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the hero gives me headachethe storyline is boring I found this HP not the easiest to read.We have Serena who finds out she s pregnant after a two week romance while on vacation with a local fisherman, Nikos The final night they where together they had unprotected sex because they both became over come by there passion Nikos becomes angry and wants Serena to let him know if there are any consequences She leaves to go back home, realizes she s pregnant and returns a couple months later to let him know of the consequences Oh, and as she waiting to board the plane back to Greece she finds out he s shipping billionaire because her News App flashes something about a Greek Shipping Billionaire what This is part of my problem with this story We have about a third of the beginning story going on and on about this final night that almost makes no sense His anger, the unprotected sex, her reaction, it was repetitive and had inner dialogue that was so dry It really made no sense in regards to why he was angery geez half your fault buddy We have issues of his abandonment from his Mom and how he could never feel love Issues about her being the reason her parents had to stay together in there miserable marriage because she was a mistake her parent had been getting ready to split up After I read through this portion of the book, with difficulty, the rest was a little better Nikos and Serena come to the decision to marry They now have a push and pull in there relationship Serena with, will he ever love me and Nikos with will she abandon me like my mother and can I ever love.Again this wasn t an easy read If you can get past the first half the second half isn t bad Netgalley for an honest review. [Free Pdf] ♵ From One Night to Wife ♵ A Souvenir From Her Greek Affair Three Months Ago, Journalist Serena James Had Her Heart Broken By A Man She Ll Never Forget, Especially Not The Fury In His Eyes The Night They Parted Now She S Back In Santorini To Tell Him That Their Summer Fling Had Unexpected Repercussions Mogul Nikos Petrakis Is On The Verge Of A Deal That Will Make Him Even Powerful He Doesn T Need Any Distraction Especially Not A Sexy Redhead Whose Curves Beg To Be Touched But Now That She S Carrying His Heir, Nikos Is Forced To Make A Decision It S Time To Make Serena His Wife When One Night Leads To Pregnancy Beautiful love story Serena and Nikos are both vulnerable and broken They both had an ugly childhood Nikos is your typical sexy tycoon with mother issues He doesn t want love Love had only ever caused him pain Serena is reluctant to marry him for convenience just because she is having his baby When she fell in love with him she thought he was a simple fisherman Now she learns he is a ruthless tycoon Will she be able to trust him Will Nikos realize he is in love with Serena before it s too late This Harlequin reminded me of my favorite vintage Harlequins I loved Serena She was sweet and innocent a truly classy, warm, lovable heroine Nothing like your modern bitchy heroines Nikos was alpha but his vulnerability made him lovable These two had great chemistry I loved them together Sex scenes were passionate and the epilogue heartwarming soooo underwhelming I couldn t finish Liked the plot but not the storytelling as it did not engage my interest. This is by far the worst one night with consequences I have ever read The dialogue between the characters in the very beginning seemed forced and extremely awkward It went absolutely nowhere You re having my child I m having your child You re going to give my child away to your sister No I m keeping my child I don t believe you You re going to give my child away to your sister LIKE This conversation isn t directly from the book but readers of my review can understand my drift and where I am going with this Anyways, towards the middle I thought the dialogue would get better and it did but then Rachael Thomas set fire to my hopes and dreams because in the end, the dialogue went back to being piss poor The only thing I really liked about this book was how different the heroine decided to treat the hero s declaration of love Bravo for that part but boo all the rest Skip this read is my final recommendation but read it if you want to see what I liked about the ending. i just loved the way the author described this hero Many authors create heroes whose physical appearance is over the top handsome but this guy is just delicious And the heroine was both feminine yet assertive She was a welcome change from the extremely loud mouthed heroines one finds in many HP romances these days. Una lectura insoportable, la hero na muy felpudo, el tipo demasiado basura como para que me haya ca do bien No pude disfrutar la novela. Ugh I really hated this book primarily because of the incredibly mean and suspicious hero, Nikos To say he jumped to the worst conclusions ever puts it mildly.He lies to the heroine he dumps her brutally he accuses her of oh everything, and he manipulates when he finds out about the baby Serena is basically without vertebrae with the exception of one scene She stands on her own for about ten minutes then capitulates Nikos magic P must be awesome When he finally, shockins, realizes he loves her she caves like a house of cards She could at least have made him work a little.Oh yeah, and the magical explanation of why his mother left is supposed to make it better view spoiler His inability to love stems from his mother abandoning him when he is six She tells him he is unlovable so he won t pine Later he finds out she did not want to leave because the husband was abusive Sooo, she leaves her little boy with a potentially abusive dad instead Um, no hide spoiler I find myself in a quandry on how to rate this book.It had the tropes I likedGreek hero with a stunning Santorini setting,virgin heroine who was strong and not a doormat,baby plot,blackmail,you get the gist.What brought this down to a four star read is the first quarter of the book.Over and over,internal dialogue and flashblacks to the infamous night that led to a consequence ,it was way too much.So basically,this story is about a couple who meet on the island of Santorini during the heroine ,Selena s two week vacation,she is a travel writer.She meets a Greek fisherman ,so she thinks,and they embark on a hot affair,she giving him her virginity in the process.On their last night together,things get hot and heavy,no condom used,and the hero,Nikos informs Serena to contact him if any consequences of their night develop.So, consequences develop and Serena,now three months pregnant decides to go tell her fisherman that he is to be a father in person.But wait,Nikos is not a fisherman,he is a billionaire shipping magnate.Serena finds this out just as she is to board her plane.Thus begins this couple s rocky road to romance.Both H h came from less than happy childhood homes which deeply affected their adult lives.I really enjoyed the second part of this book as the tone and intensity picked up to make an enjoyable read.Lovely epilogue which I always love when an author includes it.