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This book has so many wonderful recipes to fill my need for takeout I think I ve made everything, many itemsthan once I just wish it was as easy as dialing a phone though Pretty well done example of how you adapt and overcome food ingredients to create healthy alternatives to normally ill conceived eating choices. Not quite for me, but wonderful colorful recipes. Great info and SO many amazing recipes Not for a beginner cook like me with a house of picky eaters though It s a book with an Asian food focus, so there are many ingredients that would be special buys for us, and that means extra and the possibility of it not being worth it if the recipe tanks. Yummy Love Russ and his doable life changes It has put me on the road to feeding myself for health and pleasure Thank you. Super helpful cookbook |Free Kindle ♶ Paleo Takeout ♬ Wildly Popular Food Blogger And Critically Acclaimed Author Of The Ancestral Table Returns With OverWeeknight Friendly Meals That Taste So Good, You Ll Finally Throw Out That Emergency Stack Of Takeout Menus Hiding In Your Kitchen DrawerDespite Knowing Full Well That Most Restaurant And Take Out Foods Are Churned Out At A Rapid Pace Using Unhealthy Ingredients Laden With Chemicals And Additives, Most Of Us Can T Seem To Shake The Desire For Even Just A Taste Not To Mention That Nothing Is Easier Than Picking Up Takeout, Hitting The Drive Thru, Or Ordering Delivery, But At What Cost Paleo Takeout Restaurant Favorites Without The Guilt Delivers Much Healthier But Equally Satisfying Alternatives, Offering Delectable Recipes That Mimic The Flavors Of Our Drive Thru And Delivery Favorites Paleo Style Russ Crandall Teaches You Step By Step How To Prepare Each Meal In Under An Hour Leaving No Sacrifice Of Taste Or TimeIn Paleo Takeout, Crandall Re Creates Everyone S Favorite Takeout Meals Using Wholesome Ingredients And Some Seriously Inventive Techniques Giving You The Opportunity To Revisit Your Favorite Restaurant Classics, With All Of The Gratification And None Of The Regret Inside Paleo Takeout, You Ll Find OverRecipes Inspired By Beloved Restaurant Experiences Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Greek, And American Cuisines Are All Represented Looking To Re Create Your Local Chinese Joint S Best Dishes Choose From OverTakeout Favorites, Like Sweet And Sour Chicken, Beef And Broccoli, Egg Foo Young, Char Siu, Chow Mein, And Spring Rolls In The Mood For Curry Tonight Take Your Pick Among Your Favorite Thai, Indian, And Japanese Curry Dishes How About Game Day Wings Made InDifferent Ways, Pizza That S Better Than Delivery, Or Quick And Easy Burrito Bowls We Ve Got You Covered And Then SomeUsing The Same Simple Techniques That He Learned While Working In The Restaurant Industry, Crandall Teaches You How To Build A Full Course Meal In Less Than An Hour Simply Put, Paleo Takeout Restaurant Favorites Without The Guilt Proves That Eating Right In A Way That Satisfies Even The Choosiest Of Healthy Eaters Is Not Only Possible, But Also A Lot Of Fun Normally, when I get a recipe book I flick through it and maybe, over several months, I try out one or two recipes before falling back the old favourites.That s what normally happens I got this book for Christmas and since then I have made 44 of the recipes from the book, enjoyed every single one, and made a few of them several times We eat from it at least once a week and the book is covered in stains and a bit battered already as a result sorry Russ Crandall.If you re interested in simple, delicious replacements for takeaway food that you can make at home easily then this is a great book to buy and the author s blog is great too recommended P.s The index at the back which shows recipes by the time taken to make is brilliant I wishcookbooks did that My fiance and I switched to a paleo diet this year to help lose weight for our wedding and stop eating so much junk It s been awful I miss cheese, and cookies, and pie, and pizza and wonderful I ve lost 10lbs in a little over a month Now I LOVE food, and while paleo still offers me so many yummy foods to eat, I ve missed takeout Asian takeout specifically Thai, Chinese, Indian, mmmmm I was literally dreaming about takeout And then I found this book, and it s a game changer Crandall s arrowroot egg chicken pieces that go in almost all the Chinese recipes are a gift from a paleo god I mean, I would make them and eat them like chicken nuggets My library copy is due today and I m going online to buy myself a personal copy right now I can t think of a better recommendation than that. This is one of the few cookbooks where I ve actually read the preliminary pages instead of just browsing for interesting recipes I liked the chart of what items to start at different points in a process when you want to get a meal cooked in an hour It s not until 200 pages in that the book actually got to very many American including, Mexican, Greek etc type of takeout meals I m familiar with the preponderance of the meals are from various Asian cuisines But it s cool I like to try new things The book is also attractively designed with a photo of each recipe on its facing page, and cool marginalia.