Verge Of Falling For Him, But Now That Parker Is On The Team, Calyx S Hands Are Full Dealing With Jealousy And Misunderstandings When A Revenge Plan Is Hatched Against Black, The Men Of JC Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet, But How Can They Band Together To Defend Their Leader When They Can T Come Together As A Team Keeps getting better I have read all the books in the series The first book has very intriguing characters and plots Just like Starr is doing to Black I am being seduced The gripping plot and sexual tension have made me fall in love. I can t believe I let this series get lost in my pile I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the first three stories This picks up where the last let off, with Black still trying to get to Genesis, still trying to figure out how to deal with Captain Dick and his experiments and orders, figuring out who is on what side and who to trust There is so much going on in this story as it weaves and winds in different directions, and I m enjoying every word. I liked the first book, was not sure about the second the third one made sure that I would read the next one and this, this just sealed my addiction.I love this series, I love Black whom I was not really sure about and like the Team but especially I love Calyx he is a great characterall in all is this series fantastic it is very dark, yes but the story is interesting and has so many twists and turns that it is not possible to see every anglecan t wait to read the next one What a cliffhanger ending After reading the previous books, this one is my favorite because there is a much stronger romantic element and answers to some of the long running questions in the series Action plot takes a back seat for a little bit, but then resurfaces towards the end leaving leaving me wanting. I can t It s done What She s alive Book fiveeeeeee Having to integrate Parker into the team promises does not bode well when JC2 is already rife with tension and resentment on various parts Sola, off the team thanks to the injury sustained during the showdown with Genesis, is out for revenge and teaming up with someone else who has it in for Black and his team And while all of that is going on, Black and Calyx also still have a long way to go in navigating Black s various hang ups if they ever want to have a chance at getting their relationship off the ground.This one was a little thin on actual plot aside from Black s endless fucked up ness and the resulting Black Calyx and Black everyone else drama Intriguing cliffhanger, though. Wow wow WOW This was everything The character building, the relationship building, the romance This didn t have near as much action as the previous books instead it focuses on the characters It wasn t as dark as the others but it still delivers quite a punch in the feels The story had a uplifting feel to it for which I am glad because I needed a break after the last book I was afraid the series was starting to head in the direction of melodrama which would have ruined the series for me I loved that we got to delve deeper into the characters, particularly Calyx and Black I freaking adore Calyx He is my spirit animal And Black Well, let s just say I m stitching his name onto one of my pockets right now I am in awe at the writing skills of this author Such depth Just when I thought I had it all figured out and I knew everything there is to know she revealed another layer to the characters and I was left stunned, my mouth gaping at the complexity woven into these men I daresay it was brilliant and I m completely hooked.That ending though HOW CAN YOU JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT NOW I HAVE TO IMMEDIATELY READ THE NEXT BOOK DON T YOU KNOW I HAVE REVIEW BOOKS TO READ HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THEM DONE IF I M BUSY READING THE NEXT BOOK Juxtapose city 4I really enjoyed reading this book The author is an incredible writter keeps you interested and entertained the whole time I found it hard to put down the book and series.