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`Read E-pub ó A Secondhand Life ⚽ A Secondhand Life Is A Standalone Novel Featuring Characters Also Found In The Companion Novella, A Secondhand Lie In A Freak Collision When She Was Twelve, Mia Germaine Faced Death And The Loss Of Her Father A Heart Transplant From A Young Murder Victim Saved Her Life, But Not Without A Price Twenty Years Later, Chilling Nightmares About An Unresolved Homicide Begin To Plague Mia Compelled By These Lost Memories, She Forms A Complicated Connection To The Victim The Girl Killed The Night Of Mia S Accident Due To A Scientific Phenomenon Called Organ Memory Now Suffocating Beneath The Weight Of Avenging A Dead Girl And Catching A Serial Killer On The Loose Dubbed The Triangle Terror, Mia Must Dodge Her Own Demons While Unimaginable Truths Torment Her Along With A Killer Set On Making Her His Next Victim As Mia Tries To Determine If Her Dreams Are Clues Or Disturbing Phantasms, Uninvited Specters Lead Her Further Into Danger S Path, Costing Her The One Person Who Can Save Her From Herself More Than A Page Turning Thriller, A Secondhand Life Weaves A Tale Of Second Chances And Reclaimed Dreams As This Taut, Refreshing Tale Ensnares And Penetrates You 4.5 Had I known how much I would enjoy it, I wouldn t have left this book unread in my kindle for over a year Now I m just so glad to have finally decided to pick it up and read it 1992 Durham, North Carolina Twelve year old Mia Germaine survives a fatal car accident in which her father is killed When she gains consciousness she s told she now has a new heart beating inside her chest She has undergone a heart transplant Twenty two years go by and now Mia is a healthy woman with a good job and in a relationship with a man who adores her A young girl is found murdered, and after watching the horrible news, Mia begins to experience vivid terrifying nightmares, in which she s being attacked and murdered What s happening to her What do these nightmares mean How come have they started now Soon she realises that her borrowed heart is trying to tell her something She suddenly feels the urge to find out who her heart belonged to To her horror she discovers that it was the heart of a murdered girl called Alexis murdered in very similar circumstances to the one she saw on the news and in her dreams Guided by her heart, nightmares and hunches, Mia becomes obsessed to try the impossible find the killer now dubbed The Triangle Terror and stop him from killing anyinnocent girls She wants to finally give Alexis and the other murdered girls justice But this is no joke Mia will have to piece together a complicated puzzle and risk everything she has including her own life to do so How can she do what the police force has failed to do in over two decades I was pleasantly surprised to how much I enjoyed this book Thanks to the author s fresh, pacey and articulate prose, I found myself flying through the pages on a suspenseful journey alongside Mia as she tries to catch this elusive psychopath killer who has vowed to clean the world from its filth and to save young girls from the impurities of the world Does organ memory really exist Or is it just science fiction Well, there seem to be recorded cases of people from around the world who have changed their tastes, ideas and even began to talk in foreign languages following an organ transplant This book is based on this phenomenon, and whether it s true or not, I absolutely loved the idea behind this plot All characters are realistic and brought to life in vivid colour I liked Mia and her determined spirit and I found myself suffering with her and feeling her anguish and fear Though Alexis was murdered in the first chapter, her heart still beating inside Mia ensured that she was present throughout the whole book as if she were still alive Though I wasn t 100% sure, I guessed the killer s identity before it was revealed but this didn t make the story any less enjoyable, and when it was finally confirmed at the end, the reality of what was actually at play and the reason behind the murders just blew me away The truth was muchdeep and complex than I could ve imagined From the terrifying blood curdling prologue in which the killer claims his first innocent young victim to the heart pounding finale, this book kept me hooked and intrigued all the time The numerous twists and turns, frightening murder scenes, multiple suspects and the odd chilling chapter from the pov of the killer made sure I was kept entertained and on my toes Great read Well done This was my first Pamela Crane book but it certainly won t be my last and I highly recommend it.With thanks to the author for a review copy of this book that I voluntarily accepted to read and review. A Secondhand Life The Killer Thriller Series Book 2 by Pamela Crane is a standalone novel with characters from her short story, A Secondhand Lie I would recommend that you read book 1 first, A Secondhand Lie , to acquaint yourself with the characters.This well written who dun it mystery book novel has a unique plot, memorable characters and a book you will not be able to put down I started this book last night and was totally captivated until I finished it early this morning What an amazing read In this book, the author takes on a controversy topic one of Organ Donation and Organ Memory , where the transplant recipient can experience the donor s thoughts and see the past through their eyes What a thought provoking and intriguing concept I was totally hooked on the story right from the beginning, and I feel the author did it great justice.Twelve year old, Mia Germaine was involved in an accident that left her father dead and her in need of a heart transplant Mia receives a heart transplant from a young murder victim, Alexis, murdered by the Triangle Terror, on the same day but at a cost Twenty years later Mia has nightmares about the unsolved murder of her young donor She forms a link with the murdered girl the girl killed the night of Mia s accident due to a scientific phenomenon called organ memory Now Mia and the victim s brother, Langdon, hunt down the serial killer responsible for the death of her heart donor Mia feels a need to find the truth and bring the young donor s killer to justice.A Secondhand Life is a great read that will have you staying up late into the night to discover who dun it A captivating read that I thoroughly enjoyed Many thanks to the author and Booklover Catlady Publicity who provided a digital copy. This is my first taste of a Pamela Crane book and I found it an excellent read.This is a book that grabs your attention early on and makes you want to pick it up and continue the read at every opportunity The story centres on Mia Germaine who was involved in an accident when she was twelve resulting in her Father s death and the need for a heart transplant A heart transplant from a young murder victim saves Mia s life but with an unexpected side effect Twenty years later Mia has nightmares about the unsolved murder of her young doner She experiences a connection with the murdered girl and recalls chilling memories that start to unravel the actual murder Mia encounters a phenomenon called organ memory where she can experience the doners thoughts and see the past through her eyes Mia feels compounded to try and find the truth and bring the young doners killer to justice.A fascinating read that I thoroughly enjoyed After recently reading a couple of relatively slow books it was a satisfying change to read this fast paced novel that is different from the average Mystery Thriller novel.A new author to me but I plan to reads a lotof Pamela Crane s books. 3.5 The author says at the endAnd for those of you who want to leave a legacy after you depart this world, consider becoming an organ donor You never know how you ll impact another person s life and live on in a powerful way There are anecdotes where people say their new heart or other organ has possibly given them not just new life, but new memories as well Whether it s true or not is pretty much beside the point Does it make an interesting premise for a mystery Sure, why not Mia s story is introduced in the first person by a particularly warped killer who decides the only way to keep girls innocent is to end their lives before they hit their teens He makes his position clearGirls dressed like whores acted like them too Younger and younger they were deflowered, and so many were to blame for the trend Negligent parents, ego based media, Facebook, selfies, retailer targeting, schools teaching it in the classroom Children were trapped at birth to one day succumb to this inflated sense of ego I had hoped my message would change all that Slowly but surely the masses would understand their plight But at each purging, my intent was covered up by the media, of course The newspapers called it murder, horrendous, and sick They girls were victims All lies The girls were set free, and I was their hero How could my point be mistaken Either the media was blind to the truth, or they were in on the scam to corrupt the lost My bet was on the latter Mia, now in her 20s with a boyfriend and good job, was the recipient of Alexis s heart years before Both girls were pre teens Mia, critically injured in a car crash that killed her dad, and Alexis, murdered by the Triangle Terror as we later learn on the same day.Lately Mia s started having odd dreams She s also been having some strong reactions to certain objects a stray beer can, a smell and it occurs to her that these feellike memories than the usual stuff of dreams, and she feels compelled to investigate at any cost.She tells most of the story, with occasional chapters narrated by the killer We get some background of the families and other characters, including red herrings, but mostly it s a who dunnit, and we watch and worry about Mia as she tries to piece her flashbacks together with whatever research she can find in social media and old news reports.There is some peculiar to me phrasing, such as when Mia wakes thirsty after her operation and is given a drinkWater an oasis to my throat There s also a fair bit of preaching about organ donation, which is understandable Thanks to Booklover Catlady Publicity and the author for a copy for review It s certainly an intriguing medical topic, and if it can help promptorgan donation, great Another good one based on organ memory is The Recipient, by Aussie author Dean Mayes He s a paediatric nurse in Adelaide I did review that also.